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  1. I don’t understand, how are some of those young players “going to learn” if they’ve left.
  2. We said that after relegation to L1. How low do we go before we stop being glad of this type of thing?
  3. He still seems to be smarting over the McKinnon business. Yflab and his jibes about no major honours since 57’ is a fair shout but a slagging from a Morton fan, perhaps the dullest full time club about and still celebrating helping to relegate a club (who needs honours, of any description) two years later, takes some beating.
  4. Kevin James on the latest Hope Street podcast. Time to hear some more about team spirit! Nice to look back on many good times eh Viking ton?
  5. No, you’re right. We should meekly accept our position of L1 status without question and accept every board decision that comes our way. I mean, why would some fans be upset about our current position, given that it wasn’t too long ago we were beating Hibs and Rangers on a fairly regular basis? We all must be firmly, completely in the present, forget recent memories of better times and just be pleased of supporting our team/club/powers that be, come what may. Oh, the utopia.
  6. I don’t want a McInnes. His stock is far to high for us, even if he was appointed. He’d just disappear if/once he was doing a good job with us and the Motherwell job (for example) came up.
  7. I get what your saying and I get what you said about relatively speaking too but, we’re in L1. Great football is a bit fanciful. Great football can also be about two teams going at it with, hopefully, your team coming out on top. That’s not going to happen down here. Yeah, we could pummel teams with attacking football but I just don’t think we have the pulling power just now to attract, well, good footballers. We’re no longer a drawer for a certain calibre of footballer if you ask me. The best for us.....just now.....is neat and tidy or up and at em’, both styles hopefully with a good goalscorer.
  8. Oh come on, that’s not fair at all. There’s gardens to tend too.
  9. If you ask me, I’d give a big name a miss and get someone who has managed at this level like a Young or Petrie. We’ve now moved to being a fully bona fide L1 outfit imo and need the right manager and players to become the best L1 outfit to get us promoted.
  10. So your not willing to describe Hamilton in size the way you did Kilmarnock etc.
  11. I suppose it is conceivable that Falkirk could be a big town/area with a lowly club/team. I never hear anything about Glenrothes FC.
  12. A sleeping giant is like a Leeds or Sunderland who would get 30000+ crowds and be consistently outside the top league. Are Hearts a sleeping giant because they spent a season outside the Prem? More like a mid afternoon nap.
  13. I used the phrase ‘sleeping giant’ before. It’s excessive to call us that but I think we can all agree on one word to describe our position..... Underperforming.
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