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  1. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/17584716.why-its-not-just-alex-mcleish-to-blame-for-scotlands-failures/?fbclid=IwAR2Q4AvjK169BAS9TzIWtSnQAeO8AKgb0DHmg3prTvmue-RPpGxgn944bnE What a load of shite.
  2. The SFA should be looking for a manager who's a good organiser, who's respected in the game, and is a good man-manager. And that man is Steve Clarke. He transformed Kilmarnock without a budget to spend, has made them organised, and has proven himself able to get results against teams of higher stature. And the appointment needs to be done ASAP - not after we limp to 1 point from the Cyprus/Belgium double header.
  3. I'm a great believer in inclusivity Principal Flutie, and while I've no doubt that posters like yourself would understand 'spring' is a season of the year ( see did it again ), you have to remember the likes of @bennett posts here. It's imperative we cater to all posters and don't belittle anyone.
  4. It's not believable, IMO and she's giving far too much air time talking about Brexit. I'm not convinced the SNP vote wouldn't have been higher if she'd hit in the bunker for the last 18 months.
  5. Nope she's leader of the Independence for Scotland party not the "What Scotland's thinks party" because she'd me campaigning to remain the the UK is she consistently followed your logic. The UK governments actions has won us votes to Yes. That's great! Nicola and her Brexit strategy has lost just as many to No. She's a very talented woman, but she's got this 100% wrong.
  6. Stuart Campbell isn't the problem with the 'Yes movement'. It's the "dream will never die" merchants with their heavily decorated cars that abuse anyone that doesn't vote SNP. I think the Wings website is excellent, anything that debunks and fucks over the Daily Mail/Express is a good thing. The biggest problem in the SNP at the minute is Nicola's obsession with the EU.
  7. That's 2 good questions and 1 very good question tynie, and thanks for your years of sensible moderation and general reasonableness. For me the spring season is always the 'hard yards' if you will on PnB. The days are lengthening and it would be easy to say "f**k it I'm not posting tonight. I'm away for a walk up a local corbett followed by a bistro dinner". But, when I see the likes of Bairnardo getting 200+ green shoots per week I think to myself "this could be me" "I can do this", "I will do this". There was absolutely no research involved. I just hit the @ signature and pulled up a could names I recognized because I'm quite a new poster on here with only 431 posts, ever..
  8. I'm just being nice. The reference to oral sex was unnecessary.
  9. Alternatively you can get a 56 plate Ford Fiesta for about £600.
  10. It's very easy to get caught up in petty squabble as we chew the fat on the big football issues and forget that behind every username there's a user with a name. With respect every poster on here ( bar 3) I'd like the congratulate the following for an excellent start to the calendar season. Your work inspires me. 1. @Bairnardo 2. @Barry Ferguson's Hat 3. @Marshmallo 4. @DA Baracus 5. @J_Stewart With honourable mentions to the following for an improved standard of post: @Rowan @Savage Henry
  11. Porto have had enough play to be 2-0. Liverpool will be happy though. They've been awful
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