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  1. Fallin’s wait for the East continues
  2. Right on the pie and bovril on a saturday night get a life pal! Have a pint and chill out, yer team got lucky with the sending off! Gang
  3. Some saturday night you had pal! Obsessed
  4. Watch the streak continue on Saturday
  5. Remember Fallin are notorious bottle merchants in the East.
  6. Also heard it’s being played at Castleview park Raploch.
  7. That looks like a very good result.
  8. Think Bannockburn have chucked it after being knocked out the Scottish the other week. Big rebuilding job needed there.
  9. Does anyone know how their game went today? Would have fancied Tollcross heavily especially after their great win last week at Bannockburn.
  10. Edinburgh top dogs all out, HendersonDelivers you are a fanny
  11. If it was my team the defeat would be taken on the chin. Corner flags for f**k sake. this is a different scenario from an ineligible player for example
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