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  1. Your bafflement baffles me. You're highlighting individuals when my whole point is that it is possible for the greater group of individual talents to be the less effective 'team'. Exhibit A for my argument goes back to 1966. In the majority of positions , Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton & Gordon Banks excepted, I would contend that Scotland had a greater pool of individual talent to draw on than England did at that time. Sadly we all know who were the most successful 'team' of the two. Regarding England v France, if the top French players click they win. If they don't England win. Just as if Baxter, Law, Murdoch, Johnstone, McNeil, Greig, Bremner, Gemmell, Lennox etc etc had all clicked regularly and consistently as a 'team' in a Scotland shirt during 65/66 it might be us going on and on about 1966.
  2. Their record was poor ! It may still be, I certainly hope so but stating England can't win this World Cup because previous England teams bottled it is a risky business.
  3. More cocaine for Mr Pogen, waiter, when you've a moment..
  4. England have the best 'team' left in the competition, with the possible exception of Croatia. Clearly Brazil, France, Argentina & Portugal possess the best individual players. Morocco anyone's quess. If Greisman is shacked and Mbabbe starved of service England beat France fairly comfortably. Best chance, if the thought of England winning the thing horrifies you, is a revitalised Portugal freed from the shackles of Ronaldo. Otherwise open top bus parades in Trafalgar Square and an extra Bank Holiday for our friends in the south.
  5. 'Turning off the television for a few weeks' ??? You're new to this London based media game I take it ? When England win the World Cup a week on Sunday that will be the starting pistol for decades of constant mentioning and whooping and hollering which will long outlive us all.
  6. Who do you suggest. ? Kenny MacIntyre ? Alan Preston ? Kenny Miller ? Big DJ ? Roughie ? Hugh Keevins ?
  7. And you just know he pronounces December 'Deezember' Utter swine that he is. !
  8. Adopt the brace position. Severe Matterface/Tyldsley/Ian Wright Ingerland turbulence incoming.
  9. Tam Cowan alert......ye cannae like anything other than the fitba' & Sydney Devine !
  10. It's Tam Cowan syndrome....ye can only like the fitba'. Come on now, luxuriate in your ignorance !
  11. You think Celtic winning the European Cup half as many times as Nottingham Forest is the greatest achievement in the history of club football and you dare to 'lol' at me !!?? I'm stung I tell you.
  12. It is with regret that I have to report the following: England 3, France 1. Kane opened the scoring converting the penalty that he dived to 'win'. Foden then added a second before a Lloris howler saw Harry McGuire tap home for number three. Mbappe's red card on 49 minutes after he reacted violently to another piece of Kane 'simulation' further added to French misery with the 95th minute OG from Jordan Henderson barely deserving of the word consolation.
  13. Anyone whose parents were married in the early 70s are too green around the gills to post on an 'unpopular opinions' forum. Can we agree a cut off date of parental marriage set at June 10th 1965 ?
  14. I think it's only right to refer to Istanbul as 'The Bull', East Kilbride as 'The Bride' & Coatbridge as 'Wee Coaty'.
  15. Exactly. It's a crazy idea to attach numbers to these type of things. Just like Celtic going on about winning the European Cup once and simply reminding everyone they've won it half as many times as Nottingham Forest. The Old Firm ! Ya gotta love 'em !
  16. I can't wait for Celtic to go out of the Scottish Cup in an identical manner.
  17. Sorry that the Dons changed to their name back to plain Aberdeen FC. 'Aberdeen, featuring Craig Brown with hair' had a nice ring to it . Even better would have been 'Aberdeen, featuring Craig Brown in the musical Hair' . That's what I call half-time entertainment. Pittodrie would have been stowed out !
  18. That someone makes his craven Old Firm sycophancy even worse. Paul McStay. ?? I ask you. !
  19. Are you a special friend of Paul or something ? How horrid , I know, for some ingrate not to bow down before the old firm media erected alter of Mr McStay. I feel for you. If it's any consolation Danny McGrain was truly world class at his peak. And he stayed in Scotland. That good enough for you, Mr Old Firm sycophant ?
  20. Saying he was a different level to anyone else in Scotland at the time doesn't mean he wasn't overhyped. It really is the faintest of praise. Most people wouldn't recognise Paul McStay from the hysterical nonsense you write. McStay stayed in Scotland because he wasn't good enough to play at a higher level, as demonstrated by a succession of non-descript performances in a Scotland shirt.
  21. Nothing to do with age. Simply the fact that he is a very good facsimile of the fabled Mr Stein. A rather tatty pound shop Stein obviously but good enough to fully deserve the 'Baby Jock' accolade.
  22. I didn't say it was related. In my opinion ex-professional footballers make appalling pundits almost without exception. You wouldn't ask a journalist to take a crucial penalty so why do we expect ex-pros to do journalists' jobs ? I was simply saying I like Alan Shearer as a person but, as an ex-pro, he should either be on the golf course or doing meet & greets at St James Park. He has no place as 'a football pundit'.
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