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  1. I'd say Scott Brown is getting a decent and we'll deserved level of credit from the vast majority of folk posting here. The fact that the rest of the Scottish football public don't bow down and genuflect before the man as we have been instructed by his acolytes in the Old Firm establishment press is hardly a surprise, surely ?
  2. Of course there's a difference !!!! Just being a 'Celtic legend' or indeed 'Rangers', 'Hearts', 'Aberdeen' or any other 'club legend' does not automatically make a player a national 'legend' full stop. In certain cases, a Jimmy McGrory, a Billy McNeill or a Jimmy Johnstone (to stick to purely Celtic examples)then it does. Scott Brown is not in that category. But then that's merely my opinion.
  3. Scott Brown may Indeed be a 'Celtic legend' , in which case say so rather than the frankly purely driven by emotion , statement, "Legend, no more to be said". Personally, from my boyhood days I would cite the two Bobbys, Murdoch & Lennox, Tommy Gemmell etc etc as 'Celtic legends' but I wouldn't insist, as you appear to do, that all other fans of all other clubs have also to accept them as 'legends'.
  4. It doesn't upset people it's just that some people might have a differing opinion and don't consider Scot Brown to be 'a legend' . Are such opinions not allowed ??
  5. You're not suggesting that religion hasn't got a place in schooling are you ? You crazed infidel ! Have a downtick from me .
  6. 'One half of' have tweeted tearfully over the loss of an Aussie cricketing great. C'mon 'other half of', it's not too late for some suitably maudlin Presbyterian eulogy for Rodney Marsh RIP. It is tit for tat in Old Firm land after all.
  7. Walter Smith appeared to Chick in a dream and spake thus: "Haw, ya wee fuckin' fanny, tell the world to give Ukraine the cup "
  8. Well they'll certainly go 'down under' (see what I did there ?) with their Old Firm buddies. Just a pity that they'll both come back.
  9. If they "were more educated and less exposed to bigotry" they wouldn't have the slightest interest in these pair of vermin.. Same goes for folk at home actually.
  10. We're on the brink of WW3 and you're getting 'nervous' about a game of football that you're watching ???
  11. The original Chigley 'Time Flies By' of my childhood, if you don't mind , not that unfunny sub Cheech & Chong carnage.
  12. And, of course, substitute the word 'Rangers' for the word 'Celtic' . Although their is , I believe, a school of thought that sees both as interchangeable.
  13. Cowan must definitely and Cosgrove to a lesser extent, never show any proper interest on football. Cowan enthuses about something he calls 'the fitba' , whatever the f*** that is.
  14. Careless yes, senseless no. It made perfect sense in my head. A bit like Ms Ralston's weather forecasts do in her head, I would imagine.
  15. And ffs, please please please don't boo their national anthem.....
  16. And probably every single country in the world apart from Russia and ourselves desperate for them to win !
  17. Surely Clyde Superscoreboard and BBC Sportsound could do a swap deal with McIntyre's Old Firm cretinisms fitting snugly into Clyde's nightly secterian lovefest and the chap Gordon currently hosting Superscoreboard moving to the BBC.
  18. I do hope Cowan doesn't disappoint this weekend by missing the "but who does Putin really support" open goal/trope.
  19. Can only hope she makes an off the cuff aside about Cowan's cock next time she does a weather forecast. Which might make sense than her usual efforts ( very much the Jane Lewis of meteorologists in my view, probably why the BBC love her !)
  20. I very much doubt we're a race but please feel free to try your luck in the land of Johnson & Rees-Mogg. Anything goes and they have very nice Morrisons too.
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