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  1. Just let's hope Mr Cowan is paying attention and from now on just concentrates on writing humourless shite for the Daily Record.
  2. So that's agreed then ? Cowan fired with immediate effect and replaced by Chick Young ? And when Stuart's away no stand in, just Chick flying solo ? I think that might just do it.
  3. Of course they do. Unless things have radically altered since I was at school, try openly celebrating or promoting Anglicanism , Methodism Presbyterianism or any of the other myriad versions of Christianity in a Catholic school....never mind Atheism, Judaism or Humanism. Facts are that until Scotland embraces a fully secular and inclusive education then the kind of hysterical nonsense and hyperbole that has smeared its way across this thread like a cancerous stain will never be properly addressed. Sadly though the "segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" merchants appear to hold a bizarre sway in our country
  4. "Segregation, exclusivity based on religion is the very foundation sectarian(sic) grows from and thrives in" ........except , of course, when it involves segregating children for educational purposes I presume ??
  5. Wales have been here before when they moved the march to Anfield in 77 virtually handing Scotland home advantage. They won't make that mistake again.
  6. No we don't, we really don't. Wish we did but we don't and in my lifetime, sadly, we never have !
  7. Either way we would get beat. Best step aside as a gesture to Ukraine, take the world's plaudits and let the Welsh be the shitbags for knocking them out.
  8. Rangers welcomed all over the UK......... Newcastle, Birmingham, Chesterfield , George Square, Manchester..... et ad infanitum cetera....can you hear me , can you hear me ?????!!!
  9. It's also just a 'showpiece brand' that's been marketed within these shores for a century or more. The Old Firm are to all intents and purposes the same entity. Same goals, same psuedo 'history', same half-witted secterian fan base, same symbiotic reliance on and need for each other to survive.
  10. Should be some sort of ointment for that. Maybe just a nice hot soak in a Radox bath ?
  11. Which is still the case without a split....but without it the dream is still open to all (within arithmetical reason). The Split - the 11plus of Scottish football !!!
  12. So with 5 games to go you could be in either sixth or seventh place ? Big wow ! It really doesn't matter. This split garbage is nonsense now, will be nonsense tomorrow and is nonsense forever.
  13. Ok fair enough but "Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day" ? We've got to nail the b*****d on that one, surely !?
  14. Try and find a copy of an Alan Carr(not the toothy comic) book on stopping smoking. Knocks the 'I enjoy it' thing on the head quite convincingly.
  15. I admire the Gilbert and think highly of 'Nothing Rhymed' & 'Alone Again, Naturally' but a song that suggests a grown man is excited at the thought of a 3 year old girl wanting to marry him , however innocent the intention, might today be the subject of 2nd thoughts.
  16. That's 'Glass Half Full' talk and, frankly, it's unScottish !!! Since Mexico 1970 I have experienced Scotland either fucking up World Cup qualifying or fucking up World Cup group stage qualifying. 'Half Glass Empty' is the standard Scottish measure resulting from that experience. We will not, I repeat, not knock a Gareth Bale led Wales out of the World Cup in Cardiff. Therefore it has to be Austria, please I beg you. B
  17. I seriously believe that partaking in Amsterdam's smokey delights make people seriously overrate these wee FEBO things. Strictly for 'the munchies' only.
  18. Appalling I'm sure and doubtless Hearts have more than their fair share of morons but the Edinburgh fixture is not the festival of bigotry that the Old Firm game is. Old Firm fans, all adult ones anyway, at best tolerate the secterianism and bigotry associated with these clubs with a wry shake of the head. The "oh well, it's not pleasant but it's a safety valve, so no harm done" argument. At worst they revel in it . I can't believe any of them truly detest it or why would they support either of these clubs ?
  19. Civillised decency in the 21st century demands that the Glasgow secterian clubs do not meet in a Saturday afternoon Scottish Cup Final, so I damn well hope the draw is rigged !!
  20. And a vile secterian Scottish Cup Final once again avoided.
  21. Postewhatchamacallim could do with a 'mansierre' or a 'bro'.....in a fetching green hue of course.
  22. For nigh on a century they and their pals at Ibrox have gently fanned the flames of religious division on order to keep their income stream flowing. It's the Old Firm business model. However, on reflection I'm wrong and accept they're not a sectarian football club. They are a football club that makes money on the back of sectarianism. Not sure whether that's better or worse. And intensely disliking the Old Firm and all they stand for is not 'seething'. It's actually very liberating . You should try it.
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