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  1. Todays scores 27/4

    Youve already admitted that the ref was biased towards meadow in an earlier statement. Amen.
  2. Todays scores 27/4

    Youre being very diplomatic here mate, the ref whos from Irvine was the biggest cheat I've ever saw in charge of a football match, totally corrupt and he never even hid it, it had to be seen to be believed.
  3. Todays scores 27/4

    That's your opinion mate you're fully entitled to it, but I can't agree with much of it
  4. Todays scores 27/4

    Still good enough to take your team to the 94th minute with 10 men and for your team to celebrate like they won the scottish Cup final...... Oh wait a minute.... You simply can't despite squandering 100s of thousands at it
  5. Todays scores 27/4

    Talbot fans while you had two King talbots on the field in whining terms in latta and spence who want their own whistle As for the fall in the box it was a blatant body check, unlike your pen where nobody even appealed for it or saw it other than the Irvine based ref. You honestly can't make this up, even on an earlier post you admitted that the ref was biased in favour of your team. Amen .
  6. Todays scores 27/4

    Zicco the keyboard warrior who puts other people's names on here but hides behind Zicco
  7. Todays scores 27/4

    Utter nonsense, the ref who's from Irvine who was calling willet and others by their forenames gave meadow every single big decision, if you can't see that you're a bit simple to be honest, a penalty that was terribly soft for meadow and denied milikens stonewaller where he was barged down. A total homer of a ref. If it takes our goalie to hunt a ball in your car park you've either got very lazy committee or fans as I would be retrieving it big time if my team were chasing a game, your team celebrated a last gasp goal v ten men like it was a Scottish cup winner, no chance of that though as your club spunked mega thousands in trying to land the scottish and failed miserably
  8. Todays scores 27/4

    Current champions sounds Good enough to me........ I feel good enough with that....have saw my club win every trophy the junior grade has to offer. Try better AGAIN next time dafty
  9. End of Season Awards

    Darvel of course, it's all about your new found Darvel friends.......
  10. Todays scores 27/4

    Have never ever saw such a biased ref performance in my life as much as the ref today at meadow Park, he was a downright homer and he never even tried to hide it..... Incredible......
  11. Abbey park end of an era

    Beith have never won a super league in our history at buffs Park, so no doubt your other nonsense about soccer crews beating other soccer crews is nonsense too, I think you've been watching too much Danny dyer football factory stuff mate.
  12. Tonights scores 24/4

    Chris gets disciplined for shouting and swearing at refs he was merely asking that the ref in question might face the same consequences for doing the same. Not much to ask. I would try and compare it to someone (the refs in this instance) going into their workplace every single day and 99 percent of the time taking constant abuse with verbals and threats at them constantly, that one day eventually comes and its that 1 percent of the time that they've simply had enough and they snap back at the 99 percent of abuse they've taken over a long time in the work place, that's fair game in my opinion as people are only human, if someone wants to give it out non stop to refs then they need to take a bit back rather than spitting the dummy out (not just strain but ever manager and player for me).
  13. Abbey park end of an era

    The rolls in sausage plus the very warm welcome down there
  14. Tonights scores 24/4

    You're some man Jollyboy you know more about my own opinion than even I know about my opinion Never expected much from last night at all, but a wee tongue in cheek post on your fb page and you're getting your knickers in the proverbial twist. No stalking from me or name dropping at all on here or anywhere else either which is something you've clearly did. Anyway I'm away to enjoy the rest of my night as got far better stuff to be getting on with than on here, just take a wee chill pill and I'm preying that pennyburn will be nice to you when you all roll up to it, well the ones who aren't boycotting it
  15. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    You sound like a really nice person....