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  1. Won't have to worry about that much longer. Won't be a crowd to watch that pish
  2. That's how bad it is. We are so frustrated we are baying for blood from bodying ball boys. If we started positively then we wouldnt have to worry about time wasting and chasing the game. That's two weeks in a row the opponent has had one chance and took it while we huff and puff all day.
  3. I can't keep watching that shite from McKinnon. His tactics are honking. We are playing part time teams and aimlessly hoofing it up to nobody
  4. What a guy. Why would an asset stripper buy a club with no assets? We have 18 players, don't own the stadium and a well worn astro pitch. Get a grip
  5. Surely more goals in the second half. Stranraer put six away and they looked shite last week
  6. I think I now know who you are!!! ooh matron
  7. To be fair had he not just been out for a year with injury.
  8. Surely businesses are mostly interested in level of exposure. You can sell Falkirk as exposing your brand to our fucking #MASSIVE support. Fair enough plenty exposure this season for all the wrong reasons. Including our own board telling the media how terrible their own fans are. It would be nice to get exposure for playing good football
  9. Selling Falkirk as a brand is probably pretty tough, since we are utter shite. Like trying to sell a burning building
  10. Let's just spoof the lot and sign our 4th squad in two years. We may have to as these c***s will get roasted if they pull on a blue shirt again
  11. The guy is a fraud, who cares more about designing clothes. Basically a very expensive part timer. There is a reason most of our team were free agents. They are shite
  12. If we can't beat alloa and morton at home I would say our league position will be what we deserve. Sadly.
  13. We are running out of games for the reaction to be "that's a good point" we have been saying that for weeks. We need wins or we will get overtaken by everyone else who is willing to give it a go. We are too defensive.
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