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  1. There's room to enjoy and appreciate both. But constantly glorifying the mediocre and sneering like crazed inverted snobs at anything outwith our own wee world appears to be the default setting which is fair enough.
  2. Yep....when up against teams who he doesn't massive financially outmuscle or who are beaten before they step on the pitch because they've had years of 'Sportsound' or 'Superscoreboard' drip feeding them on how 'massive' Celtic are, he tends to struggle...Do you think English football fans are so thick they're incapable of looking up Celtic's record in Europe under Postegoclu ?
  3. And your experience of England and English people is what ?? a) non-existent; b) built on lazy stereotypes; c) diligently garnered through many happy hours on the Norfolk Broads....?
  4. What's silly about it ? Again, a simple question......what is the great mystery of Scottish football they don't know about ?
  5. What's there to know about Scottish football ? Only one of two clubs can ever win the league. One of those two went bust a few years ago, thus being a semi - competent manager of the other club virtually guarantees you win the title. Let's not kid anyone on that the top flight of Scottish football is anymore mysterious or difficult to fathom than that.
  6. I don't think there's much ignorance among English football fans...they see exactly what we up here see - a Celtic team who sweep all before them domestically solely due to a massive financial advantage and all the media and refereeing soft-pedaling that their status as the establishment club brings. Therefore Spurs fans look to see how things have gone under Postegoclu when that massive advantage has been removed.
  7. It's possible that the standard of entertainment can be high but the standard of football low.... usually in Scotland, sadly, both are low
  8. A club just like all the others....bigger than some, smaller than others , nothing special, nothing different.
  9. Frank Lampard's got a good conceit of himself and could use a couple of back to back trebles to try and wangle his way back into the English Championship.
  10. 'Feed The Bear' , as they use to say about the original and best, John 'Yogi' Hughes.
  11. He's a decent manager just nowhere near decent enough to manage a top flight English club with aspirations of Champions League football. Postegoclu's laughable record in Europe with Celtic is a matter of fact not opinion.
  12. Well regardless of all the speculation the facts are simple. Ange Postegoclu is clearly not good enough to manage Spurs. But he'd make a financial killing by signing on and being sacked six months later. He'd be a fool not to.
  13. I would disagree with that being 'where we are heading now'. I think we already are in 'a very sterile and stagnant pond' and have been for years.
  14. I'm old enough to remember when neither Scottish or FA Cup Final was shown live in Scotland and around about 9:30 am when England was 'treated' to interviews with the players on the coach to Wembley and 'Its a Cup Final Knockout' viewers in Scotland settled in for crown green bowling from Anstruther and suchlike until 5 0'Clock.
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