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  1. I guess we should take some consolation that it means so much to you. It must be because of the sheer indifference that is met with your club. Don’t get me wrong though, gates are dropping and when we start hitting 600 crowds like your club the indifference will be the same.
  2. I know you’re fond of a witty, cutting put down Bairnardo but it’s literally a wasted on posters like this.
  3. Westwater was decent enough but lost his way towards the end.
  4. There’s no need for this hysteria, we’re not going to be relegated this season.
  5. I didn’t see my future attending many Falkirk games anyway after going for a good chunk of my life (life, circumstances), but my goodness the sheer drop in levels have made that choice easier.
  6. It’s not though because we’re not even getting to a point where an investment has taken place.
  7. Since the start of 2021, our record against top 4 teams in the league reads as (top 4 in 20/21 final standings). P19 W2 D5 L12 I could go into For and Against stats but I’ll just leave it there.
  8. A solid goalkeeper, 4 competent defenders, a ball winning midfielder, a decent creative midfielder, two hard-working widemen who can deliver a cross, a number 10 who can assist and a goal scorer. That’s the ingredients right there to be successful at this level.
  9. My first season going to (mainly home) games aged 8 and thought it was always going to be like this. Then as the 90s wore on there was the prospect of moving into a new stadium (my vision was a McDiarmid Park style stadium, packed to the rafters, as we competed well in the Premier League….).
  10. Have candid interviews after a game if it’s been a poor performance. Otherwise don’t have them. Doesn’t have to be brutal. ”So (insert managers name), why were we so poor today”? Not a major priority I know but the first thing that came into my head and they are very annoying.
  11. If Rice comes in is it likely he’ll be here in 3 years time? I don’t think so. If he somehow got us out of this division (promoted) in that time, that would do me.
  12. Maybe I’m in a state of self-denial but supporting the biggest laughing stick around is pretty amusing, in amongst the usual feelings of doom and gloom.
  13. Just had another look at that 4th goal again and is that not pretty much the same spot Mark Durban covered himself in failure last season. It really is Deja Vu.
  14. I’m going to put it out there and say I doubt we’ll end up in League 2. We seem to have enough to take care of poor sides like Clyde or Dumbarton who really are part-timers. However, against anyone with a bit about them….
  15. I don’t agree. I doubt any Falkirk fans were surprised we lost yesterday but losing 6-0 to Queens Park and not regarding that as not one of the worst results in our history would be very concerning. I mean, as someone mentioned earlier, I don’t think we’ve lost that heavily to a team outwith Rangers or Celtic since the 70s. Lots of “history” there.
  16. No fan worth his salt would do that would they? If you got beat 6-0 off Rangers or Celtic would you be full of praise for the opposition? I’m guessing not as that would probably be an expected result. So why would arguably one of the worst results in our history be met with making sure we gave out platitudes. I’m sure Queens Park are revelling in their victory and then some.
  17. No you don’t. It was really just a bit of a teasing comment rather anything that needed too much analysis. However, the bus loads of Rangers and Celtic fans leaving various Scottish towns including Falkirk is a bit soul destroying which you may or may not agree.
  18. It’s not the worst idea. Before today I would’ve said don’t be ridiculous but we’ve hit rock bottom and like you said, he would no longer have anywhere to hide.
  19. Twice Totten got us out of a hole. To think Hughes was available and could’ve done the same.
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