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  1. If we can't beat alloa and morton at home I would say our league position will be what we deserve. Sadly.
  2. We are running out of games for the reaction to be "that's a good point" we have been saying that for weeks. We need wins or we will get overtaken by everyone else who is willing to give it a go. We are too defensive.
  3. What do Rangers need rudden for. Warming a bench. It is really disappointing, do we have a replacement lined up.
  4. I agree naming rights are an easy way to make money. TFS is hardly worth keeping
  5. Considering these guys only met a couple of days ago it is promising. They look better than that shitty mob that knew each other for 6 months. A few more training sessions and we should get into a better pattern and not hoof it.
  6. No you couldn't the English scout tried that and none of them could work hard
  7. So Partick have signed Joe cardle. I know he is a fife p***k but I thought he would have improved our squad.
  8. Finally someone who knows what is going on. Thanks
  9. Give us a clue then. Mr Campbell
  10. If Mystic Meg Edibairn actually knows anything get the names shared. If and I think you are, talking absolute pish just shut up.
  11. Are you actually on the board because you are blatant apologist for their actions. Just accept that they have clearly fucked up again
  12. So who were the triallists today? If you actually know please share
  13. They are creating a divide by tarring the entire support with the same brush. They don't give a f**k about the supporters only themselves. With the crowds we provide nothing will change unless those seats are empty.
  14. I don't think it helps anyone in our fight to survive. This incident is clearly unacceptable. The boards statement worryingly insinuates this is a pattern of ongoing abuse when it should be focusing on one knuckle dragging arsehole.
  15. Ochilview is hardly the Maracana. It should be pretty easy to find out who it was surely!!