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  1. I totally understand humour clearly you don't understand much in life.
  2. Cheers for clearing the renting out part. You can notice a difference. However your average attendance is 6k. Motherwell very similar and they have one of the best pitches in the league. . . . It's how your team's hierarchy manage the cash. I do not believe in this day of age that "Professional Football" teams find the need to install an artificial pitch. There is no difference to the quality of the game. As has been stated many times before you guys had nothing to say about the artificial surface when you were beating us on it.
  3. No its not supposed to bother you but it is a fact never the less.
  4. He's probably going to need a CV to get a job in the next couple of years when he realises that his football career is over.
  5. Such a mature answer. Just like your tactically inept manager you don't seem to have a clue.
  6. He said the same about Greg Stewart's return in January. That worked out well didn't it !
  7. enjoy the championship your crap team will miss the playoffs.
  8. Quite clearly you know nothing about football but then you are a Dundee fan. Perhaps you should look a bit more closely at other clubs players and see how they progress. £3m for Taylor is a steal.
  9. Christ, a can that types, that's a new thing.
  10. only unexpected to those who know little about football. Did you not think as the man in possession of the jersey he should get the chance. He got 2 chances and failed both times .
  11. This isn't about who is right or wrong. McKenna as you point out is far from shite but Findlay IS a better footballer.
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