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  1. They wouldn't have him. There isn't the same market in England for a 'journalist ' to spend his entire career telling lies for the benefit of two teams as Keevins has done in Glasgow.
  2. Pundits yep, analysts ok, providing occasional interjections informed by experience as player absolutely. As reporters, describing what is or has gone on in the game, the teams, the scorers, the action.....No, no and as Frankie Howard would confirm, thrice no !!! They can't do it, they are not reporters, they don't have the required skill set.
  3. Caller on last night apropos Nathan Patterson transfer saying Rangers business model should be buying up and coming European talent and selling on at healthy profit. All well and sensible until the delusional stupidity that passes for Old Firm intellect bounded forth unchallenged...... "If Ajax can do it so can Rangers"........followed quickly by this slice of prime Old Firm cretinism......." cos no way are Ajax a bigger club than Rangers".
  4. You're not having a pop at the glorious Glasgow Celtic, the downtrodden ones, the banzai bigots, the we don't care what the animals say, the how come only 11 Lisbon Lions were capped for Scotland, are you ?
  5. When will the BBC get it into their heads that ex-professional footballers have no business as reporters.
  6. "And for those watching in black & white the referee is wearing a bright scarlet jumper"
  7. Time for Cowan to go. Commander Cosgrove & Professor Leitch the steady cerebral helmsmen of a new and vastly improved Off The Ball !!!
  8. I was 17 in the summer of 1978 and I don't recall it as cringeworthy at all. Now all that 'Yes Sir I Can Boogie' bullshit from a team that scraped through the mother of all backdoors to the Euros only to have their arse handed to them.....that WAS !!!
  9. I'd like to think that enlightened artists would boycott venues built on the back of sectarian bigotry in much the same way as they would boycott venues built on the back of racist bigotry.
  10. Would rather listen to Leitch than Tam 'Proud to be a Moron' Cowan.
  11. I'm 'severely angered ' by the very existence of the vermin brothers Glasgow Rangers & Glasgow Celtic but I accept I may be in the wrong and just have to accept it.
  12. As he was right to do. McLeish instead of Hansen is like Gerry & The Pacemakers instead of The Beatles, Friends instead of Seinfeld, Walter Smith instead of Alex Ferguson, Tony Blair instead of Clement Atlee, Andy Cameron instead of Billy Connolly etcetera etcetera etbloddycetera. So there ! And same goes twice over if it was Willie Miller picked over Hansen. ........on reflection maybe Walter Smith instead of Ferguson for Mexico 86 only.
  13. But is that really catering for the English audience ? Are they so different from us that they wouldn't appreciate an Ally style 'fan yet fair & balanced ' co -commentator ?
  14. At least Tam has a love for this supposedly 'shite ' music. It is all personal taste after all and he cares not whether it originates in England, USA, Scotland or wherever. Contrast that with his apparent love of football...a love that knows no bounds other than the Scottish border.
  15. We will get at least three bookings. Paying that these go to Nisbett, O'Donnell and Hendry
  16. That Inter Milan strip is one of the all time classics. Up there with Ajax circa 1971.
  17. Villa have won the European Cup, something Rangers will never do. And on what particular planet do Rangers have worldwide appeal ? ??
  18. We can all agree Walter was an 'absolute gentleman' . So unlike old school managers who seemed to revel in bullying journalists trying to do their job or kicking shit out of school age boys.
  19. In the week of the passing of Sir Uncle Walter(RIP)this thread is a timely tribute.
  20. What about just kicking the Bigotry Brothers out of Scottish football completely ! God knows it's the only way this will get sorted.
  21. Aw don't shout at me mammy....! All I said was a man who would rather watch an episode of Coronation Street than a World Cup Semi-Final between Brazil & Germany doesn't have a great deal of interest in football as a sport. What oor wee Tam does love is 'the fitba'. That's indisputable. That the sport of 'football' and the social and tribal construct of 'the fitba' are necessarily the same thing is a matter of dispute.
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