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  1. I think I’m actually in love with big Andy 🥰
  2. 3 subs at half time in a game which could go to extra time is... interesting
  3. Steve McManaman is so thick I’m surprised he’s not an old firm fan
  4. I don’t know who Gordon Duncan is, but David Currie has never been better than anyone at anything.
  5. I think Greig Laidlaw acted in this role, and by all accounts is someone Finn has a great relationship with and really looks up to. One area where we’re missing Greig and his leadership experience badly. Interesting tweets from Mark Palmer who did the Russell interview. Maybe this is more resolvable than we think..
  6. If it’s anything other than 0-0 I’ll be shocked.
  7. Of course Rangers other ‘young black players’ who cheat, dive, kick out and nip less than Morelos does also get a similar amount of abuse/stick as he does. Oh.... OF* supporters are utter moonhowlers.
  8. Guess it's moot now because Townsend is gonzo It’s certainly looking that way. I think the most frustrating thing so far is that we easily could have won both games. Yesterday was always going to be a case of whoever got a try first (or at all) and as blunt as we were, Hogg cock-up aside they didn’t look like scoring either. A fairly unimpressive Ireland were comfortable against Wales yesterday who don’t look particularly good - we certainly gave them a tougher game. But our record in Cardiff is so bad in recent times it’s hard to ever be optimistic going there.
  9. Quite punchy from Finn there. As has been said I can’t see him playing for Scotland again while Townsend is in charge. It’s not a secret that Townsend isn’t a fan of rugby’s drinking culture. And while this particular issue does appear to have been a player-led decision, you get the sense it’s a case of the straw which broke the camels back. I’d listened to a podcast during the week in which they’d been told by a former player (not named) that Townsend was a great coach, but the worst man-manager he’d had in his career. It’s certainly interesting that Russell feels they have no relationship at all after 8 years working together. Especially given some of the success (both at club and international level) they have had during that time.
  10. I’ve wanted him out for a while, but have always been prepared to give him until the end of the season/split. 2020 is changing my mind...
  11. We’ll win comfortably in Rome, Italy are awful. Awful, awful game that. England kept presenting us so many opportunities kicking it out on the full and we kept fucking it up. I know the conditions are horrible, but their line out worked effectively enough.
  12. The mention of Liam Williams name there has me seething. p***k.
  13. Now that Gatland has gone, Ireland are romping it in the coaches category.
  14. Sexton is such a detestable c**t, isn’t he? Having said that I thought there was at least one forward pass in there...
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