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  1. it's honestly frightening how massive we are, these smaller clubs really get their nickers in a twist about a club division(s) below...
  2. I feel you are a bit simple to be fair, no I am not an Ayr fan. Cheers.
  3. If he was a stand out for Montrose it would be a step down to us surely after last season! the day we see Montrose as a step up from Falkirk is the day I no longer attend, thankfully this will be never.
  4. hahahahahahahahahahaha, who do Airdrie actually think they are?
  5. Can't see that happening at all mate.
  6. christ alive, do you expect every shout at a football game to be recorded? deplorable fanbase
  7. fair enough, Queen of the south be in amongst it too i’d imagine
  8. out of curiosity where do you seriously think airdrie will finish next season?
  9. Well done Queens park. Airdrie, enjoy relegation scrap next year lads, bye bye murray n any decent players
  10. You are a genuine rape apologist. You have posted on ffc thread within a minute of every goal Falkirk have conceded this season, yet here you are calling people trolls, jesus. Truly vile human being, away champion your rapist.
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