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  1. Eddie May’s first job in management was in the top flight and was out of his depth but there’s a chance he might’ve been able to cut his teeth in a lower league and improve, unlike these two no-hopers who have had the aforementioned opportunity in the THIRD TIER and still look clueless. Out!
  2. I know I know but he always speaks fondly about us and maybe he’ll feel he’s taken Hamilton as far a he can.
  3. I’d take Chipper. I know it’s a drop but he has the know how and enthusiasm to improve us.
  4. I never want to see Lee Miller anyway near our club again.
  5. Taylor was a regular but lost his place, regained it and was then barely seen for the run-in. I think May was a mixture of midfield and out wide.
  6. A wee time out.... I’ve been trawling through some of our early 90s teams and we all know the big names of that era but there’s some names in there who played quite a bit but seem forgotten about. I was starting to go along to games at this point but my memories are of an early nature. I know Scott Sloan was pacy but erratic but what about Paul Smith and Gary Lennox who both seemed to play quite a bit? Mr Consistency Tommy McQueen lost his place to a young Forbes Johnston. Paul Rutherford even came bit late 91/92! Also, Alex Taylor....he seemed to lose his place after being such a regular and never got a look-in for the run-in of 91/92. Any thoughts?(30 years after)
  7. Collins seems like someone who wants things done properly and professionally, I’ll take that brand of arrogance.
  8. 2-2, we take the lead twice but our leaky defence lets us down again.
  9. The double appointment was a shot in the arm after a miserable few weeks but here we are again, making a fish supper of it.
  10. Have we ever thrived as a club....since the ruddy late 1940s if you look at our season by season record?! Plenty of middle-table mediocrity in the 1950s and 60s. Lots of doledrums in the 70s and 80s. Lots of boardroom strife and firefighting in the 90s and 2000s (somehow we made a fist of things on the pitch in this period) Lots of rubbish in the last decade on all fronts. The Killies, St Johnstone’s, Particks and St Mirren can look back with lots of pride aswell as disappointment on their post war history, ours is a litany of disappointment and underachievement, the odd few months here and there apart, since the dust was settling on WWII. And if Virginton is still sneaking about this page and wants to call this post “delicious” with a Ainsley Harriet pic then that’s fine too. This club is a RIDDY!
  11. McCracken has a wee chuckle, fair enough, but Millers antics shows you what he’s about. I hate Millers interviews too, he’s at it!
  12. A lot of fans were crying out for us to explore the English market because of Houston’s “lazy” signings. It obviously got out of hand and without any quality control but still important to remember.
  13. I honestly think that, even if something half decent was put on the East side, it would not create a warm feeling about the place, at least for a generation of fans. We’ve been stuck with this lop-sided “vanity project” for so long now that it ever being deemed a special place seems a bit contrived. Call me sentimental but I thought when you moved to a new stadium, it’s with the intention of having a finished look. Like a St Mirren or bloody Livi!
  14. To be fair, he also had a couple of winning streaks in the time before he left as well, which probably helped him get a good job. Things like “pishy brown shoes”, fist pumping unnecessarily, the way he talked and basically some of his antics make it easier to tag him as “atrocious” etc and overlook some positives.
  15. Stainrod was only here for a year and a half which was the other point made.
  16. We're pretty far down to be looking at a manager on the way up. Would put us in the position of taking a risk on someone like Derek Ure or Ricky Waddell. Yeah. Prefer that strategy where someone has gained experience at that level and done well rather than a May or M and M thrust in to a high or pretty high level.
  17. I like the concept of that but doesn’t leave many options. I don’t want a novice. Just because someone is on the merry-go-round doesn’t mean they’re on the way down.
  18. You love a “Jesus wept”. I’ll give you McCann and Hopkins but still don’t see a big issue with McIntyre. Decent record overall and would be a solid appointment. Doesn’t tick the ‘connection to the club’ box I suppose.
  19. McShane started off alright when we went on that decent run. Hung around far too long though. Paton came onto a bit of a game once he got his off-field stuff sorted out. Someone mentioned Waddington who started off well but seemed to fade away. Haber, Lewis, Dallison and Sammut had no redeeming features.
  20. This little section about that list can’t go by without emphasising the biggest impostor of the lot - Marcus Haber! Lazy c**t!
  21. Gotta be Harrison over Buchanan if we’re going for a worst X1.
  22. He had that game against QotS where he kept the score down. Still awful but it’s always Haber and Lewis, followed by Dallison and Sammut that are my most loathed players from that time. Brough wasn’t too bad as a squad player and Harrison tried manfully but was poor. I remember getting behind early Mackinnon with that squad and he made a fist of it in that spell between his appointment and the window and getting rid of so many!
  23. Thanks for the list. A few hovering around pass marks but of that list, only McManus, Rudden, Burgoyne, Gomis and Dixon (eventually) have been good signings. Longridge and Keillor- Dunn could make a case. Connolly and C Morrison hovering at pass marks. A few bang on average and the rest awful.
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