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  1. A sleeping giant is like a Leeds or Sunderland who would get 30000+ crowds and be consistently outside the top league. Are Hearts a sleeping giant because they spent a season outside the Prem? More like a mid afternoon nap.
  2. I used the phrase ‘sleeping giant’ before. It’s excessive to call us that but I think we can all agree on one word to describe our position..... Underperforming.
  3. Perception counts for a lot. When we’re at our most honking worse, at our hour of desperation, you bring Arbroath into it
  4. He’s very much on his own with that one. All the digs about big attendances/crowdwanks etc though, that’s a weird thing to have a go at. I mean, what a shitey home support must be in the top three chants at the opposition of all time so yeah, we’ll take the big crowd badge. By all means though, kick the team/management all day long.
  5. Of all those names, please not Latapy. Keep the legend status intact.
  6. I lost my way with Falkirk from 2012 (think it was the 5-2 home defeat to Livi that done it after lots of mediocrity) until Houston’s appointment, that pulled the heart strings. It was also mainly the league set up (pre-play offs) that signalled me stopping going to games. This is a whole new ball game though. Work commitments/kids not interested and pals stopped going along makes it difficult to bother nevermind enjoy. Going yourself is shite at the best of times so, that could be that other than being a result/league table checker.
  7. Yogi, a big Hibee, still brought so much to the club as a player. Will Vaulks, organising golf days to bring the East and West Coast boys closer together. Your lucky if you get a brilliant player who supports your team like Crunchie in your lifetime but just getting a Rudden into the squad gives it a lift. We may well have a good dressing room just now (young loanees and all) but it doesn’t manifest itself in the games.
  8. Thing is, I grew up with Falkirk teams who had great team spirit. It was often spoken about and was something to be proud of. Jeffries: fantastic team spirit. Totten: exactly the same for the most part. McCall: absolutely for his short time. Hughes: maybe a bit iffy here but I still think so. Presley had the academy boys with some decent experience. Houston brought back the Jeffries style spirit back too. Listen to the Hope Street podcasts and it’s all there. There was exceptions like Lambie/Bannon and May but, over the course, 25 years of great squads generally. It’s now completely disappeared. Performances aside, that is pretty gutting.
  9. Come on, the Montrose/Ewan McGregor one on the ‘Let’s Laugh at Falkirk’ thread was good.
  10. That was the season we almost got relegated in 08/09. Still a big drop off.
  11. You’re grasping at straws mate. There’s been some good ones, especially on the ‘Let’s Laugh at Falkirk’ thread. Like the Dunfermline fan said earlier, they got some stinking patter from us when they were shit. The Yflabs obviously make full use of their anonymity. My advice: put the Arbroath chat to one side and enjoy any decent ribbing that comes our way.
  12. Look, I’m not watching it and haven’t all season bar highlights. What are doing when we have the ball? Are we closed down really quickly or just launching it even if we have time on the ball?
  13. What bursts my heid with him (and other managers like him tbf) is the whole thing about “not making excuses” or “not dwelling”....despite having just made an “excuse” (injuries) or dwelling (“we should have had 2 penalties”). Also, the whole “smiles on faces” seems to have run its course already....
  14. Maybe not Airdrie or Clyde, it could be worse like a Third Lanark or Clydebank. Then coming back in some form in the Lowland Leagues. Does that sound too drastic? The way we’re in freefall with the people at the helm of the club, it doesn’t seem completely implausible.
  15. Nah they can go too. Thanks Paul for your service at the club and doing a solid job overall but, as yesterday.... Get them all to f*ck
  16. I would make it four years. Houston/Hartley season was papered over by the worst team ever in the top two tiers in Brechin City and three end-of-season wins.
  17. Obviously, if the content is threatening or of a personal nature then it would be unacceptable. If it’s stuff like “get the f**k out of our club” or “you/the BoD are ruining our club” then he needs to take that stuff squarely on the chin to the point that he doesn’t bring it up on the radio!
  18. Nevermind Rangers and Celtic, there’s the EPL to be devoured too for youngsters. My nephew is part of the local youth set up but Falkirk FC is of very little interest. Me at the same age and I was all over all things FFC because, well, I didn’t know any better but it was also entertaining under Jeffries. I think the area is too big population wise now to see sub 1000 crowds like the 70s but I could certainly see 2000 being a stretch the way it’s going.
  19. Talking about not buying a season ticket then buying one in this period of the clubs history does seem to be a complete act of folly. Working some weekends means I’ve always been a PAYG fan so I’ve never got into the habit of buying them so it might be easy for me to say that but surely a line needs to be drawn.
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