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  1. Totally agree and what I was saying earlier. We’ve always had our fair share of average-poor-hopeless players but the good ones or cult ones always brighten the place up. Hardly anything since 2017 though (maybe even 2016).
  2. For me, we’re always going to have jobbers in our squad at this level, a fair few for that matter. As long we have someone who puts the ball away consistently and the rest do their job or, at worst, don’t spoil things, that’s more realistic. Reeling off all these poor players is just going round in circles. Really, is Blair Alston being poor a surprise if we’re playing hoofball? No. Legs is what are needed in the middle of the park in this league. Flair from wide areas is a nice bonus. Lets just get out of this league...automatically!
  3. Just had a trawl through the early part of the Houston era to get a feel for what things were like and we were pretty poor at the time for the beginning of his spell. Also came across this peach of a post, almost prophetic in our cup season! So early and late Houston was pretty rancid but man was the middle bit pretty exciting.
  4. Someone mentioned earlier about revisionism regarding Jeffries. 90/91 was my first season supporting Falkirk then some exciting years after that so I think I’ve always had a skewed idea about us because it was such a great season. My point is that it was said he was was getting pretty harsh stick at the start but that could only have been until about October then things improved rapidly. The oft-mentioned Dundee 2-2 game then Raith were thrashed 7-1 in early November. So 2, maybe 3 months max he was getting a lot of stick. That seems like such a short period of time. Nowadays, we seem to put up with much longer periods of poor performance. So, I don’t think there’s been revisionism of Jeffries, he was struggling but got things sorted fairly quickly, to a massive jump in performance. Difficult to imagine such a turnaround in fortunes now.
  5. Totally. No guarantees but you’re spot on. McIntyre is another one who fits the bill. Hopkins style would be hard to stomach if it was his Livi type approach mind you.
  6. Also of note is there was a lot of calls for more English based players as it was felt the “lazy” local recruitment of Houston was his biggest weakness. Scouting is crucial but I for one was encouraged at the time about the different approach by the club. We just ended up signing a lot of duds, to a man.
  7. A bit of revisionism over Hartleys first season. The good spell included 3 wins over perhaps the worst second tier team ever and also 3 wins in real end of season affairs against teams who had, like us, sealed their position. 6-1 over Dundee Utd was pretty special but it was still a very patchy second half to the season .
  8. Really don’t understand your stance. Utterly disregard people but not offer any names yourself. Seems very negative. I would go someone who knows the Scottish game within our budget (obviously) so yeah, probably ones from the managerial merry-go-round. Jim McIntyre seems a good shout. Mark Kerr has served an apprenticeship and is doing okay, maybe him?
  9. Gary Holt would be fantastic. No guarantees it would work out but as of today, that’s right, fantastic.
  10. I’m sure he’ll unearth an absolute nugget that nobodies thought of. There’s an array of managerial talent out there with the required credibility to take over within our budget and overall appeal.
  11. Just want a single manager again to praise, slaughter or anything in between again, not this half-baked concept. They steadied ship, time for something more straightforward again. Give one, or both, roles in the coaching team if they have something to offer, I don’t see why pride should be such an issue if it came to it given the circumstances.
  12. We were flying then had an absolutely shocking result against Gretna then indifferent end to the season, followed by a poor season followed by regelation season and everything since. There’s been a trend since that game and month.
  13. It all started in Jan 2008. Gretna 2-0 defeat, time finally caught up with Latapy and Steven Thomson leaving. Pretty much unremitting regression since.
  14. The biggest problem of this club; the long shadow of the Jeffries tenure.
  15. Think it’s more the Facebook types that do rather than the stalwarts of this forum.
  16. Give it to Houston until the end of the season (and I mean end of the season). Safe, experienced pair of hands with a bit of unfinished business who can get a tune out of a squad without the issue of having to go through his weakness of preseason recruitment. Just need to get the f**k out of this league and not take The Championship for granted again.
  17. McKinnon had to go as the tide had come in on him quickly but his tenure really hinged on those two games against Alloa and Morton. That Friday night win against Ayr I felt pretty good about him and turning it round. This management duo was an adrenalin rush but without any substance.
  18. 3rd place in the second tier is just about par for Falkirk. Both going way way back and in more recent times. Nothing to crow about but also not “atrocious”. Par.
  19. Against clubs who obviously had the ability to invest heavily at the time and could dominate a league. He was “woeful” though.
  20. “Woeful”, “atrocious”, lots of exaggerated words to describe an average manager with a mixed bag of results. He did have some positives as well as negatives imo.
  21. I said pretty solid. Not great by any stretch but definitely not atrocious like one or two since. The two clubs you mentioned lost 5 league games between them in 72 games. Like we did in 2004/05. Sometimes just one club takes a league by storm and it’s brilliant for them but doesn’t happen too often to that one particular club.
  22. Scobbie spoke about how Pressley was like a different man after that relegation in the pre-season. Some excellent signings, good track record in the Academy, consistent 3rd place finishes and great cup nights seems pretty solid to me.
  23. Tier 4 then who later played in tier 6 or 7. Happy? Because if not I have a whole list from pre-season 18-19. The bright lights of Dulwich Hamlet, Haringey Borough, Wealdstone, Spennymoor.
  24. It was more to do with the overall status of the club rather than petty squabbles over us having 1500 on Raith Rovers or Mortons average gates but there you go.
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