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  1. Alloa v ICT

    When is Goodwin going to stop trying to shitfest a one nil? We don’t do defending leads, St Mirren, Patrick and now ICT. Too bloody late with the subs the last two weeks as well, Cawley and Trouts race had been ran for at least 10 mins before they scored their second. Taking it right to the wire, I just hope we can do it. It’s been a fantastic effort from the team, just need 1 more win
  2. Alloa have gotten themselves into a position no one outside the team expected them to. Pressure is all on Partick, hoping this transfers onto the park and Alloa get another result. 5 on the bounce anyone? Looking forward to this one 🤞
  3. It’s been said plenty but we are really getting to the “must win” games. Been in a bit of a poor run of late and not sure that we have been playing to our footballing strengths recently. Would be leaving Hamilton on the bench for this one after the Dunfermline game. Anyway, Greenock on Saturday to cheer the boys on, with the same result as last time the teams met would do just fine [emoji106]