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  1. Ah that 7-1 game, the third game I attended. Then 5-1 v Clydebank the week after. Happy times.
  2. I think it’s only a problem when you have a pairing like Taiwo/an aging Kerr in the middle of the park where creativity is scarce. Obviously the midfield post 2017 has been an abomination.
  3. If someone else is more creative in the middle of the park then surely industrious would be enough. He was part of a team competing pretty well in the Premier League.
  4. We’ve not hit “dizzying heights” since the late 40s but we should be doing better than what we are doing!
  5. I still think we are suffering a hangover from the glory days of the early to mid 90s, what with the scuppered promotions then the false dawns of a completed stadium and now the decline.
  6. Not into this 10 years of “rack and ruin”. 5 years of middling (academy bearing fruit, cup final, 2015/16) then 5 years of “rack and ruin”.
  7. OTT looking back considering the job wasn’t complete.
  8. But then you kick arses and there’s a revolt.
  9. This is true I’m afraid. Since WW2 St Mirren have had many top half finishes in the top flight. We’ve been bang in the middle a few times but no where near St Mirren and haven’t finished inside the top half in the top flight late 1940s! Our glory days were pre WW1 for consistent high place finishes.
  10. We’ve had “Cones” for Sheerin and the “Sevco Gobbler” for Miller but Rennie seems to have gotten away with it. Pretty obvious to me - The Ballboy.
  11. It’s the way the words “frustrating” and “disappointing” get trotted out so easily. He says it but it no way whatsoever does it come across that way. Quite passive in fact. Get him to f**k!
  12. You are clueless mate. Morrison and McCann have hardly played and will not revive our fortunes. Nesbitt has hardly kicked a ball for months. Dixon is past it and Telfer is okay but swamped by duds.
  13. The only reason he can be coming out with this twaddle is that we have had a half-decent standing in the Scottish game over the years and “Falkirk” carries a bit of clout.
  14. I think since the start of 2021 things have really nosedived and was the start of the wilderness. 2018-2020 was obviously poor but with the odd highlight still and good memories still fairly fresh in the memory. Those good memories feel a long time ago now.
  15. Who knows if they give a toss? Merely pointing out what you said about not showing any reaction to the goal was false. You exempted Mutch but there were others who reacted too.
  16. Fake news. Hands are on heads when the ball goes in the net.
  17. True, another shit performance and result in an awful season. As your invested in our fortunes though, any credit?
  18. I would say 3 years. 2018 was still a novelty. It’s the full-time thing that keeps it going though I guess.
  19. You’re right, we’re the same in terms of size as Clyde or Alloa. As you were.
  20. Will you be on here giving us credit if things improve? You’re obviously invested in us as you’re harping back to our 2017/18 slogan.
  21. Are you really laughing though? You must’ve had your fill by now surely. I didn’t bat an eyelid when Morton were struggling in the seaside leagues.
  22. Take your point about the crowd thing but, come on, “joy to your heart”? We’re only Falkirk ffs.
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