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  1. Ex-Motherwell CB Cedric Kipre had an absolute cracker of a deliberate handball in the box this weekend. Maradonaesque.
  2. Has the compliance officer not clocked in for the week yet? When is Grant getting charged for his disgrace of a tackle?
  3. They showed it during the VAR section at the end but I don’t think they actually showed it during the game highlights. Would have been soft imo but you’ve seen them given.
  4. Looked horrendous on Sportscene too. He 100% should be getting banned for that. Thought Richardson looked very poor (again) on the highlights.
  5. This is the part of today that has annoyed me. It's been obvious since well before the transfer window shut that we needed another CB so we don't have to move McCrorie back everytime something happens to one of our CB's or we play Celtic. The failure to recruit another CB/not trusting Milne means this is going to happen all season and was entirely predictable, even to a moron like me. We should have been better prepared.
  6. Goodwin has some cheek considering he was a bit of a master of the dark arts as a player.
  7. Entirely unsurprising that the SPFL/SFA are completely incapable of thinking for themselves and would just copy what the English leagues decided, rather than look at the multitude of other sports moving ahead with games this weekend. Pathetic.
  8. No, it's not. The English Premiership have postponed the games due to be played tonight until tomorrow (f**k knows why), but all games being played tomorrow and Sunday are going ahead - with a one minute silence pre-game. You know, like any vaguely competent organisation that's not in North Korea would do.
  9. It sounds like the English Premiership Rugby games this weekend are going ahead (though a game last night got cancelled). If an organisation as Tory/royalist as the English Premiership is playing games then there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be. Conversely the SRU has already cancelled all games this weekend (even junior games) so I'm fearing the SPFL will go down that route.
  10. Thanks for that, interesting article. Shouldn't be surprised given who it was, but imagine being this pathetic and craven over a game of football going ahead on the scheduled date. "Even though a halt had been called to referendum campaigning that week because of the tragedy, he seized the opportunity to point out, 'this is what happens when Scots try to run their own affairs'"
  11. Is there any precedence for what would happen if they refused to play and every other game was going ahead? I suspect that rather than hand us a 3-0 win the SPFL would bend over and do whatever they want.
  12. Staunch. I really can't see our game tomorrow going ahead, especially given the opponent.
  13. He saw his opportunity, sacked it off and put his feet up. Fair play.
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