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  1. Give me the ones from the foothills of the Pyrenees any day.
  2. Such classy winners these Old Firm types.....that's the bullet you dodged, Eddie ! Howay ....
  3. Would oor Alistair really say ' ya shitbag' ? Didn't learn that at Maxellton Primary & Hunter High, surely ? I sense an imposter.
  4. I suggest Dundee United as a club to now turn towards in that case. Others are available of course but just so glad you seen the light - joy in heaven over one sinner repenting and all that. Might want to change your profile pic if you're serious about wanting no part of the Old Firm, mind you.
  5. Of no relevance in the real world, young Mr Ball.....where 'Old Firm' means "satirical term used to highlight how two, supposedly bitter rivals, have merged into one entity for the purpose of corrupting Scottish football for their own financial benefit". Now if Celtic have trademarked that.......fair play to them !
  6. Bizarrely he looks older in that photo than he did when he was Scotland manager. The bracing Blackburn air and the ageing effect of a no frills crewcut I suppose.
  7. It doesn't upset me....I'm correct and whoever 'clicky' is is not. I've been using the term 'Old Firm' with varying degrees of 'affection' for over 50 years and doubtless will continue to do so as it's the most apt description of the seedy cartel and unholy alliance that has moulded Scottish football to its own whims for over a century.
  8. The phrase 'Old Firm' really isn't 'yours' to trademark and certainly it is not for Celtic and Rangers to decide who can or can't use it any more than Celtic and Rangers can decide who does or who does not use the term 'Bigotry Brothers' , for example. These are examples of terms coined down the years by others about Celtic & Rangers not terms coined by Celtic & Rangers about themselves. In short, the term 'Old Firm' is ours, the outsiders looking in; and it is what we call you......you (Celtic & Rangers) do not get a say in the matter.
  9. That's what I like to hear ! Maybe it'll need a couple of jaunty musical numbers like "On Robert Kelly's Doorstep" & "You've Gotta Willie Waddell Or Two", to keep it family friendly ? Hard to tell with Hollywood these days.
  10. Only two more sleeps until BigotFest when Santa stumbles down the chimney worse the wear for drink and lamps his wife/partner because s football team he is no influence on or control over, loses a game. Isn't it grand . . . .
  11. In the football world there's a challenge hurled and it says.....?
  12. What's the best entertainment wise ? Derby Day in Glasgow(©Ian Crocker) or Glasgow Day in Derby (©Bonnie Prince Charlie) ? Or should I put this in the Travel Forum ?
  13. They see him as some sort of money making machine. Interesting that the clubs he played for while a far greater force than he was at Rangers (Newcastle Utd, Tottenham & Lazio) don't, as far as I'm aware, abuse him in this way.
  14. It means nothing to me. God bless the devine Joe Dolce for keeping that pile of pretentious twaddle off the top of the charts.
  15. Which is exactly my point...this is no time for experimentation.
  16. If , as I fear, we don't get over the Ukraine/Wales hurdle then we can experiment and 'get a look at people' all we want. Tonight must be about momentum, and getting our first choice team playing together as much as is possible before June.
  17. Hear bloody hear ! You'll be asking who gets an invite for Thanksgiving dinner next.
  18. Get rid of Cowan and they can have whoever they like....guaranteed upgrade !!
  19. No, nay, nyet, nada....that would have been like the Beatles keeping Pete Best and instead sacking John Lennon with Gerry Marsden being brought in as replacement. .
  20. Goodness knows what Smith was saying to the ref but I would imagine it was 'industrial'.
  21. Just let's hope Mr Cowan is paying attention and from now on just concentrates on writing humourless shite for the Daily Record.
  22. So that's agreed then ? Cowan fired with immediate effect and replaced by Chick Young ? And when Stuart's away no stand in, just Chick flying solo ? I think that might just do it.
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