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  1. Oh young Jinky you may be a master of putting little meme(?)things in posts, a talent that continues to pass me by, but if you genuinely think Celtic's sole European Cup win is a greater acheivement than Nottingham Forest's consecutive triumphs in the late 70s then you probably know less about football than Owen Wilson.
  2. Obviously as all objective followers of football will concur the real object of hilarity is the idea that Glasgow Celtic are the greatest club/team to ever have existed. A thousand polls could tell us they are and it still wouldn't be true. Now I won't muddy the waters with the St Johnstone claim but it's as clear as the nose on Tommy Gemmell's face that Nottingham Forest's 77-80 run of promotion, English champions & successive European champions dwarfs anything Celtic have ever achieved.l
  3. Doesn't matter...Wales are better than us.
  4. But but we've got a better squad/team than Wales....have we f**k ! But no one would listen !
  5. Now that would be a big call from the ref !!
  6. Try going to Cardiff on Sunday spouting that nonsense. Of course they're interested in football and, sadly, as of this moment, better than us at it. Whatever your historical musings might tell you that was in the past.
  7. That photo of Cruyff !!! Wow....!!! Now that was the best club side I've ever seen........but you can't argue with Auntie Beeb & her voters..
  8. They way your trolling them it seems to me that you want Wales to win . You write industrial strength nonsense with a dash of racial superiority thrown in ('natural order of things') that can only galvanise the proud boyos. Have you learned nothing from Max Boyce, you fool !
  9. It really baffles me that anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to international football & Gareth Bale's contribution to it could possibly say that Scotland would be favourites if we got to Cardiff. Not saying it's impossible that we could win, but favourites ? No way !
  10. It's far more of a fantasy than thinking Wales at home won't beat Scotland... Wish I knew where this we've got a better squad/team comes from. If we can beat Ukraine tonight and Wales on Sunday we can definitely say that. Nothing I've seen up to now gives me confidence that we will.
  11. Your premium grade LSD kicking in nicely I see !
  12. We are Scotland, we are almost certainly not going to win against a Bale inspired Wales who are looking to end 64 years of not qualifying for the World Cup, with,as they would see it, at least one of those non-qualifications being at the 'hands' of cheating 'Jocks'. Cardiff on Sunday will be hellish. But you know what, with all that being true, we might well still do it. In which case it will be the finest acheivement of any Scottish side, club or international.
  13. Can still 'get them beat' as you put it, and have sympathy and support for Ukraine as a country. Men, women & children are being slaughtered and you dismiss any feelings of solidarity as 'hand-wringing shite'. I desperately want Scotland to win tomorrow night but people like you almost make me think; you know what, getting beat by Ukraine is infinitely preferably on so many levels to getting knocked out at the final hurdle by fucking Wales !
  14. Having delayed matches due to crowd issues with little or no warning on numerous occasions (eg. Saturday in Paris), is it beyond the wit of the authorities to bring this kick-off forward by an hour or so, given the chaos that could ensue ?
  15. Wonder what it was that UEFA & the French police did so smoothly at the Real Madrid end of the stadium that they couldn't do at the Liverpool end ?
  16. Rio Ferdinand had the temerity to describe Real Madrid's winning run this year as the greatest in European Cup history. I look forward to Jonky67 calling him a roaster or Clone Job calling him anti-Irish for his failure to accept the innate & unequalled superiority of the Lisbon Lions.
  17. Wonderful, kind and generous words from Sir Alex there. He certainly knows his audience. And while Celtic 1967 is without a doubt the finest feat in Scottish football history it may be stretching it just a tad to call it the greatest feat In all of football since the dawn of the game. Time and patience prevent me from listing all football acheivements which have the edge on Celtic's Lisbon triumph, but I would suggest all objective analysis would place Real Madrid's five European Cups on the spin from 1955 &: Nottingham Forest winning promotion to the English top flight, becoming English champions then winning & retaining the European Cup ,all in successive seasons , as being on a higher level of miraculous than Celtics sole European Cup.
  18. Take a stroll down to dictionary corner and you'll find it is impossible to equal something that can only be done once. Your claim defies all etymological logic and is simply typical hysterical Old Firm hyperbole. Celtic's acheivement in 67 was stupendous but don't insult other clubs who have surpassed that acheivement by calling it unequalled. Advice for you, stick with your eternally tedious game of one upmanship over Rangers, that one you can win. Don't try and plant yourselves among the greats of European football, no ones buying it.
  19. Unequalled ? Equalled and surpassed by Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Nottingham Forest....and that's just the British Isles.
  20. I agree totally with you regarding the need for and benefits of, Religious Education. I would certainly not be in favour of removing it from schools in Scotland. What I'm talking about is doing away with Religious Instruction (a different thing entirely) in state funded faith schools.
  21. Ok there's very little difference so let's keep the different schools (faith & non-dom)open which creates an 'otherness' and difference which in reality doesn't exist while at the same time duplicating administration costs, staff costs, building costs. Begs the question , what is the point of faith schools paid for out of general taxation ? Make all schools secular where all religions and none are taught and given equal respect in Religious Education classes. If it's Religious Instruction (or indoctronation ) you require then that is the job of the Rabbi, Minister, Imam, Priest, Vicar etc on the Sabbath day of your choice.
  22. Where has anyone proposed removing religious education from the curriculum ? A truly cosmopolitan & multicultural society would teach children of parents of all faiths and none about all faiths and none in the same school and leave religious, racial and cultural segregation in the dustbin of history where it belongs.
  23. Intolerance and ignorance are of course the problem. The issue here is what in our society fans the flames of this problem ? Faith schools that by their very nature divide children along religious lines really have no place in a supposedly modern, forward thinking Scotland. The state should only fund secular schooling. It is not the purpose of a school to do the job of a church, synagogue or mosque.
  24. Chick Young ? Really is the idiots idiot. Doesn't he understand that you can only acheive unity through division, tolerance through segregation and understanding through separation. He'll be saying black and white children should be educated in the same schools next. The man's a fool.
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