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  1. I might take this as my new profile picture
  2. Rumours already started about who is leaving ER in the close season, usual paper talk I hope. But who would you like to see coming in to strengthen the squad?
  3. Any news on when a decision on what league we will be in next season will be made ? It's a wonder players have signed not knowing......
  4. I must have either been ignorant and not noticed the lad or the loan period was when I didn't make games which was quite a few at one point in the season. Seems a good addition to the squad then
  5. Thanks for confirming, that all makes sense now
  6. that's true, and it will give three teams the opportunity to go up to the Premier which is good.
  7. Three teams to be relegates seems a lot, wonder how they will decide next season what leagues those teams drop into?
  8. Not sure who he is, where has he been paying recently? Sorry we lost young Ross Jardine too, a great prospect and a really nice laddie, I wish him all the best at Kelty though.
  9. That's a fair point, is there a restriction on how long you can groundshare to keep your licence?
  10. but how could the juniors come in at tier 6 if other teams are already at that level in the EoS? Need to start at the bottom like every other new EoS team has done this season, there will be ex juniors not in the EoS premier league next season so the juniors can't expect to go in above that level surely?
  11. that would certainly add to the cost of installing lights then, dread to think how much the charge would be (no pun intended) in bringing the power into the ground.
  12. I overheard two old guys at Bonnyrigg game last week in the pie hut queue saying the Rose had been offered two sets of floodlights, I couldn't hear any more though, maybe one set was from Meadowbank?? Sorry for the half story
  13. Cheers, so hopefully gives us a wee bit breathing space to get the floodlights installed and keep our licence/Scottish Cup entry
  14. The money WW spent on improvements to initially get their licence wouldn't have been cheap either, and certainly owning your own ground goes against you for grants etc like some teams we could all name, but that's not really the point. We need floodlights for Lowland League and Scottish Cup but do we need them for EoS ? So if we do stay up at the expense of Bonnyrigg (which doesn't seem fair really) then how long do we have to get them installed?
  15. Newky I was just guessing its EOS for us next season, who knows with the Licencing farce that's going on. I'd probably keep the same amount, depends if they want to stay of course. New manager whoever he is has a hard job though, he will need to bring in a lot of players ready to go for next season wherever we end up playing.
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