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  1. Seinfeld Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads Fawlty Towers Curb Your Enthusiasm arrested development
  2. Still Game being ahead of Curb Your Enthusiasm is like Gerry & The Pacemakers being ahead of The Beatles .
  3. Not at all...perhaps as a wee boy your dad took you to see the club that he supported and you loved that team....then you grew up and got to ' know the history ' and it was enough to make your stomach 'go turn turn turn turn' . So your country becomes your 'club'
  4. If that slavering half -witted enabler of sectarian bigotry James Kelly has no confidence in Richard Leonard then maybe the Labour leader might actually be on the correct path ??
  5. How about BBC Scotland employing a 'presenter ' to do the job of presenter.. ?
  6. Tam Cowan has zero interest in or knowledge of football as a sport....indeed he has zero interest in or knowledge of any sport...He seems to wear as some sort of badge of honour his total indifference to European or international matches that don't have a Scottish connection, preferring to concentrate solely on the turgid tedium that is the Celtic ritual group phase hounding . Yet still he claims to be a 'fitba fan' … Like claiming to be a 60s pop music but having no time for the Beatles because they weren't from Wishaw.
  7. This is technically action from the 1968 League Cup Final which, due to a fire in the Hampden stand, was delayed until April 1969. The 1969 League Cup Final took place that October with Celtic beating St.Johnstone 1-0.
  8. Putting Christmas decorations up in November and down on December 27th ..
  9. I Don't Mind Promises Fast Cars What Do I Get Nostalgia
  10. Correct...as long as secterianisms ' useful idiots such as James Kelly MSP are spending parliamentary time overturning legislation designed to criminalise these cretins.....but then it's all banter isn't it !
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