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  1. SAFL

    Thanks guys we are absolutely thrilled to be stepping on into the safl and can’t wait to get started. I am sure we will make many friends in the safl and with hard work and dedication we hope to have success also. We wish you guys all the success next season in the s&d great club and management [emoji122]
  2. East of Scotland cup

    Thanks to guys like Sandy’s for tipping us for the east. The only thing we can say if we do eventually win it we will deserve it with all the great teams we have already knocked out not to mention the next game coming up. We will not under estimate anyone in a one off game we done that already this year with castlemilk and they deservedly turned us over. We have had many a great battle with fallin and I am sure we will have more in the future. I would personally like to thank all the teams like Chryston in our league who came and supported us as it’s very much appreciated. We hope we can step on and show our ability in this years final stages as we simply never showed up last year.
  3. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Yes pennies
  4. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Sounds like a great idea shame they don’t want better teams involved in there league.
  5. East of Scotland cup

    Giz peace fs
  6. East of Scotland cup

    Choo choo [emoji577][emoji577] lol [emoji6][emoji6][emoji6]
  7. East of Scotland cup

    Thanks guys we will be trying our best that’s for sure
  8. East of Scotland cup

    Thanks guys game was classic cup tie and a great advert for amateur football any neutral watching that today would have loved it. Best luck rest season
  9. Scottish Cup 4th round

    As you know first hand Mick we came and played you guys every year from the start we want to play the best and compete with the best. Have a good xmas mate see you in 28th
  10. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Thanks mate but I must say a victim of what success pennies have won nothing big in our 4 years as a club all we have ever won is things in our local league. We try to do everything as professional as we can on and off the park we look at teams like colville and will always try and get to there level in time. We started of playing on a cow field council park 4 years ago and now we play on great facilities at little kerse. We get accused daily on here from people who actually know nothing about us. This season we have signed 3 young guys from 21s and an other from Sunday football and on back of that lost our biggest earner [emoji85][emoji848] Steven Jackson. I can’t blame the big leagues for not wanting us t b h reading half the pish that’s on here most days. We are delighted to be in the last 32 with now a tough game away to castlemilk, best of luck to all other clubs still involved
  11. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Thanks no need use them on here now got all his details already he thinks he has friends around him lol
  12. Scottish Cup 4th round

    Firstly Steven Jackson got nothing and is now playing Ams with stenny after we released him. Alex Williams left our club when he infant moved to Newcastle and was living in Cumbernauld when played with us. I am glad my friend is an administrator on this site also as I now have your personal details for our clubs lawyers regard your ridiculous disgraceful comments, but am sure you have a few people a snigger.
  13. Scottish Cup draw

    Who will be the teams to avoid in tomo draw then