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  1. Thanks very much hope to see you again soon
  2. Sorry we don’t allow dogs to stay over in the rooms solely due to the set up. We are dog friendly in our bar area if you are only visiting. Sorry about that
  3. Hi guys I am the new owner of the plough hotel only a few minutes walk from stenhousemuirs ochilview Park. We have a lovely bar area and restaurant and would be delighted to host any travelling fans before and after any games. I would be delighted to supply some complimentary food as long as we know you guys are coming in advance. We hope to see some of you soon Thanks Steven Allison
  4. East of Scotland cup

    Cheers mate we certainly carried some luck on our way but our talent carried us also in some games. Few sore heads today and tomo then back to business trying to get 11 players on Monday lol Hope Terri is ok after the dramas at your game yesterday he a top lad, I am sure you guys will sort it out.
  5. East of Scotland cup

    Interesting read when both teams have same sponsors ha as you say no one can remove the names on that trophy mate
  6. East of Scotland cup

    All good banter off course lads
  7. East of Scotland cup

  8. East of Scotland cup

    Get it up you bawsoot never once gave us any credit
  9. East of Scotland cup

    We will be in whatever league the committee put us in we obviously Hope league reconstruction goes ahead and we have a chance of being in premier in one year if not we will respect the decision and go about our business as normal. We are very grateful to the safl for giving us a fresh challenge and being very professional and welcoming each time we have met.
  10. East of Scotland cup

    Another one who makes things up as he goes Pennies where given no reasons whatsoever I am happy to post the email back from both leagues if you so wish ???
  11. East of Scotland cup

    You talk utter pish call me anytime we can meet up and have a chat [emoji6][emoji6]
  12. East of Scotland cup

    Let have a bet with your silly screen shot ???£££
  13. East of Scotland cup

    You talk some pish you have heard nothing
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Total respect from both teams mate Thanks
  15. East of Scotland cup

    One of the most disliked teams ha ha Fannies like you we don’t worry about and the 3/4 teams who don’t like us is all down to the fact they can’t beat us. We will go to the safl and look forward to making new friends on our way as we have done with many teams. We have had great respectful battles with Most of the countries top sides and have had NO issues only thing is respect, shortlees, colville, Sandy’s, Larkhall to name a few. We get all the stories we should went to this league and that league but realistically these leagues would not even talk to us after hitting us with bull shit for 2/3 years. We will respect the teams and the clubs we will come up against next year. I laugh my head off when I see guys like you Slavin the safl many teams did they have in last 8 of the Scottish this year [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848][emoji848] #clown