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  1. hahaahahhahahahhaahahahahahaha oaft jesus christ
  2. crown arms is a belter through the back
  3. actually, if anything it has done the opposite, embarrasing draw after going 2-0 up, drawing with raith is embarassing itself tbh
  4. also, one would assume raith had won 3-0 here the way some of their fans are celebrating, jeez. Draw at home with the almighty navy blue
  5. bit late but what happened to raiths fans? used to easily get 3/4k back in championship, glorified pub team status now. 1.8k 🤣
  6. jealous its been circa a millenium that his pub team were in the promise land of the championship^
  7. wtf was that broadfoot tweet about last night? you lads thought you were signing him?
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