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  1. Can’t be that much??? 600 400 350 All part and parcel? To be honest it’s hilarious how much they’ve spent! Or can you disagree??
  2. Watched them once or twice but you have a bit to go. Everyone happy with the money spent?
  3. Lows done but if someone was giving u £600 per week would u not take it Of course you would. They also paid 2/3k for a midfielder from largs who is largely disinterested and collecting £400 a week. The whole thing is embarrassing. No wonder half the squad is not happy with the difference in wages and Andy Rodgers signing his pals. I don’t think they will finish top 4 with a 250k budget, which is scary
  4. He should look at his management team, their lack of building a proper team, boys who are on 4x wages of the 3x player of the year. Was never going to end well. Then to slag Swift’s team who battle and outpunch with half the budget is funny!
  5. You are slagging BSC now?😂 The gift that just keeps giving
  6. The best thing ever is that you had to pay £11,000 for a winger from Spartans! Who’s contract expires in the summer! Shire fans slag Kelty for splashing the cash but they have spent 230k this year and aren’t ever close to going up
  7. 😂 Miles away but do know him. Watched him all his life. Just a man who will tell you what’s happening
  8. Why? I think its funny that you are miles off pace, spending 250k a year,clueless manager, offering £125 a game win bonuses and you still nowhere near.....
  9. Imagine being bitter about you finishing 4th and spunking 250k
  10. Granty has moved to Glashow so doubtful! Hes a baller tho
  11. By all accounts they are spending 250 a week and aren’t any closer than ridiculous money a week, out Scottish and league
  12. I find it strange that shire fans think they are in with a title shot? Hopless
  13. Good win today. The jungle drums are beating with a new signing?
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