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  1. Ooft, that 1000th Ainsley Harriet snipe really hit the spot!
  2. Before my time but I’ve heard a lot about it and an enjoyable watch.
  3. I think we’ve been run and managed into the ground since the summer of 2017. I can see the fanbase now seeing a 4th place (and no promotion) in The Championship as a good result for us. 5th-7th is par. It would take something pretty extraordinary to getting us challenging again as it stands. Back in the day we didn’t have the Highland clubs and Livingston to contend with never mind the traditional rivals like St Mirren, Dunfermline, Patrick and Hamilton. Throw in the Dundee clubs. Heck, even Raith, Morton, Ayr and Queen if the South are tricky for us! I think this going to be a long decade in the history of the club.
  4. To add insult to injury, he was wearing shorts! When did that become such a thing in the winter?!
  5. True story today - I was in Curry’s in the retail park and saw Gregor Buchanan with his young family. 5 minutes later - I see Lex Miller in TX Maxx. I then see them bump into each other. I have to go up and hear a snippet of their conversation but not too close and just a wee 30 secs or so. The only thing I caught, apart from one woman saying “the worlds gone mad” is Miller saying twice “I’ll have to cancel your contract”, in jest, kind of, and Buchanan sheepishly tapping him on the arm. The main reason me writing about this, other than me being in the right place at the right time, is that Miller did appear to be a bit of a fud!
  6. What is the history of our club motto’s, season by season? Pretty fluffy subject but things like “Our Time” and “Your Club” seem to set us up for embarrassment. Just leave it with “Expect the Unexpected” and forget the cringe.
  7. I don’t I said we should abandon the idea of going down south and picking up two or three but with nucleas already in place. In hindsight, keeping Taiwo, Longridge and maybe even Welsh and add two or three down south and a few from here would’ve made for a better balance. Still don’t think Kidd should’ve been kept though.
  8. I think the one thing that can be put to bed is that going down south for players isn’t the absolute solution to problems in future. Maybe add a few to bolster a squad but it shows that being lazy, as some (me included) have said before regarding recruitment, may actually not be a bad idea after all (Hearts/Hibs fringe players etc). Looking back, a spine of McGhee, Muirhead (in his right position), Taiwo and (some creativity) Longridge would’ve been better.
  9. I was watching him during the match and I would agree. He got involved in a petty little exchange with the Falkirk backroom staff and he got all huffy. I think Thistle are on to a loser with him. I’m not saying he’s not got a role to play in football but maybe not management.
  10. Oh for the 2016-17 days when we were moaning our tits off finishing in 2nd place.
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