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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread delivering yet again, box office stuff
  2. I mentioned Aidan Keena a good week before anyone else/ any outlet?
  3. starting to wonder if there is actually a Raith thread? this clown is never off this one
  4. thought this was a major whoosh until the end
  5. the striker is a potential signing, not as concrete as the Keena info was
  6. keena alston and a striker signing this week and some of you are spending pages talking about the common flu??
  7. @Bainsfordbairn, #ITK https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/exclusive-former-hearts-striker-aidan-keena-set-leave-hartlepool-united-due-personal-reasons-falkirk-transfer-lined-2924317 😘
  8. give us a clue? guess would be andy nelson
  9. would give my left baw for alston back
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