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  1. “You get given nothing”, Gary Holt last night. Above clip blows that out the water.
  2. Your sure getting a lot of mileage out us. Is it a ‘Falkirk thing’ or just any full-time club fallen on hard times.
  3. Some of the craic like the Kelpies one and “why the long face”, good stuff. The incessant digital attention seeking, no so much.
  4. Moot point, the reason we took it the last game was because the gimpness was removed by January and we weren’t that bad a side between January and McKinnon bottling it.
  5. Not really. We could’ve, somehow, mustered more points but the performances this side of lockdown means it’s not the collapse you make it out to be.
  6. Okay fair enough but there’s been St Johnstone, Kilmarnock and Dunfermline who’ve been at rock bottom which you’ve also failed to mention. I’m guessing your interest in our plight is only a passing one so your concern about where we’re headed is not worth much.
  7. Here’s a new low, every chance Peterhead could end up with more points than us....
  8. Nah, considering all the firefighting that goes on at our club I’d go back as far as Jeffries.
  9. Please expand on the “Clyde route” and it’s relation to our “entitlement”?
  10. Look, we hadn’t been in the lowest/seaside leagues in 40 years before last season. We’ve had some bad seasons but at least it was at a decent level. Now we’re shit at a lower level and it’s quite hard to swallow. It’s not that hard to grasp.
  11. MR the old guy behind the curtain trying to fool everyone?
  12. Good luck to the team tonight, I think we’ll need it. Incidentally (it’s not really relevant to what’s going on just now and I know he’s pretty I unpopular by some of us but it just came into my head), but Lee Millers final cameo appearances really does draw to a close the playing era of Brockville. Took a long time but thought it was worth mentioning.
  13. I agree. The fact is we haven’t been in the SPL since May so it’s convenient to point at that as the start of the downfall but it’s not. Even revenue for the club was great around the middle of the decade and the academy had borne some fruit which we prospered from. 2016/17 was like, in music terms, “the difficult second album” because it was a grind that season (John Baird said he saw Luca Gasparatto’s body shape and realised the newcomers were going to be a downgrade) but we still finished second. Summer transfer window 2017 was the start of the decline imo.
  14. Okay, here goes, on field positives since August 2017: Zak Rudden Declan McManus The Wolves on-loan keeper Paul Dixon’s improvement Charlie Telfer this season Gomis and Connolly in spells Falkirk 6-1 Dundee United Jan 18’-Apr 18’ under Hartley Jan 19’-Mar 19’ under McKinnon Theres been wins and perhaps the odd decent performance from team/individual too but the above are the stand out positives in a sea of shite.
  15. Dunfermline was challenge cup no? Yes it was the cup. See if anyone wants a reminder of results in any given season, just go to this page: https://bettermeddle.org.uk/archive/byseason/results.php?year2=2018 This is the link for 2017/18 but just go to the archive for any season.
  16. Yeah I totally agree with the “having credit in the bank” comment, I think that counts for a lot with football fans generally. Like Jefferies and McCall though, things ended on a very sour note though. Wouldn’t it be nice, for once, a managerial tenure with us didn’t end in either results falling off a cliff or acrimony.
  17. Pretty much the exact same point I made. It was strange Hughes went against the formula that was working well for him. Holts claim about “they’re young boys at the coal face” doesn’t carry much water when you consider we had young boys making a good fist of it in the SPL, with a mix experience too.
  18. It started earlier than appointing May. Results went downhill from Gretna 2-0 (the worst top flight team ever) in Jan 08’ then signing Dad’s Army to move to “the next level” that summer.
  19. Hard work is very important but it’s not the be all and end all. What I mean is, maybe having one player who hasn’t busted his gut, maybe a bit on the lazier side, has just that wee bit of extra energy to go on a mazy and get the winner late on. We don’t really have that in our current team but, well, wasn’t wee Richie Cadette almost fondly thought of as being a lazy git!
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