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  1. Think home advantage will also have a say in the cup games as the teams fancied seem to play better when at home. All in all be interning to see the draw can't see many shocks next stage unless the fancied teams get drawn early against each other
  2. Draw should be interesting as there will be at least 5 teams that fancy there chances this year. Is this year more wide open than last??
  3. 4-3 to steins sounds like it was a good game. Draw will have a say in it as always but all the teams mentioned above will fancy there chances on the day. But with every cup game might be a few shocks along the way
  4. With the east this weekend what are the ties of the round and who do you see progressing
  5. Snowman


    Took in the friendly between syngenta and steins ammys 2night expecting a 1 horse race but steins deserved winners from the game. Steins played some good football first half with syngenta nervy at the back and creating errors. Second half they came out the traps but steins held on.
  6. Snowman


    When you've still people spouting about pennies winning stuff that's when you know there hurting it never worked out like they planned. Give it a year and no one will even remember pennies. A club that had no substance or connection with any community. Close the door on the way out ae
  7. Snowman


    Is there going to be a leaving doo? Be a right good turn out that!!
  8. Snowman


    Cp united aka Cp electric bar next year...... Heard it here first
  9. Snowman


    The original draw was done as it was for division 1b. Surely if anything changed which it did then everybody would had the same playing field in regards to going over to 1a? Some might have not wanted it but I would have said the majority would have wanted a say in it at least
  10. Snowman


    I think the central itself has got stronger especially with Colville losing their team and the new teams into the association. However what I do feel is the men behind the central league are making a c***t of it. You had all that carry on last year with southside folding and just giving teams points that were crucial and then moving a new team over to the other division after the 31st.
  11. Snowman


    What does the rule book say on teams moving leagues to balane? Does leagues not need to be finalised before certain date?
  12. Snowman


    I see cp United lifted another trophy yesterday. I'm sure they did it respectively like they always do...... Oh wait. I'm glad we all voted against their park change.... Bad apples
  13. Snowman


    Could this vote be the route pennies actually want....... I'm thinking the name CPC United electric bar and a merger to get in the league they've always wanted in
  14. Think they've had a team for a decades but within that time they have folded 3 or 4 times
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