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  1. Everyone would crowdwank if they could tbf, always pub team fans who have a problem with it.
  2. Announce 1k bairns in the Elizabeathan
  3. "Work numbers" hahaha dear god, genuine simpleton.
  4. Quite obviously Airdrie is a hovel judging by my use of a lower case H you absolute simpleton.
  5. What are these? You do realise you live in Airdrie, hovel.
  6. That is just brilliant hahahahaha. Anyone at the game or even in Airdrie will be able to tell you those numbers are wrong.
  7. Williamson was not any better, conceded same goals in lot less time, plus he is an absolute pea heart, clearly doesn't care a jot if Falkirk qwin or lose, least the boy Yeats tries.
  8. Could honestly give you a hundred reasons why Yeats is a better right back than Williamson.
  9. hahaha can't be claiming there was more home fans than away surely
  10. probably did to be fair, home support was laughable, 400 max
  11. fair enough lad, airdrie a lot hungrier on the day, couldnt tell who was the part time hybrid and full time team, we were second to every loose ball.
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