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  1. Tbf- one of the strengths of our management team is their signing record whilst being here- it has been excellent and we don’t know whether they are just looking at lower leagues. We have a very strong and consistent squad that requires a few quality additions only- they will know what those are and be searching within our budget constraints.
  2. Agreed——and he doesn’t want to look up to anyone either! He clearly has a fear of heights!![emoji23]
  3. Agreed. We EF fans will be sad to see him go- he is one of our favourites! In the past 2 years he won 2 awards. Fans POTY in his first year and young POTY in his second year. He gives a 100%+, an excellent team player- played at times this year when he was carrying an injury as other forwards were out. His best games have been against higher opposition- namely Dundee Utd, Ross County and Morton.He can definitely play in a higher league. A number of Championship teams have been reported as interested in him. He is an intelligent lad and will no doubt be going to the F/T team that he thinks will improve him the most- so that must be down to your young coaches. If he continues the rate of improvement he has achieved in the past 2 years- enjoy him as he is likely not be there for long!If not you can always loan him back to us!!
  4. The arbitration if found in their favour will decide timing of payments and source of penalty - you have no basis for your view. - just conjecture on your part I am afraid( by the way hope it doesn’t come to that just think this matter could if been handled better and a fairer balanced solution.) Think about what you also said- they will “ be losing themselves to pay for it”!. Forgive me if hypothetically they are awarded a £1m- don’t think they will worry that they will in effect pay a very small % as a championship team from their winnings in order to receive a much larger amount- simple Arithmetic......
  5. Tbf- all 3 teams have been dreadful this season... but as I have said before should not of been relegated- Best solution in unprecedented time was promotion only- an additional 2 teams in the league. With talk of compensation from SPL- wonder if clubs on reflection would change their minds. I know hypothetical now , but if they had a choice between reconstruction of 2 extra teams or payment from SPFl ( ie the clubs) to the 3 relegated teams- would their have been a different vote?Some of the numbers flying around here are frightening- nobody knows what number , if any, will be decided at arbitration- but their some level of risk that clubs must find unwelcome-As i say hypothetical- chaos- very sad
  6. Don’t understand how accepting another 2 teams in the league would “ potentially be the death knell” of your club.? For the avoidance of doubt i was in favour of those teams at the top of the league being promoted- with the teams that came second- just didn’t think it was fair that teams got relegated- and the fairest solution was to have promotion and no relegation - another 2 teams has limited disadvantages . I understand the argument that every team needs to look after themselves first( mind you there will be no real change until that changes)- therefore on that basis no one can argue with what Hearts and Partick are doing?- they are looking after” their interests “ But anyone who was pragmatic or had announce of common sense knew that those clubs who got relegated were going to go to court - arbitration to look after their interests. Result we have clubs who have no idea what their budget is next season?- bet your manager is scratching his head wondering what budget he has- what players he can sign until he has a budget- even what league he will be playing in next year? Now for avoidance of doubt I believe the leagues will remain as is- but arbitration comes with a risk and cost- result your team cannot with conviction go out and sign the players you want until you have certainty around your budget- could of been avoided- bet your manager would of preferred a reduced budget ( as a result of 2 more teams)- than the current situation where he is in limbo!. Chaos
  7. Making no difference and doing the right thing are quite different..... you cant influence others but you can do the right thing. Maybe if more people thought that we would not be in this chaos
  8. Actually don’t- agree. You should of done the right thing. Your Chairman said he was in favour and then changed his mind. The implications to you were fairly limited in supporting the request- another 2 teams in the leagues!- the costs of the tribunal may be more than the income sacrificed by bringing in 2 more teams and the time waisted -resulting in lack of preparation for the new season -this may have a detrimental impact on you. Just not a smart decision by your board. For me always thought the fairest solution in a unprecedented time was to allow promotion and forget relegation- we all did that we would not be in this chaos!
  9. Or maybe its in the Sun-known for making things up- exaggeration- nobody still reads that rag do they...???!
  10. Surely you cant sign McManus unless you sell Nisbet? Both would be on big wages- where would you get the money from?
  11. Agreed would put him ahead of those 2-Brett a great shot stopper- needs to improve though on his decision making re coming out for the ball and marshalling defence..... that been said the best goalie we have had in years. In terms of best in the league- always felt McCallum at Forfar is best in the league tbf
  12. Go to Clyde chairman statement on their forum.
  13. Don’t agree. A great gesture from a thoroughly descent man who has helped many others in the past. Good people do exist and he says no strings attached - others have confirmed this- but that’s just my opinion. I see that Clyde have announced they have lost £162k in the past 2 seasons!- against our small profits those same years. .Again reminds us the excellent job that our board are doing . The Clyde Chairman says playing no football next season is a real possibility re the Covid-19 crisis. They are clearly in crisis with or without Covid 19.They have the best CF in the league by some distance and get better crowds than most in the league- what a shambles! Will be an interesting dilemma if the season is to start but some clubs cant afford it! If enough clubs can from our league and the league below we should still go ahead. The responsible clubs should not suffer from the actions of the irresponsible clubs- so this cant go to a vote!
  14. Alas that is not the purpose of the funds. As i understand it’s to help clubs with Covid related expenditure and to help them through tough times as a result of no fans in attendance in the short term. Terrace expenditure is one for the shareholders of the club I suspect. Amazing gesture by Mr Anderson - clearly also a smart man and he wont want his donations used for wage inflation or as I say items of expenditure that the shareholders should be undertaking.As an aside- would hope that the larger clubs in Scotland would leave the donations for clubs in the Championship and Lower leagues.
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