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  1. All this points to just one true fact....the split is , was and always will be a complete and utter nonsense. If fucking about with fixtures & formats to try to artificially create 'meaningful games' worked then Scotland would have the most competitive and exciting top flight league in world football. It doesn't and we haven't ! Was Scottish football really worse pre-1975 ? Two divisions, play each other twice, home and away, no nonsense .... and with the wee bonus of genuine European cha!lenses and world class players coming through the system. All chucked away for what....so we could enjoy 'the bigotry festival' four times a season ? Have the delights of Old Firm fans at our grounds twice as many times a season ? Help teams other than Celtic & Rangers compete ? Play the same teams again and again and...? Whatever the reason has it really helped Scottish football ?
  2. This top 6 bottom 6 split really is a nonsense. There is a strong possibility of the team finishing 7th at the end of the season having more points than the team finishing 6th. And what's the point of it ? It doesn't improve the quality of the football. If you get excited about being in 6th place after 33 games and having another two games against the Bigotry Brothers then so be it.
  3. Yes no harm in that, so in addition to my doomed pitch to BBC Scotland for an 'Along Came Bonner ' comedy panel show maybe there's a place for 'The Pat Bonhomie Hour'. 60 minutes of banter and chit chat loosely based on our national game. Your host Pat Bonner with quests who know their way around a half-time orange. This week Pat recalls laugh a minute Celtic legend Tommy Gemmell and, with the help of Alan Preston and Willie Miller, tries and fails to come up with the name of 'the boy' in midfield for Hibs in the 1972 Cup Final.
  4. It's always useful to tune in if you need reminding that Celtic & Rangers are 'really, really massive clubs'.
  5. Previously driving a Taxi would certainly qualify you to talk about being a Taxi driver, what it doesn't automatically qualify you to be is some sort of expert on what makes a Taxi work. For those who believe that the likes of Doddsie, Biscuits, Pakki Bonner, Big DJ, Roughie etc are experts in what makes football and football teams work then I'll agree to disagree.
  6. I'm sure he is but unfortunately like almost all ex-professional footballers employed by Radio Scotland as 'pundits' , he lacks the qualities of insight, erudition, marshalling of basic facts (and indeed basic grammar) required to perform what is essentially a journalistic role. To paraphrase, just because someone used to drive a Taxi doesn't make them an expert on the workings of the internal combustion engine..(or whatever it is you call it).
  7. Return of The Giant Hogweed Carpet Crawlers Watcher of the Skies Firth of Fifth Harold the Barrel
  8. Alarmingly Richard Gordon falling over himself to assure 'Doddsie' that his sportsound seat would be left open. Wish BBC Scotland would use this opportunity to permanently clear out their sad array of semi-literate ex pros and replace them proper coherent sports j journalists.
  9. For the purposes of sectarian balance may I put on record my opinion that the character of 'Mackenzie ' in Emmerdale is very much a "Scottish arsehole" Other nationalities of arsenals are, of, course , available in the foyer.
  10. The young Shaw clearly thick as pigshit if he thinks the Green Secterians are 'one of the most famous and prestigious clubs in the world ' Almost Bonneresque levels of stupidity .
  11. What could possibly be more interesting than "I don't like Bonner, Boyd, Uncle Tom English an' aw" ? Say who you don't like and, if the mood takes you, why . Simple yet effective. Hours of harmless invective.
  12. Steven Gerrard . If he seriously wants a crack at the Liverpool job then making Aberdeen title challengers will mean far more on his CV than winning a bugguns turn championship for one of the Bigot Brothers.
  13. I think a comedy panel show entitled "Along Came Bonner" should be pitched to BBC Scotland. Just various statements followed by the shows title. eg: "After years of struggle to finally eradicate the vile racist 'thick Irishman' trope from Scottish society .....Along Came Bonner."
  14. Afrikaaner who would do well to remember that his only proper title of merit was won for Dundee United.
  15. The Old Firm won it today and will always win it until the rest of Scottish football remove them like the cancer they are.....
  16. 'Holy Haircut ' issues "come and get me" plea to low level sectarian football club - Daily Everybodyelse
  17. Considering he played for neither of the Old Bigots what chance of a decent appreciation of Ian St John on Sportsound this evening ?
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