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  1. Think they may have problems with their own players- Wilson scoring more goals than Keena last year to support a point- when Keena was out injured for most of last season( cheers ), and Dixon wont he happy either, actually the Huddersfield boy wont be a bag of laughs either. Actually rest of the players will think do that to them, they will do that to me. Any Agent advising a player might think twice of them joining that house of horrors… just looks like a massive car crash….
  2. But tbf- feel there pain, clearly experiencing a nightmare and just wanted some speakers to disappear… so time had no bearing
  3. - Have to agree, the usual Bairn posters seem to struggle with reality.
  4. A very well written summary. I have to say , if I am reading your summary correctly, its very unprofessional for any Falkirk official to refer to players now playing for other clubs in a public forum in any negative manner,” comparing previous players like Mercer and Leitch to…….” Not sure its smart to talk about your own players in a negative manner either by the way but thats probably evidence of the culture that exists at the club and why the players have probably lost faith in the manager . . In any other walk of life the lawyers would be on the phone! Just to say, Mercer started really badly with us, was low in confidence and is now playing really , really well. Scored a belter on Saturday. I can see him scoring another belter of a free kick against you boys at our next home game. He and us will be really hoping he does that( as remember these boys have family and friends who probably dont read the nonsense on fans forums but may read what an official of a professional football club say). Hope I picked up what you wrote wrongly but if true, really poor.
  5. Hope you are well? We have been awful all season but got a 4-2 Victory today!, Mercer , your former player, scored a wordily free kick- feels he has never been fitter than with EF?. Our former and much loved player Dowds, who when playing us last year was a shadow of player that left us, after scoring 2 and making the third against a largely 1st Aberdeen team, scored again today as a sub. . Do you feel their is a toxic atmosphere at your club that inhibits players from developing? Anyway, you dropped Dixon today, Tried to sell Keena to the Rovers , loaned out Dowds to a team above who rate him/ only conclusion you boys better get to love the seaside league.!
  6. - Genuinely never saw that coming. Please, please , lets go on one of our winning runs….
  7. I have to say I have listened to him a few times and thought he talked sense, was calm and thoughtful. Then I have to say watched him on the sideline against us and he seemed out of control, screaming like a mad man. Looked very strange , a man under pressure. No idea if that is how he has been all season but not sure any of his players could understand his wild rants on the sideline.
  8. Wow- so miss our home. The atmosphere there was very special , the joyous memories that I had as a young boy- maybe romance on my part- but the new ground come’s no where near in status and atmosphere…
  9. Thought we were unlucky today. No idea was that because we were better today or because Falkirk were as poor as many of their fans are saying. If Kevs shot had gone in before HT it may of been a different result. Thought Keena made a huge difference to Falkrk,.His introduction created real challenges to our defence for the first time. Anyway feels relegation is getting ever closer…..
  10. If true, and that has been said a bit in Fife, that is unbelievable… what is your manager thinking?… And aren’t others questioning why does a team a league above want to sign a player that cant get a place in the current losing team?
  11. Good player. Slightly surprised he is not back playing with Raith by now.
  12. You make fair points- it has been really depressing. In the past we have been on great long runs and tbf long poor runs- but this does feel different- just don't think the quality is as high as before- Hopefully the first week in October things will become clearer, having either supported the manager with more loan signings or a change of leadership.
  13. Not sure what they can say ? They can say yes we are disappointed. Things need to improve , Not sure any of that helps., They have to back the manager publicly until they don't back the manager - nothing to be gained by raising any misgivings publicly. As you say they are all fans and we all know there will be much heartfelt debate in the boardroom . We did have a dreadful run before and then we went something like 10 games without defeat( yes agree this team feels incapable of that!) They could come out and talk about our injuries, bad luck re McGuigan and Wallace- but all that will sound like excuses….only a few days left to closing of the loan window- hope all efforts on getting some quality loan signings- after first quarter you would expect some form of communication.
  14. The ignore button- now I am sure that is a button that most Falkirk fans hope for with regards to yourself…..
  15. Yip- thought as i was on the Falkirk forum- but now realised on the Shadwell Dog forum with the occasional input from other Falkirk fans- actually i am quite enjoying this- think I will now respond. to every piece of nonsense you post- that will keep me busy- , might need to give up my FT job- but hey maybe. Worth it- this is only starting…
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