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  1. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    I agree. Certainly hope so. When we play the other Angus sides I want to win but, otherwise I wish them well. Team Angus.
  2. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    Montrose are winners of Q3! Aided by all three matches being at Links park. Nevertheless Arbroath and Forfar were bang in form and Brechin have had a revival since the window, either side of our hidin.
  3. Montrose v Forfar

    Well done today, an important three points. I enjoyed trying to figure out the tactics. We were a fluid 3-5-2: when with the ball 3-5-2 with two wingbacks; when they have the ball 5-3-2. When Forfar had the ball in their half all of our players were in our half; I saw two row of 5 with none of our guys in their half. Worked a treat we dominated the space and Forfar had no passes. Second half was less structered whether by design or stamina I couldn’t tell. Russell McLean is an interesting watch - classic raw, young beanpole who showed some good signs and a few times the brainwaves took too long to get to his feet. I was glad we didn’t overplay to his height but, he certainly disrupted the Forfar defence who went through him a couple of times. CJ’ s goal came from a clever through ball and was almost replicated a few minutes later when Redman put Masson through. We had our nippy middle three Masson (my MOTM), Cregg and Redman - I like to watch them. I came to the game fearful of Forfar and the good run they have been on but, although they had their moments they were second best. Their midfield and forward line lack height. Still expect them to be Top 4. An excellent crowd of 845. This result is on Stewart Petrie, he had a game plan to beat Forfar and the lads showed the discipline to execute it.
  4. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    One less competition as Josh Skelly is back out on loan for the rest of the season. My two-penneth worth - we can all see that we are missing a regular box scorer and SP will know it better than anyone. According to reports on here we had the money for a transfer of Mark McGuigan from Stenhousemuir but, he preferred to see what he is offered in the summer. So SP used some of that money on Russell McLean, a player he had a look at acquiring in the summer. My only reservation is he wasn't starting for Peterhead from what I can see. The Peterhead thread has people regretting his move - which is a good sign. All in all I welcome him to the Mo and looking forward to seeing him in action.
  5. Montrose v Dundee United - Dillon Derby

    Better side won but, 4 was undeserved. United’s first two goals were good but, we matched them for much of the second half. I liked our midfield four - Webster, Masson, Redman and our best player Cregg - they competed well until the last 10 minutes. We played a 4-4-2 to avoid a hiding but got one anyway; I know nothing and using hindsight but, maybe we should have gone 4-3-3 and taken it to them from the off. A fantastic community event: attendance of 3,604 whereas all-Premiership clash of St Johnstone v Hamilton only 2,363. Congratulations to Stenny, Raith and East Fife; representing League One! The MightyMo are back to league business next week at Dumbarton ‘you ‘orrible little man.’
  6. Confirmed Transfers - Winter '19

    Montrose have signed forward Craig Johnson to a new 18 month contract. He will be with us until the summer of 2020. Good news.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Excellent Jim Duffy interview on Radio Scotland today. Worth a listen on BBC Sounds for fans of all lower league clubs.
  8. Montrose V East Fife

    Disappointing today. The first half was poor; we were flat and too many passes went astray. Also East Fife were up for it after the home defeat to us last time. The wrong side started the game; the midfield were too nice, we missed a Patrick Cregg or Paul Watson. Totally different second half but, the damage had been done. EF on that showing will be 2nd or 3rd they were well organised and had a stuffy defence. Stranraer and Dumbarton’s defeats means we haven’t been dragged backwards so onwards to the Cup and Dundee Utd.
  9. Confirmed Transfers - Winter '19

    Euan Henderson has had his loan extended for rest of the season. The lively Hearts teenager was a valuable part of our blossoming in the second quarter of the season. This news on the heals of the relief that Stewart Petrie wasn’t poached by Dunfermline sets Montrose up for a strong remainder of the season.
  10. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Euan Henderson signed on for the rest of the season. Excellent news. The bright young Hearts loanee grew into being the left-wing of the forward three in the post-Annan blossoming of our season. Delighted to have you back Euan.
  11. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    The day will come when Stewart Petrie moves on but, it is not this day.
  12. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Stewart Petrie won SPFL manager of the month for December and Martin Rennie won player of the month. Outstanding! Congratulations to both, well earned. Mon the Mo!
  13. Arbroath vs Brechin

    A big game for Brechin. There is something about the first game of a new year. I expect Brechin to lose but, the manner they lose could be season defining: if they get a hiding it could signal 10th. After a defeat and a draw Arbroath will be determined to get going again and they will want to lay down a marker to the chasing pack. I don’t want to see a double drop: the Angus derbies are good for all Angus clubs. So come on Brechin show some spirit.
  14. Half Term Report Card

    A newbie Montrose fan who goes to home games. Just my opinion. Best Player at the Club: Not sure if the best but, the player who I love watching is Terry Masson. Worst player at the club: Not going there; anyone who pulls on the Royal Blue jersey gets my respect Best 2018 signing: A few who are contributing to our fine run but, I’ll say Patrick Gregg. An experienced player who has benefitted from a sustained run. Worst 2018 signing: Not going there. Who’s going to win: Arbroath. Been a brilliant season. They will drop points but, so will the chasers. Play-offs: Raith, East Fife and Montrose. Really any three from six but, the first two have points on the board and my team is amongst the six . 9th: Dumbarton, not a bad side at all but, I think Brechin can’t continue to be so bad. 10th: Stenhousemuir, nothing against them, quite plucky but, they are too young and physically lightweight for League One. Highlight of the year: on the field - when the third goal went in to beat Raith 3-2. But Montrose’s highlight has to be how we have taken to Division One; baring a meltdown we are staying up. The community is embracing its club and the Board are doing a genuinely impressive job. Lowlight of the year: the home defeat, 3-0, by Airdrie. It was the only game we didn’t compete in and the only time I left the ground annoyed. Expect the team to make amends at the second home match.