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  1. You guys are still the best PT team in Scotland by a mile imo. Not totally surprised that having a miracle season last year that there possibly would be a set back this year. You still have the best back 4 and will be ok once they find form What has surprised me is on the face of it your management team have changed strategy from finding under-appreciated players in lower leagues Scotland or Premier league squads( low, Craigan, Dowds , Hamiltons, etc etc) to unknowns in England.! A PT team at your level needs quality loan signings and that takes time but as you say next couple of weeks will determine your season.
  2. I so disagree. Compete is one thing, no shots on goal, 7-0 nil drubbing that could easily of been 10+ is another thing. Today we had clips of our win up at Dundee Utd, we also could of easily beat Ross County when we played up there around that time,a premier league team. We also beat Hearts a premier league team and others in leagues above us. The hard reality is we had a similar budget then and we are so under performing now under the same budget. Crawford is not good enough. He has cleansed the dressing room of the old guard, who we got frustrated at them not making the play- offs in league 1. ( King Kev scores a wonder goal vs Hibs and again today- no one will tell me he is not better than we have).Just returned from Dingwall, probably over depressed but overriding feeling is” How we have fallen. So far?”. Who is to blame? Yes our shareholding doesnt help but Directors are inevitably responsible here. They have been guardians over our demise! Good people, but sorry that is irrelevant. Surely time for them to step aside for others with Fresh ideas to come forward. If not I fear our decline will be terminal. As I said long journey but We are so bad…..
  3. Bought my season ticket again but not looking forward to some of our away trips or indeed the season. Actually , for the first time ,in a very long time , felt really depressed after King Kevs testimonial this week. Nothing to do with The King , who has been a great and loyal servant to our club but kept thinking that only a few short years ago, less than the fingers in one hand , our team would of been long Murdoch/Watson Dunlop Higgins Meggatt/ Slattery Dunsmore Agnew Davidson Watt Smith( Fit)/ Wallace Dowds Now our current team could keep that team down to 5 goals, in the first half, and then a landslide would prevail. How far we have fallen in such a short time!’ No idea who to blame, ( but have my suspicions) but someone(s) are to blame, but not us the loyal and ever dwindling fanbase. Aye sad times…..
  4. Agreed , but as mentioned above because of our shareholding structure we get no investment , we have to build a team working on a break even basis. That being said, not so long ago, 2019/20 we were beating Dundee Utd, Hearts, Raith Rovers by running the club on a break even basis. I hear the arguments about DY haven run the course. That is a debatable point for which I hear the plus and negative views. What is not debatable , IMO, is Crawford is no upgrade!
  5. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely dreading some of our away trips….
  6. I never liked McGlynn but hugely respected him- but I am an EF supporter! Raith were a basket case post Hughes when he took over them in league 1. We were beating them often and he has improved them significantly. He gets them promoted, next season they get to the championship play- offs and this year he just misses out despite horrendous injuries! He has the ability to get good loan signings and they play attractive football. Now clearly some fans have problems re the DGW situation, others believe the responsibility lies with the Board. All i can say he is a good manager,and if you get the chance to sign him grab it. He is clearly better than anything you have had of late- but he will need the time to make the changes and will Falkirk fans give him the time?
  7. Said it before, Board can only spend what they have, which is surplus income from the operations of the club. Our Shareholder Owner is not interested and wont give funds for investment in players! - hence no real optimism that we will get out of League 2 for some time.
  8. Agreed. First time in years did not even look for the result on a Saturday afternoon.!
  9. Plastic pitch equals unfair advantage to the home team , unless you are EF and Falkirk .But really the top of the pyramid. , ie Premier League should only allow grass pitches.
  10. Thought Arbroath were magnificent in the first half and should of gone in 2 nil at half time. Kilmarnock dominated the second half but coming back from 2 nil would of been difficult. All ifs and buts but in the second half you could of done with Nouble and /or Dowds to of held the ball up. But unbelievable season for you guys. Somehow you need to pick yourself up for the play- offs. O’Brien best player on the park by a mile.
  11. Apologies mate, I didn’t realise you were a Dunfermline fan. I get the lack of quality argument.
  12. Well you know how to sort that. Don't pay the £20 -indeed nobody is forcing you to come to games. Just stay at hame, sign up to sky and watch the good old soulless premiership where the league is between 2 teams in both countries! I have been to Arbroath twice this year and the atmosphere is tremendous, the humour and friendliness of the fans is refreshing, and the football is blood and thunder, and sometimes quality not great, but always exciting. Something, remarkable may happen at Gayfield, and if the result goes the right way for Arbroath, on Friday, every TV company in the Uk will be on the story for the following week ….I will enjoy saying I witnessed that. But thats me….
  13. Really think harsh to be over critical of the board.Their hands are tied! We have a majority shareholder, who has no interest in the club. He will therefore put no fresh investment in and would be happy to sell. However I have heard he wants an unreasonable sum of money for his shares.So the club is in no mans land! So our directors have to run the club on a break even basis and have no flexibility for investment. We therefore have the smallest budget in the league, In reality we have been punching above our weight for years- although I do admit mistakes have been made by the Board! Yesterday was 2 really poor teams. When Tonks came on for them he looked like a giant!. Only a 2-3 years ago, he was the young raw boy surrounded by a fit Smith, Agnew, watson, Meggatt, Davidson , Dunnsy etc. Yesterday, we looked like midgets , against a really poor Falkirk team who were stronger.How far we have fallen in such a short period of time! i fear until our shareholder issue is resolved, we are doomed to league 2 for many years to come! Depressing really, but don't think our Board can be overly blamed here!
  14. Any DD from former players ( and indeed some current) on him would not be good- just saying! He would fail proper DD.
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