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  1. 19 hours ago, TheScarf said:

    I have managed to secure a #brief for this game.  My first Scotland game since the tie against Latvia in 2001.

    I have a bad feeling about this.  2-0 Cyprus.

    'A Brief' is marvellous terminology. Transports me back to days of Alex 'Candid' Cameron, John Mackenzie 'The Voice of Football' , 'Custodians' between the posts, 'Pivots' wearing the Number 5 jersey, Dunfermline Athletic as a force in European football and Scotland beating Cyprus 8-0 at Hampden.  Happier times !

  2. 7 minutes ago, Dons_1988 said:

    Statements like this are silly and don’t help the argument. 

    Statements like that are the argument, young sir.  However if you think that Glasgow Rangers & Glasgow Celtic are as fine and dandy as the Dons, for example, then fine. I don't think they are. They pander too and encourage the worst and most corrosive elements of west of Scotland 'culture', purely for financial gain. Scottish football but more importantly, Scottish society, would be a better place if they didn't exist. But what do I know, it's only an opinion.


  3. 14 hours ago, Kapowzer said:

    I can only speak for my dealings

    You can call someone who seriously believes that Celtic once winning the European Cup is the greatest achievement in the history of world football many thing, I'm not sure ' reasonable' is one of them. 'Delusional' perhaps, a fantasist, almost certainly. A nice and harmless chap, more than likely, but not ' reasonable '.  He's very good at memes and GIFs though, highly droll !

  4. 52 minutes ago, Central Belt Caley said:

    I’d agree with Tynecastle or even Easter Road tbh. A fully packed out Tynecastle is levels above a half empty Hampden. 

    That being said, playing it away from Hampden will upset the traditionalists imo 

    As a over the top traditionalist I think Hampden should be for finals only.  Let the Bigots draw lots for home advantage in their vilefest.

  5. On 10/03/2023 at 17:28, North Terrace Gazza said:

    None. What a horrible thread. I would not wish this on any football fan. Killie, Celtic, Rangers I don’t care, no fan deserves that.

    Old Firm bigots are not football fans. 

  6. 1 hour ago, coprolite said:

    Too many Diddy clubs, that's the problem. An Edinburgh United could challenge for the league and a Dundee City would do better than two yo yos from a small city. Even Falkirk has two teams! 

    One team per city and regional teams for Fife, Lanarkshire, Forth Valley etc. And colts in the proper league. All with big out of town stadia with ample parking. 

    Scottish football needs to modernise and not keep looking back. 

    There are only two 'diddy' clubs in Scotland - Glasgow Celtic & Glasgow Rangers.  It is on them and them alone that the Scottish top flight is a pointless joke of a 'competition'. 

  7. 1 hour ago, AJF said:

    I think fans can accept that it is broken without believing it is pointless.

    You wouldn't get many that would argue against the fact the current set-up in Scotland means Rangers but more so Celtic, are the only teams that have a chance of winning the title.

    Personally I feel that a structure that allowed competition from a wider variety of teams would be a more appealing one than a personal competition with 1 other team, for obvious reasons. I still wouldn't label that competition we have with Celtic pointless though, just diminished. But I obviously appreciate how it will be different for fans of other clubs.

    A competition which you can't win is not only pointless it is not a competition. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Henrik's tongue said:

    Do you have any examples of this? I have genuinely never noticed anything like this in the 14 years I’ve been posting on here. I mean I get the being against us bit - but the demanding praise bit? Not in my puff.

    There's a gentleman who posts regularly and clearly regards himself as a 'scholar of the Celtic' . He expects all to accept that Celtic's Lisbon triumph is the single greatest achievement in the history of world football. That a good enough example for you ? A Club Like No Other ? We're expected to roll over and acquiesce to that fragrant crock of horse shit ? Ange Ball ? Need I go on..?



  9. Either, as Mr Postegoclu says on an almost weekly basis, VAR in Scotland is operated in such a way as to be institutionally, deliberately and regularly biased against Celtic, which is disgraceful and tawdry at best, racist at worst. Or, Mr Postegoclu makes these claims in order to put pressure on officials to try and ensure that any 50-50 calls alway go Celtic's way which is also disgraceful and tawdry. Either way it stinks. 


  10. 10 hours ago, Frank Grimes said:


    “VAR doesn’t miss, especially with us”

    God, it must be so hard being Celtic 

    Its a total miracle they’ve won a million trophies in the last decade despite the relentless adversity 

    Glad I don’t support a team who encounter such horror 

    They are in my thoughts 

    Perhaps a Scottish football 'journalist' , if there is such a thing, could ask the Blessed Ange Postegoclu if he is of the opinion that there is an orchestrated conspiracy to do down Glasgow Celtic via the biased application of VAR and , if so, could he provide evidence for his claim . Then we either root out those who are making it almost impossible for Celtic to win anything fair and  square or we tell Big Ange to shut the f**k up, politely of course. There really is no middle way. Sadly what passes for Scottish 'football journalism' is so firmly wedged in his antipodean anus that no one will dare ask Mr Postegoclu to put up or shut up.


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