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  1. Utter offensive foul mouthed rubbish. But sadly it sums up the mentality of people who want religious apartheid in schools to continue. Wallow in your 19th Century cesspit of tribal division all you want if it comforts you but don't force the rest of the country to accept it. The 21st century could be a welcoming, inclusive and decent place without delusional idiots who seriously believe they 'get abused just for existing '
  2. Dear oh dear !! That really is all the segregationists have. They accuse those who want integration of children of all faiths and none as somehow being the ones propagating sectarianism and division. It's akin to calling those who don't want children of different ethnicity educated separately racists and , as we head towards the middle of the 21st century, this crazed Orwellian doublespeak simply won't wash anymore. In this warped and shrinking little world view there simply is no room for progress and enlightenment. And talking of enlightenment I wouldn't use such an offensive and frankly stupid analogy regarding women in a post about segregated education given the Catholic church's woeful attitude to women's rights in general and reproductive rights in particular.
  3. We can but hope and while the troglodyte adults are beyond help, somehow a way has to be found to bring up future generations free from tribal divisions and archiac religious hatred. But, sadly, with the 'segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever ' merchants holding a powerful and inexplicable hold over our education system I fear that blind hope is all we have.
  4. "The Sun's Not Yellow it's Chicken" - Oor Bobby, Tombstone Blues.
  5. Penalty to both the bigots..... they are both the same and both own all refs.
  6. He is perhaps trying to affect faux working class credentials , like, you know , refering to 'ma heid' rather than 'my head'. Like you, I wish people wouldn't do it but ah'm no gonnae bust ma coupon o'er it !
  7. 'Football experts' ? You are talking Sportsound etc here, aren't you ? Who, pray tell are these 'football experts' you speak of ? Bonnar ? Biscuits Preston ? Willie Miller ? Roughie ? Big DJ ? Alex Rae ? Kenny Miller ? ........Give me Tom English over any of these people, at least he has a working command of the English language.
  8. And, as if said before, that was an absolutely wonderful achievement and makes that Celtic side by some distance the finest ever produced in Scotland. What it doesn't mean is that they are the finest ever produced in the world. It really isn't that controversial a statement. If you can't see that a side whose record in their first five European Cups is Won, Won, Won, Won & Won are operating at a higher level than the side whose first five are Won, Knocked out in the 1st Qualifying Round, Knocked out in the Quarter Final, Runners Up & Knocked out in the Quarter Final, then the use of reason seems a waste of time.
  9. Well if Alex Ferguson genuinely believes Celtic winning the European Cup trumps Forest & the Real of Puskas, Di Stefano etc then I can but disagree....Is that not allowed ??
  10. I see no Puskas, no Di Stefano, no Cruyff, no Neeskens. You are not showing a picture of the greatest club side ever. And as I saw all of those pictured above play in the flesh I am unlikely to forget who they are. You appear to be under the illusion that a team's greatness is dependent on their members all being born within a certain radius of the club's ground. A bizarre and utterly illogical criteria. My assertion that Nottingham Forest have a legitimate claim to be a greater club side than Celtic is based purely on the fact that their winning of promotion, the English championship and two European Cups in successive seasons was an achievement at a higher level of difficulty than winning the Scottish League, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup , Glasgow Cup & European Cup. As is Real Madrid's five consecutive European Cups from 1955/56. What Celtic of 67-72 can claim to be is the greatest Scottish club side to ever exist. That is beyond dispute. That they were the first British & non-latin club to win the European Cup is a wonderful feat and can never be taken away from them.......but all to that does not make them the greatest club side in the world ever. Why can't Celtic fans just accept those well deserved accolades instead of trying to be bigger and better and 'firster' and 'localer' than all other clubs ?
  11. It's the equivalent of John Cleese being quest of honour at a dinner honouring Dawn French & declaring 'The Vicar of Dibley' to be the towering achievement of British sitcom. Lovely thing to say to faithful, very polite and respectful but utter nonsense.
  12. Not if he genuinely thinks Celtic winning the European Cup is the greatest achievement in the history of football he doesn't.
  13. Not annoyed or trying to devalue achievements. Just placing those acheivements in context. Why does that annoy you ??
  14. Oh young Jinky you may be a master of putting little meme(?)things in posts, a talent that continues to pass me by, but if you genuinely think Celtic's sole European Cup win is a greater acheivement than Nottingham Forest's consecutive triumphs in the late 70s then you probably know less about football than Owen Wilson.
  15. Obviously as all objective followers of football will concur the real object of hilarity is the idea that Glasgow Celtic are the greatest club/team to ever have existed. A thousand polls could tell us they are and it still wouldn't be true. Now I won't muddy the waters with the St Johnstone claim but it's as clear as the nose on Tommy Gemmell's face that Nottingham Forest's 77-80 run of promotion, English champions & successive European champions dwarfs anything Celtic have ever achieved.l
  16. Doesn't matter...Wales are better than us.
  17. But but we've got a better squad/team than Wales....have we f**k ! But no one would listen !
  18. Now that would be a big call from the ref !!
  19. Try going to Cardiff on Sunday spouting that nonsense. Of course they're interested in football and, sadly, as of this moment, better than us at it. Whatever your historical musings might tell you that was in the past.
  20. That photo of Cruyff !!! Wow....!!! Now that was the best club side I've ever seen........but you can't argue with Auntie Beeb & her voters..
  21. They way your trolling them it seems to me that you want Wales to win . You write industrial strength nonsense with a dash of racial superiority thrown in ('natural order of things') that can only galvanise the proud boyos. Have you learned nothing from Max Boyce, you fool !
  22. It really baffles me that anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to international football & Gareth Bale's contribution to it could possibly say that Scotland would be favourites if we got to Cardiff. Not saying it's impossible that we could win, but favourites ? No way !
  23. It's far more of a fantasy than thinking Wales at home won't beat Scotland... Wish I knew where this we've got a better squad/team comes from. If we can beat Ukraine tonight and Wales on Sunday we can definitely say that. Nothing I've seen up to now gives me confidence that we will.
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