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  1. That should be playing retirement too for “Big Sexy”.
  2. No I get that part, it’s more to do with illiterate comments that appear in here.
  3. Can’t be him, he’s too busy practicing his slam dunks.
  4. Why do get all the other clubs dross on this page?
  5. Great news, however, just one wee question. Now the goalkeeping coach is gone, who is going to coach the goalkeepers in the interim??
  6. You’ve got us, well done. We’re shite and deserve to be where we are. This is a microcosm of nearly 150 years of history though. History is part and parcel of being a footie fan, so based on that, despite all your wonderful snipes at us, does it not irk you, even a bit, that your clubs history and general standing in the game is inferior to ours?
  7. 14-15 was poor at the start but things improved halfway through, with a dip at the end (which actually helped our cup final preparation because it meant we didn’t qualify for a 4th place play off which would’ve probably been a waste of time in terms of actually trying to get promoted with all the big hitters in there).
  8. I was referring to the 2015 cup final and a couple of play off near misses.
  9. Okay, that’s fine but many said that before Hartley and McKinnon. Just get the right man in!
  10. I would be inclined to split “the decade” line now. 2008-2014 culminated in a Scottish Cup final and a relatively exciting period of two years. Even off the pitch, was anything as bad as has been over the the last nearly 4 years? I know MR and SA are still lingering it appears but things have gone off a cliff since, well, Falkirk 0-3 Queen of the South under Houston.
  11. The equaliser at Easter Road in the 2-2 was amazing too which he scored (or did he get the first one back?). I think we can handle blip spells in form, I think we can also handle blip seasons if it looks like things look like improving (after Lambie/Bannon we had Totten who got us to a decent standard, after Tottens season we had McCall and so on). This isn’t a blip, it’s pure rot. And as someone said earlier it will probably be another overhaul in the summer with jobbers coming in. The good thing about following us was that we had mixed fortunes but at least we were usually better than the Airdries, Raiths, Ayrs, QOTSs and Morton’s and seemed to have more about us as a club generally. The only thing below us now is part-timers (with some part-timers performing better than us). It’s desperate .
  12. Clue: 4 across, postman drops bag..... “How many letters?” “Hundreds” Continue with the, ahem, entertainment
  13. Okay, it’s a wee snigger-fest for ya. Off you pop now, I’m sure there’s plenty more alienation to experience elsewhere.
  14. Food shops, garden centres, always baffles me that peoples alternatives are so limited. Take up a hobby! Might even go somewhere.
  15. Another thing that annoys me about that interview is the talk of “hard work” and “it’s the key to everything we do”. Of course it’s important but surely the players switch off hearing this all the time. There are times to express yourselves, time to take the sting out of games, time to fight. I’d say decision-making should be the central theme, though I suppose actual footballing ability helps with this.
  16. Moutinho sacked. Hopefully a couple of other M’s follow suit today.
  17. My last post was shite and deservedly given the thumbs down, I’ll try and do better in response to this. Six clubs demand more than this level of success (you know what clubs and Dundee United I’d say). There are probably 13 clubs who expect/aspire to this level of consistency. The three you mentioned and in no order, Falkirk, St Mirren, Dunfermline, Partick Thistle, ICT, Ross County (with a financial wind behind them), Livi (with a dubious financial windfall behind them), Hamilton (who probably don’t see top 6 forays as a target but they’re in the mix so they’re included), Dundee and, at a push, Raith Rovers (yep, their 90s successes would mean they pine for something like this). That’s a lot of clubs for quite an exclusive position to be in. I would suggest, with the league structure as it is and all the clubs mentioned and who knows, another freak Gretna (Queens Park????) , and with all the trauma of the last decade, that our ambition should be this.... DON’T GET RELEGATED FROM THE SPL! Unless, you want to string a 15 game unbeaten run together here and there then the second tier is not such a bad place. I think we all feel the same about the Scottish Cup.
  18. I’m sacking it after this season. I’m just going to follow Scotland instead, at least there is more healing time in between matches.
  19. Eddie May’s first job in management was in the top flight and was out of his depth but there’s a chance he might’ve been able to cut his teeth in a lower league and improve, unlike these two no-hopers who have had the aforementioned opportunity in the THIRD TIER and still look clueless. Out!
  20. I know I know but he always speaks fondly about us and maybe he’ll feel he’s taken Hamilton as far a he can.
  21. I’d take Chipper. I know it’s a drop but he has the know how and enthusiasm to improve us.
  22. I never want to see Lee Miller anyway near our club again.
  23. Taylor was a regular but lost his place, regained it and was then barely seen for the run-in. I think May was a mixture of midfield and out wide.
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