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  1. Don’t say that, you’re easy meat for yflab.
  2. By all means, have a pop. It’s the ‘going round in circles’ humour I don’t get.
  3. We know that. That wasn’t the topic though was it?
  4. Okay wise guy, you contribute. What’s your opinion?
  5. Was there any smiles though?*puffs chest out*
  6. Chick Young basically jumped on something he said about “not nice things happening on and off the pitch”, mentioned he’s a “big boy” and “keep sending them as they just get deleted”. Not my usual style to do this but I think it’s worth mentioning what we, as fans, are up against.
  7. Talking about the unpleasant emails he’s been getting from fans in recent days.
  8. That Gary Holt interview on Sportsound: ”The emails just get deleted” Get out!
  9. Like others, f*ck the erring on measured approach and keeping 2-3 players. Get them all to f*ck.
  10. I think the Alex Harris signing is worthy of inclusion too. He was the main signing along with Loy that summer and he was woeful. A real watershed transfer window.
  11. My exact same problem. I didn’t even have the rollercoaster of the late 80s to deal with, just straight in with the class stuff. In fact, the only lowlight of that season that I witnessed was the 2-0 home defeat against Raith when he wasn’t playing.
  12. Swore to myself that I’d never get taken in by a ‘marquee signing’ after Sammut so I wasn’t too enthused by Alston coming back. Putting past exploits aside, it looked like a typical downward trajectory signing.
  13. Just to add to that, maybe you can get away with players on the slide a bit if they’re a defender/defensive midfielder as they can use their experience. When it comes to legs in the middle of the park or attacking threat then I totally agree with you.
  14. ....oh goodie, another clear out... We’re bound to improve.
  15. Oh goodie, another clearout. Get rid of the dross but, arguably, a handful should stay.
  16. Think we had enough of your attempts at humour when we were all buckled with cringe at your "keepers a vagina" effort last night m8. Only way this person is going away is if we start getting better results again. Think we can all agree that’s not inconceivable. Either that or boredom. Let him/her enjoy themselves.
  17. Him announcing it publically didn’t have to be a bad thing, (there’s instances where this has happened at other clubs and it’s worked out) but because of the fragile nature of our club it wasn’t a wise thing to do.
  18. I think most non-Old Firm fans enjoyed Rangers demise. Feasting on a middle of the road provincial club though. Not sure about that.
  19. “You get given nothing”, Gary Holt last night. Above clip blows that out the water.
  20. Your sure getting a lot of mileage out us. Is it a ‘Falkirk thing’ or just any full-time club fallen on hard times.
  21. Some of the craic like the Kelpies one and “why the long face”, good stuff. The incessant digital attention seeking, no so much.
  22. Moot point, the reason we took it the last game was because the gimpness was removed by January and we weren’t that bad a side between January and McKinnon bottling it.
  23. Not really. We could’ve, somehow, mustered more points but the performances this side of lockdown means it’s not the collapse you make it out to be.
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