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  1. Let’s not rewrite history, M and M were on a similar shocking run of results.
  2. Eddie May was bad but he was bad in the TOP TIER. I agree he’s worse than McKinnon but let’s not forget M and M plummeted to new lows last season so probably about par with them (though like comparing a Lada to an Allegro).
  3. So is it still too much tippy tappy stuff or do we ever try and mix it up? Today was the closest I came to attending this season but thankfully, with this shower, I didn’t.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else read ‘Rawlings’, ‘TFS’ or ‘stadium’ and instantly scroll. We need folk to keep an eye on things but I long for the day that these topics are firmly in the background.
  5. I saw the cup final classics final the other night on the BBC and the one thing that stuck out was that run from Alston that got their player sent off. Good few years ago now but what a shadow of the player he was.
  6. Reading these past few pages on this thread has been eye-bleeding.
  7. In the last 30 years, who would be the midfielder to play alongside Latapy (has to be him) in the midfield in a best of X1 with a 4-4-2 formation? I’ve always been a bit reluctant to say Vaulks because he never played in the top flight but I think it has to be him, just because he’s the all-round package and firm fan favourite.
  8. Yep, car and all the trimmings would heavily suggest that too.
  9. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/back-to-first-love-for-ex-bairns-chairman-lex-miller-3242074?fbclid=IwAR2BQXmjXeZBbWxwUKq8ZuKwsK1VmOpnAFlxCazsa_ZzAw4WW0trQQofrHc The “prawn-sarnie muncher” is in the news today.
  10. Being a bit of a podcast fan myself, I listened to his ‘God pod’ series recently. Might be birthday caird pish but he does seem to be well-thought of in the game and came across down-to-earth.
  11. I’m just glad Mutch isn’t the other Centre Half.
  12. And it would be “for once”. Don’t think we’ve ever had a left-field appointment. Edit: Jim Duffy (still a rookie though).
  13. I admire him for sticking around. Some easy games for sure but not without tough games either. I doubt as well he’d have had as prolonged a career if he played the way he did at Hibs.
  14. I did. I think it could’ve been hitting the post. No way was he in a position to judge that. I think he could’ve just done better with the save.
  15. I think it’s more the positioning than commiting a foul. He’s been outmuscled and by the time there’s a chance to tug the shirt he’s been spun round and facing the other way from the opponent.
  16. Might have something to do with him being a big part of her most successful era since the late 40s and also being fairly successful as our manager too (which ended on a sour note). Move on? That’s one those easy things to say. He’s an active manager who has just kept a struggling team in the PL. Not the biggest feat of all time but that’s what he was appointed to do and he’s achieved it with a bit to spare in the end.
  17. That game you mention was my first ever game! One blurry memory I have is Sammy chasing down a player....like he just appeared from nowhere! It was strange and mentioning here doesn’t do it just justice but fans were caught out by it. I remember folk around our section of the ground talking about it. Next game I went to was a disappointing 2-1 home defeat to Ayr which was a blow then my next was the magnificent 7-1 against Raith and we never looked back, arguably for the next five years (relegation included but we were praised for attacking football).
  18. No need to single him out if it wasn’t necessary, that’s the point. Stick on a release list or if it couldn’t wait because of other negotiations taking place then fair enough. If it’s deliberate treatment of one player then it shows the club, yet again, in a bad light and doesn’t do us any favours. Of course, he needed punted.
  19. Rodgers Muirhead (he was tolerable at this point) LEAHY Grant McCracken Kerr Alston/Taiwo VAULKS Baird (we’d take that level of striker now) Miller Sibbs Subs: McHugh Alston/Taiwo Watson Hippolyte/O’Hara A.N. Other Whoever the sub keeper was Loved that squad.
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