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  1. I can only speak for the Celtic half of the twins but I have met many 'Celtic minded' folk over the years who are highly intelligent, extremely pleasant people and wonderful company who can be relied on to talk erudite sense on just about every topic under the sun except football and the team they support. It's genuinely baffling and rather sad. The can be vociferously and correctly anti racism, sexism, fascism etc etc but openly support a football club whose very business model relies upon fanning the flames of secterian division. They champion equality of opportunity while their club pursues Thatcherite 'survival of the fittest' economics. And of course they moan and wail about 'unlevel playing fields' whenever they are ritually humiliated in Europe without the merest hint of irony regarding the set-up in Scotland. Oh well,. nobodys perfect !
  2. Suggesting that Hearts, or indeed any Scottish club apart from their pals, would be tough to beat isn't about giving Hearts credit, it's about giving Celtic credit. Credit which, given the vast financial chasm between the clubs, they don't deserve.
  3. Yep, there has to come a time when clubs treat matches against the old firm as the meaningless slice of nothingness that they are. A contemptuous fielding of youths and no hopers is just the ticket I feel.
  4. More dull ??!! Is that even possible ! The issue is the Old Firm (and yes,of course, they still exist) and their obscene financial power. Either they agree to give up that power - share gate receipts, equal distribution of TV rights etc - or they are invited to leave. Nothing else really will halt the death of competitive professional football in Scotland.
  5. No it isn't it's simply understanding that context can totally change how something is viewed. A Union flag fluttering in a country parish church in Kent in December being a totally different proposition from a Union flag fluttering from a tenement window in Bridgeton Cross in July is another example.
  6. As ever it's all about context. Volunteers fighting for Irish freedom in the early years of the 20th century singing 'rebel songs' is clearly neither secterian nor offensive. Football supporters singing same songs in a Scottish football ground as we approach the middle of the 21st century is. Which is why they sing these songs.
  7. Tell the Old Firm to leave, leave now and don't come back. We then dismantle their stadiums brick by brick, aluminium sheeting by aluminium sheeting and build decent low rise social housing in their place. Probably won't make a blind bit of difference to the kind of result we saw last night but by God Scottish football and, more importantly, Scottish society would be a far far better and more decent a sport to enjoy and a place to live.
  8. Do explain what is remotely relevant about Irish rebel songs at a football match in Scotland in the 21st century please.
  9. The last truly great Celtic side was 69/70 and the top Dutch side that year utterly horsed them (as did the top Dutch side a year later). They were as good as the top Portuguese side that year tbf. All three leagues have dipped in quality since then so it may be meaningless .
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