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  1. Only fools and idiot pundits would say that Ayr will not win the Championship. Of course they can, whether they will is a different story. I hope you do win it. Best of luck
  2. Your team will, I assure you, lose more than 1. A Killie win KTID
  3. I doubt it. His original statement that St Mirren are bigger is about as delusional as Septic thinking they can compete in the Champions league. Best of luck for the game the best team on the day will win.
  4. Just think how grumpy you will be when St J, your team, gets beat by Killie.
  5. What has Arbroath got to do with it ? It is becoming increasingly obvious that the small club that is St Mirren has fans who are becoming delusional.
  6. Why would our manager take a step sideways to a club no bigger and with less potential.
  7. I truly hope you are not terrified it's a game of football after all. Winning any game does not make your supporters superior beings. Losing a game is annoying and does not make you an Inferior being.
  8. Just wait until CL games and watch how technically and tactically aware defenders play. Their midfielders will play right through the 20yard space between the centre backs. Your assertion that you are better is only applicable to our league and you know as well as every man and his dog that as the gap between yourselves and the other 10 teams is too big. You will now be subjected to a lesson from your CLgroup rivals who have financial muscle way above your club and your twin on the other side of the city.
  9. The thing that needs to improve is the same flaw you have had for decades. YOUR TEAM CANNOT DEFEND.
  10. Increase the league to 16 and only play each other teams twice., split 8/8. Playing 4 times against the OF only benefits them and to all others is a potential loss of between 18-24 points you may claw back 3 or 4 but most teams will not. Sky requiring 4 OF games could be worked out but all clubs must feature in their home matches none of the Rangers one week Celtic next week.
  11. Yes you are correct in that fact but you fail to acknowledge the reason behind supporting these clubs when people live 2,3 4 hour drives away from Glasgow. Your point about Liverpool and Manchester United is correct there are glory hunters everywhere. My point has always been regarding the OF that religion determined the team supported. Not all supporters are bigots and I have never said that was the case.
  12. more nonsense, you just don't get it. To clarify my position, I accept that both have better players than the rest of other teams and both will win more than they lose. But to completely ignore the truth does you no favours.
  13. You don't believe its rubbish. Why would people from all over our country, from Stranraer to Fraserburgh and Kelso to Thurso travel to Glasgow to watch football. There are 40 other league clubs to choose from. You know the truth.
  14. of course I am not saying that. What I am saying is apart from the small % of glory hunters the average OF fan chooses their team by their religious affiliation.
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