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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I'm surprised anyone still has the energy to get pissed off at anything now after this fucking season. Can we just go make sandcastles already? I'm done even thinking about football.
  2. Falkirk v Morton

    Hibs fans are a bizarre lot..
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Well, we're not technically down yet, but just conse yourself with how bad the Shire have been since then
  4. Falkirk v Morton

    Hughsies mind has gone the same way as your ability to create sentences, it would seem.
  5. Falkirk v Morton

    Imagine paying a fine, a bribe and a termination of contract for a man all in one season. Imagine having a chairman bang on about probity and doing the right thing, who then takes a bung to shut up. At the end of the day, we deserve to go down and the very least we need is to get the board as far away from the club as possible.
  6. Falkirk v Morton

    Still not a fee and at this point, anything that finally gets that board drummed out is a good thing If he sees out the next two games I'd be surprised.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    "Get doom" Peak Virgin. Try not to tear the end off yourself hunny xxx
  8. Falkirk v Morton

    Actually, yeah. Been expecting this most of the year. Be nice to be in with a chance of winning something for a change First was a fine, second was a bribe. Which your chairman accepted, rahter than take us to a civil court. Still not a fee. Ramsay is a good TV chef. Rick Stein is a great one. Harriot is daytime TV fodder.
  9. Falkirk v Morton

    Absolute weirdo, even by Morton standards. Still, picking a mediocre TV cook to idolise is probably peak Greenock. Neither did we, we were fined
  10. Falkirk v Morton

    That's Morton pencilled in for another season of Championship mediocrity. Meanwhile, lets get the seaside maps looked out. Fish and Chips at Montrose sounds fun.
  11. Falkirk v Morton

    Why do you want Ian McCall sacked?
  12. Falkirk v Morton

    Every single person even remotely concerned with on the field decisions should be hounded out of football.
  13. Falkirk v Morton

  14. Falkirk v Morton

    Entire squad will be emptied, don't worry.
  15. Falkirk v Morton

    Houstie loves a win against Journeymen.