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  1. Some finish this. That away kit was pretty nice as well. He scored 5 league goals in 27 appearances (19 as a sub) which isn’t too bad going for a back-up striker. But yeah, he was finished here as soon as he caught the boy wonder. Tbh he was probably done as soon as he got that totally undeserved second yellow vs Der ***.
  2. Is no one in England capable of pronouncing Irvine correctly?
  3. I also thought Stockley was pretty decent. He was certainly a level above a lot of the other names mentioned and did exactly the job he was brought in to do (act as a target man when needed and chip in with a few goals). So this Hayes and Morgan rumour has came from one Aberdeen gossip Twitter account... must be accurate... Incidentally, Morgan is shite and wouldn’t get in our team. And we shouldn’t be taking Celtic players on loan to develop for them - that can get in the bin.
  4. Utter shite against the sort of lower league team we should be very comfortable against. But into the next round is the important thing. Although tbh, I’d rather have gone out than have to suffer through another game against Hearts. Can’t see this easing the pressure on McInnes much...
  5. As somebody said earlier if Bryson was fit, he’d have been on the bench mid-week. And he’s definitely not going by that first half.
  6. Well we’ve been horrendous yet again. Didn’t think it was a pen, but then thought the Ojo handball looked like one so can’t complain. Would need to see it again tbf. Big moment in our season this second half... ffs.
  7. I hope it happens just for the pure seethe it would elicit from Levein
  8. Pelanty! Keeper had a shocker there. He was going nowhere
  9. Well that was fucking horrific. Don’t think I’ll ever see a 15 minute performance in a Dons shirt quite as bad as Ojo there. And somehow Main managed to be even worse than I expected.
  10. Ballon d’Or 😍😍 Would love to be there tonight but it is what it is. I think we’ll win, but how many by? Tbh I’m not confident that we won’t concede so we’ll just have to score 4. Cosgrove hat trick please. Come on you reds! ⭐⭐
  11. It’s almost like what the fans of every other club said about Lennon being a shite manager, and Bain a horrendous goalkeeper, was accurate and not just ‘bitter diddies’...
  12. Rijeka break up the pitch from Mays assist and score... Please no 😥
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