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  1. Andy Goram and Neil Lennon walk into a bar . Barman says, "Swally, swally, we will swally vodka, Andy ?" Andy nods. Barman turns to Neil. "Its a grand old team to drink for, Neil ?" . " It most certainly is !", replies Neil in an Oliver Hardy stylee.. It is then the story becomes hazy.....
  2. Yep, definitely not Airdrie as terracing too big and strip not 'diamond enough'. Also it's never the wrong time to remind everyone that the John Hughes of exposing himself fame is not deemed worthy enough to merit an original nickname.
  3. I've been to three Scottish Cup Finals, 1970, 1985 & 2005. In 1970 i was nine years old, stood with my dad on the section of terrace pictured in this thread with an attendance of around 109,000 and saw little or nothing of the game. I did however see plenty of men pishing in empty beer cans. Got a stand ticket for 1985 so obviously got to see the game but no great spectacle. By 2005 Hampden all seated and great spectacle but rubbish match. Certainly more sense of occasion brought to the day by the authorities as the years have gone by. However, nothing like the hype that use to accompany the FA Cup Final back in the day. For those too young to recall think coverage of Prince Phil's death transposed to a game of football.
  4. Works really well doing what exactly ? I realise it's probably only me but I can't see in what way Scottish football has improved since the splits inception. Or for that matter since the introduction of smaller leagues and playing each other four times a season.
  5. Has Cowan referred to his 'JFK moment ' on hearing old Edinburgh s passing yet ?
  6. 0/10 if I could be bothered doing it....however the only pertinent question regarding 'the split' is why ? No one has ever answered that one correctly.
  7. This Phillip chap (RIP) had about as much affinity with Edinburgh as his son Charles has with Rothesay.
  8. And that was despite Lennon tickling the sectarian tummy of the Celtic support at every opportunity. What chance a decent non-bigot like Howe ? Stay clear Eddie, stay very clear.
  9. Clive Tyldesley professional and unbiased ? You've clearly never heard him commentate on England games.
  10. I do really think that some in Glasgow, and to a lesser extent Scotland in general , don't seem to grasp just how uninterested in Scottish football and the tedium that is 'the Old Firm' English people are. I've lived in Newcastle and I've lived in Kent and in my experience, not universal I accept, when it comes to the game up here they just don't care. Howe may well come for the money or a perceived route back to the premiership a la Rodgers, but I don't believe the 'lure' of challenging for a championship he probably considers meaningless or being embarrassed on an annual basis in Europe will be what brings him to Parkhead.
  11. Not if he was also offered a job in the English top flight he wouldn't.
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