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  1. unpopular opinion but if blair alston plays next to someone who isnt 36 year old and can run about he would be a lot more effective, presume this will be realised by Killie.
  2. ?? keep your twitter notifications on 👀
  3. Sheerin then, not overjoyed but certainly will get behind him and the team.
  4. just seen he himself has also got an extension jesus, source said it a few hours ago, if we are not doing everything in our power to bring yogi something is wrong.
  5. Name I am hearing now is not the best, anyone else hearing the same? Not been mentioned here. Rhymes with chicken curry
  6. You really are a sick, sick boy. apologies, friend
  7. False alarm apologies for any trauma caused
  8. merely passing on what I have heard whispers of
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