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  1. Actually Frank Harvey was a decent keeper (Johnstone Burgh 1924-32 , 68 goals cocedect, 3 clean sheets). It is of course Frank Hapless from Wembley 1961.
  2. Were you right Greavsie, yes you were ! Try watching clowns like Alan Rough and Stewart Kennedy in the 70's, never mind Frank Harvey and whichever cat like genius was in goal for us at Wmbley in 1955. Two things Jimmy Greaves was top notch at: goalscoring and his opinion of Scottish keepers .
  3. Could the 'Holy Haircut' be the man to ensure we continue to laugh at Celtic ?
  4. Well if it was it would certainly make masturbation more interesting .
  5. The SRU should refuse to play whatever rescheduled date is come up with without guarantees that Scotland's foreign based players will be released and made available.
  6. Sorry obviously I think the alcohol ban should remain.....the one and only decent thing the Old Firm have ever done for Scottish football.
  7. The idea of wanting or needing to have an alcoholic drink while sitting in a football ground is what's really outdated.
  8. Will no one , once we are all dead, not credit this vi!e wee character for almost single-handedly provoking the only referee strike in Scottish football history. Now that, Tom, is legendary !
  9. I would suggest that the Scottish and Norwegian top flights are very much on a par shite wise.
  10. I don't mind the Ramsey son. Happy to gaze at kitchen nightmares USA and have seen multiple chat show appearances., Jimmy Fallon and Graham Norton to name but two in the last month or so. I have NEVER heard him mention playing for Rangers.. The clownish Cowan mentions it all the time of course, like a Tory leaflet mentioning Independence 25 times while berating the SNP's obsession with it.
  11. If Glasgow is the most friendly city in the world I'm in the wrong world .
  12. Petty Things That Get on Your Nerves thread for this pish : 1) Referring to Jimmy Johnstone as 'Jinky' 2) Posting something irrelevant and then saying 'blah blah thread for this pish' as if that makes it alright.
  13. It isn't your greatest achievement because it isnt a great achievement
  14. English calling football 'footy' . Scots calling football 'fitba' .
  15. Naw...our football team in world terms is shite and has been all my lifetime...on the other hand the rugby team now has perhaps three or four guys who could claim to be the best in Europe in their position. The Scottish football team will never win the Euros but this rugby team should have been in a position to have a real and credible shot at their Euros(6 Nations). That for me makes yesterday a real sickener. As the cliche goes its the hope etc....With the football team I never have any hope.
  16. From the pre- Pet Sounds era: Catch A Wave No Go Showboat In My Room Kiss Me Baby I Get Around
  17. Other being a posh ex rugger jocko what reason is there for John Beattie to front a national radio news programme ? He is almost laughably unsuited to that role. Almost an insult to mince to call him.thick..
  18. Why is this programme called Sportsound ? Wouldn't Footballsound, Soccersound, Oldfirmsound or similar be more appropriate. Whether it's your cup of tea or not surely a Scottish international team beating England in London for the first team since 1983 in the150th anniversary of the oldest international fixture not just in Rugby but any code of Football might be worth reflection on a Scottish Sports programme.
  19. Chick Young almost foaming at the mouth trying to install John Hughes as Celtic manager...
  20. Considering the amount of physical, emotional and psychological pain the Catholic church has inflicted on their beloved Ireland these photographs do seem odd.
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