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  1. Don't think youll manage to find a lot (if any) Falkirk fans/players who are bothered about it being Raith. As the lack of navybluepound in this thread compared to previous match threads shows.
  2. Morrison + Williamson start = Away win Neither start, who knows what it could be, Gary Miller at right back *shudders*
  3. Not particularly, Nesbitt and Telfer would both make my squad.
  4. Callumn Morrison is comfortably the best player in the league btw.
  5. Perfectly normal Tuesday morning on P+B
  6. Hilarious to me that we loaned Dowds to Arbroath then signed jamie fkn wilson. Not saying Dowds is a world beater but is 10x the player of jamie wilson.
  7. Luke Holt . Great work getting the team sheet @some_guy
  8. Happily admit to crowd wanking, a feat Morton fans could only dream of
  9. You are a dangerous individual
  10. is @Sainteepip a Falkirk fan aye? Off you pop to your baron wasteland of a thread in which you reside.
  11. Any thread? It is the Falkirk thread pal
  12. Hahaha what would you have us do? Sounds like you wanted us to physically attack them, mutant FWIW the attendees done a perfect job, outing the board for the shower of arrogant charlatans whilst disproving their claims we are some uncivilized brutes
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