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  1. Pennies v fallin there you go guys batter in

    Yeh the 4-0 game was last game I was at was going on 8 or 9 wee boy in middle of the park was class
  2. Leafa

    Yeh defo true jp going haha topper man
  3. Pennies v fallin there you go guys batter in

    Only seen both teams coupe times myself but penny’s would pish all over fallin 6 days a week An twice on a Sunday
  4. Leafa

    It’s a fix mate gets announced on Thursday before sandys final so they can’t win it
  5. Well hard to stop them when paying mega money for pkayers chance you got
  6. Select job

    Who picks the managers for select sides over last 3/4 year been very poor surly the old boys at sandys Steven an acky deserve a shot as won 5 leagues.. past managers, Mackay,McCall An dins not won league with any their teams what’s your thoughts guys
  7. Leafa

    Whos getting team of the year sandys agein or anyone had a better season be hard to beat treble ??
  8. Leafa

    Blue cafe has a new password feeling rather champion also tough at the top K2k treble is on
  9. East of Scotland cup

    Would have just been the win bonas I was betting with but no problem
  10. East of Scotland cup

    What age are you like ?? Thought this was for younger lads
  11. East of Scotland cup

    Well I’ll give you a fact I’ll put up 500 if you want that sandys beat pennies when they meet ??
  12. East of Scotland cup

    Haha that will be that fucked then I’ll stick to the sandys games hahaha
  13. East of Scotland cup

    Gang ?? A great footballing side all I have seen from them 2 or 3 that get wired it as you need to be a successful team.. st Bernard’s showed pennies how to play football last season never seen so much a 1 sided final could have been 7 or 8 if it wasn’t for the pennies keeper he was motm
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Both players injured that’s why scored 65 goals between them last season great players was a massive miss on the day but time will tell by end of season that’s when sandys can do their talking like they have the last few season