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  1. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    A warm welcome back to you talbot bing
  2. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    No perfectly calm and just getting a reaction out of diddies like you as per always
  3. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    I really can't wait to enjoy the first 5 minutes of this contest live on TV
  4. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    No and that's simply not good enough to be honest. If you're asking players to show Commitment and you're missing that amount of games as a manager then it's never going to work. I don't see the tuckers, jonny millars and Darren ' Google me' Hendersons missing that many games.
  5. After match hospitality

    Totally agree and the game has changed so much and probably for the better, players nowadays seldom come back to pre season spewing like the old school guys who went on a drunken bender close season, now the guys are going to the gym loads and getting pissed post game in a social club is yesterday's agenda. Being a junior footballer curtails loads of your personal life, Friday nights are a non event in a social /drinking capacity, Saturdays are game day and players have kids and loads of other priorities after the final whistle that might just put a pie and pint at hospitality Into relative insignificance. It's great to show nice hospitality and our players will always show up as the committee always will demand that they show up and correctly so but I would guess that loads of players would rather be elsewhere after a match if given the choice - more so In games of close proximity.
  6. After match hospitality

    It's actually the committee who make the club what it is and the fans aren't far behind. Hopefully the club can get a separate wee place away from the main hospitality for the fans as all we really want to do is give the club money at half time, money that clubs are needing lots these days.
  7. After match hospitality

    Beith are the best hosts in the juniors towards visitors but try being a beith fan at bellsdale it's not quite the same.... A few fans have kindly asked if a certain pie is ready yet only to be told ' if you want one of them then f**k off to Kilbirnie'. Could add loads more examples but let's just say beith are a great host to visiting teams committees and players , the only ground in Scotland that beith fans aren't welcomed for half time drinks is bellsdale.

    Wheesht for once as people can't be arsed with your constant nonsense on here, come back and spout derogatory stuff to other teams for being average as soon as darvel actually win something half decent, until then give us all peace.

    Only one non Ayrshire team in Pollok have won the West super premier division and an East team have won the scottish Cup sooner than a central based team have won the super West premier division title, for me the scottish Cup is still poorer without the majority of the east top guns just like the super West premier division would be poorer without the top Central teams via Central and Ayrshire amalgamation. Both the East and Central teams haven't had a great deal of recent success in both aforementioned tournaments but I would still rather have them for the benefit of our top competitions.

    And no Auchinleck mouth breathers will tell you any different.... Correct

    That's the least inspiring last 16 draw I've ever saw in the scottish Cup, its simply not the same without most of the top East guns in it, the scottish Cup is now like a world Cup without lots of the top south American big hitters in it. Ps. I would say the same if beith were still in it
  12. How badly does beith juniors treat their fans

    Robert Mcarter is the straightest and most genuine guy I've ever known at beith juniors, the guys Mr Beith Juniors and his service to beith over decades has been incredible.
  13. How badly does beith juniors treat their fans

    Elderly fans being confused and getting the wrong end of the stick and things spreading like wildfire........ Welcome to my world lol. Had my name wrongly blackened through that pish once and it can be dangerous through fabricated gossip.
  14. Hurlford v Bankies 1st Dec


    Spoken like a supporter of a team that's already been knocked out.... No you're totally wrong I said the exact same thing before we played Kilwinning and would say the exact same thing if we went on to win it. Just so glad we won it in 2016 when it was all in