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  1. Good on you for winning your cup final lol. Just as I predicted. You weren't half some state chewing your finger nails all game and going nuts over a friendly game. What a halfwit you really are.
  2. No no results don't matter at all with friendlies.......... All about getting the fitness in the tank....
  3. Fully expect Darvel to win by lots today, they've already got 90 minutes under their belts and Beith have loads on holiday. All about fitness today.
  4. Kilsyth rangers have never had the credit they deserve for their pitch. They should certainly have had a few west of scotland finals on it, I would have liked to have went through there and no nose bleeds from me.
  5. No takers I see, maybe no team wants a total caning from super dooper Darvel ahead of the season coming........
  6. You can't even fulfill your first pre season friendly fixture, people will judge you on that, like it or not mr junior football spokesman. All frilly knickers and no substance.....
  7. The friendly game between meadow and the money grabbers has been called off as the money men who are going to conquer the juniors can't even raise a team 😂😂
  8. That one was resolved and the parties made up......... Try and get things correct.... For once...
  9. You agree with it but It doesn't matter?
  10. I saw Beith win 12 trophies before the guy you mentioned was involved and I'm sure we will be in safe hands when the time comes for pastures new. Nobody is bigger than the club, regardless of how great recent times have been, Beith keep a sustainable model and I would rather that than spunking hundreds and hundreds per week to money grabbing players.
  11. Darvel we are bertie big baws with the super dooper dressing rooms while away clubs can get changed in an old banger. A kiddy on big club who are setting a big target for themselves whilst the money grabbing players are simply lining their pockets. Its only going to end one way.......... And its never good......
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