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  1. JBAFC


    Chris routinely sends his best players to represent the select squads with no regards to what effect that has on Eastfield, fair play to him. If only more managers shared his opinion.
  2. Doesn’t look the best, all the rain won’t have helped. Probs for the best that the game was off.
  3. JBAFC


    Disciplinary issues?
  4. JBAFC


    Get the club lawyers involved
  5. JBAFC


    Well from what I’ve seen on here and on Twitter Beattie ended up playing centre back for Elgin which isn’t a good sign
  6. JBAFC


    Well he’s done and they’re shite.
  7. JBAFC


    Premier wide open and probably 5 teams all think they have a chance of winning, but think the winner will come from Bannockburn or Eastfield.
  8. JBAFC


    Great wee guy and defo one of life’s good guys, all the best to him.
  9. Agreed, the class of teams is too high for teams from other leagues to trouble. Think the exodus from Colville will also let other teams in the Central strengthen.
  10. JBAFC


    Think the leagues were drawn at random? Fairest way to do it IMO, just unlucky for the teams involved the way it’s worked out.
  11. Looks to be a really competitive league on paper, Doune and Milton both announced new management recently, them along with Kilsyth should be the front runners I think.
  12. Pennies have shat all over the SAFL here, only league who took a chance on them and this is the thanks they get.
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