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  1. Agreed. Back from the game and thinking- we had a poor second half( worse of the season!)- though need to recognise and acknowledge that Stranraer were excellent- and we still did not get beat.Actually we have gone the first quarter unbeaten!- remarkable achievement ( I hope I don’t wake up and find its all been a wonderful dream!) A truly outstanding first quarter by the management and the players- we are in a rarified position in the league and I must remember not to be a fickle football fan. Cant wait after a rest for the boys ( hopefully recovery of some nagging injuries) for next quarter- lets appreciate these great times for our club and by the way well done again Stranraer more performances like that you will be safe in the league!
  2. Fair result a game of two halves. EF have a few boys clearly carrying injuries( eg Dowds- Waldo!)- after first quarter take that position in the league.! Break coming at the right time.....
  3. Truly gutted for the boy- so unfair. Hope he can stay mentally strong and come back as a quality player....and class act on the field...
  4. Boyd did not look match fit- and did lose the ball as not the strongest of lads. But hey- takes time to get match sharpness back-just look at Higgins this year compared to last year in a similar position.Believe he will be better at home than away. The challenge is how do you play him for 90 if both Wallace and Dowds are fit? They have both been superb. The manager does think though that Boyd is Premier league Scotland class. Makes you think how good those 2 are. Great problems to have.
  5. Did he not get a knee to the back at Montrose? Looked a sore one at the time!Played last week but didn’t look fit- hopefully rested so can be back next week! Any news on Duggan and Smith?
  6. Really sad to hear that. So unlucky with injuries- a truly excellent player and always conducts himself with such class on the field of play.Hope he get backs soon.
  7. Thought Gomis was a class apart- and goalie made 2 great saveas We so missed Wallace- How many miles did Dowds run today! With Wallace alongside I would fancy our Chances- Dowds was against2/3 all afternoon and still gave them problems..... look forward to next match.
  8. This time last year we couldn’t buy a win and went up there a started our great run( Long was heroic to get us the win). As we have all said before- every team can beat every team in this league. We are playing great though and reading the forum Mo also struggling at the back- we are scoring for fun so hopefully we can continue. Will be close....
  9. He did. A truly outstanding goalkeeper-their defence was well drilled also. We were brilliant all over the park. Really delighted that Agnew back to his best. Whilst he always has the gift for a goal - his midfield play was back to its brilliant self before his injury last year. Hopefully we can keep all the team injury free.
  10. Yes - a very special day that Will live with you forever I am sure- been such a long time since we were top of the league[emoji23]
  11. They have scored against the run of play- first effort. Their goalkeeper has made 3 great saves- we are playing well...
  12. Actually feel confident- we are a team that are masterly on going on long runs good and bad!
  13. Agreed - plays football the right way. Someone should measure how far Tonks runs in a game- love Wallace but late on Tonks does provide his legs! For me Worry about Higgy when he is called up for his country.... great team performance- again...
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