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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    as previously stated above, get morton doooooon
  2. thank f**k, well in you glorious chookters
  3. Falkirk v Morton

    5 pages already and its not even 9am on a monday, #bigtime
  4. Falkirk v Morton

    hahahahahhaa, Morton are genuinely overachieving IMO. Always seen you as a very small club, on par with clyde perhaps
  5. mon the fuckin bairns lad, see you lads up the manikee x
  6. hahahaahahahahaaahaha morton hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
  7. Free Money

    how does one acquire this inplay offer lads?
  8. Only about 3/4 that started that day been punted I believe
  9. Are you fucking mental? f**k Alloa
  10. Into these fife c***s, WAF, etc etc
  11. Queens v Falkirk

    still hurting being our bitches? x
  12. Dundee U.T.D. v Queens

    mon eh DABs
  13. third rate club? what does that make morton?
  14. Best school fight you saw