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  1. Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread, but now that we have moved passed lvl 0 and there is no further requirement for social distancing, does anyone know the latest guidance for the use of changing rooms for WoS/ammy football?
  2. As the title suggests, are there any friendlies for either any senior or u20s teams tomorrow evening?
  3. The Caledonian league teams don't seem to have performed well in the Scottish this year at all. How many of them are left, 2? 1 in a replay? Would you say the overall strength of the teams in the Caledonian league has dipped recently?
  4. St Joe's drew 2-2 with AFC Newshot and it was the same score for Cambria against Bridgewater so both going again next week. Never took either in so not sure how they went. Seems like their was a good few upsets today.
  5. Alba, Colville, Bridgewater, Pennies, Cupar, Drum Utd AFC, Bannockburn, Hurlford, Eastfield, Glasgow Uni, Harestanes, Tynecastle, Motherwell, Craigshill, Oban, St Joes
  6. Sorry misunderstood your point thought you were talking about potential winners.
  7. 1. Alba Thistle AFC (SAFL) V Milton Sports Club AFC (Cale) 2. Blackthorn Rovers AFC (SSMAFL) V Colville Park E AFC (CSAFL) 3. Cambria AFC (Cale) V Bridgewater AFC (CSAFL) 4. Castlemilk BC AFC (SAFL) V Pennies AFC (S&DAFA) 5. Cupar Hearts AFC (KoFAFA) V Uddingston Anvil AFC (CSAFL) 6. Drumchapel United AFC (GDSMAFL) V Murieston United AFC (LEAFA) 7. Drumchapel United PYM AFC (CSAFL) V Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) 8. Dumbarton Academy FPs AFC (Cale) V Hurlford Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 9. Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) V Steins Thistle AFC (CSAFL) 10. Glasgow University AFC (Cale) V Clydeside Athletic AFC (GCAFA) 11. Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) V Southside AFC (SSMAFL) 12. Hurlford AFC (Ayrshire AFA) V Tynecastle AFC (SSMAFL) 13. Motherwell Thistle AFC (SAFL) V Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) 14. Pittenweem Rovers AFC (KoFAFA) V Craigshill Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 15. Rothie Rovers AFC (AAFA) V Oban Saints AFC (SAFL) 16. St. Joseph's FPs AFC (SAFL) V Newshot AFC (GGPAFL) That's the completed 5th round ties. Who do we think will progress?
  8. Seen on Twitter that the Greater Glasgow League are setting up a league select squad. Is this a good idea or would they not have the quality to compete against the other league select squads in West? I'm sure there are a lot of good players throughout the league.
  9. Here are the ties for this weekend; what are people predicting? Any dark horses at this stage? Any upsets? Quayside Thistle AFC (SSMAFL) vs Third Lanark AFC (CSAFL) AS Airdrie AFC (SSMAFL) vs Kilbride Thistle AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Auchenfoyle AFC (SECAFL) vs South Lochaber Thistle AFC (GGPAFL) Bannockburn AFC (CSAFL) vs West of Scotland AFC (SSMAFL) Bridgewater AFC (CSAFL) vs Easthall Star AFC (SAFL) Cambria AFC (CALE) vs Newton Vale AFC (CSAFL) Campsie Minerva AFC (CSAFL) vs Westercommon Star AFC (SSMAFL) Crookston Castle AFC (GGPAFL) vs St Mungo's AFC (CALE) Dalziel HSFPs AFC (CALE) vs Dumbarton Academy FP AFC (CALE) East Kilbride Y.M. AFC (CALE) vs AFC Ravenscraig (SSMAFL) Finnart AFC (CALE) vs Ardeer West Recreation AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Glasgow University AFC (CALE) vs Finnieston Park AFC (GDSMAFL) Glenburn Miners Welfare AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Strathclyde University AFC (CALE) Goldenhill AFC (SAFL) vs Crosshouse Waverley AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Hillington AFC (SAFL) vs Southside AFC (SSMAFL) Holytown Colts AFC (SSMAFL) vs Hurlford AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Irvine Meadow AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Broomlands AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Kilsyth AFC (Cale) vs Oban Saints AFC (SAFL) Maryhill Thistle AFC (GCAFA) vs St. Patrick's FP AFC (CSAFL) Milton AFC (CALE) vs Colville Park E AFC (CSAFL) Motherwell Thistle AFC (SAFL) vs EKRR AFC (GGPAFL) Neilston AFC (SAFL) vs Stedfast K AFC (CSAFL) North Glasgow Colts AFC (SAFL) vs Garrowhill Thistle AFC (CSAFL) Shortlees AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Eastfield AFC (CSAFL) Southside AFC (CSAFL) vs Ardrossan Castle Rovers AFC (Ayrshire AFA) St. Davids AFC (GCAFA) vs Craigie AFC (Ayrshire AFA) Stewarton United AFC (Ayrshire AFA) vs Drumchapel United (GDSMAFL) Thorn Athletic AFC (CALE) vs Royalle Madrid AFC (SSMAFL) Tynecastle AFC (SSMAFL) vs Ardencaple AFC (CSAFL) UB United AFC (SSMAFL) vs Blantyre RGM AFC (CSAFL) Nico's AFC (SSMAFL) vs Harestanes AFC (CSAFL) Newshot AFC (GGPAFL) vs East Dunbartonshire AFC (SSMAFL)
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