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  1. Same team and same performance, please. Same concern playing Hamilton 😂
  2. I’m not buying that McCrorie wasn’t injured or any less than MOH. It looked like quite a collision and they were both flat out essentially either side of the post and it was a live second phase, was it not? I think you’re being harsh. I agree McMillan was dirty with the shirt pull in your box ... maybe picked that one up off McCann in the 2-2 game Overall, I thought it was a pretty entertaining game with very little in the way of incident.
  3. Och, you behave yourself. O’Halloran was at full pelt and stretch to reach the cross. He miraculously got it on target and it was saved before they both clattered into each other. You didn’t acknowledge that O’Halloran was on the deck aswell and McCrorie said he was fine and waved the ref over to check MOH. Also, for the purists, the match is being replayed on Alba now.
  4. Yas, Livi! Lots of attacking threat and looks like Pitts has found his shooting boots again. Up until the goal both teams were creating chances and i wouldn’t have been surprised to see St Johnstone take the lead. Some great breaks at pace from them. McCrorie already has me settled: he was brave and smothered the chances against.
  5. Depends what Livi show up for this game and how you set up. Hopefully we’ll back to our snappy best by the time the tan had worn off.
  6. I'll explain it purely by saying Scottish refs are a joke! Should’ve been a red! Last man and denied a goal scoring opportunity! 😜
  7. How was that second never a penalty? 😂😂 How do you explain Erskine going down? Behave!
  8. Och, that first one wasn’t deliberate though, was it? I’d be annoyed at that. Second is a no brainer.
  9. Can’t we talk about all the chances you created after switching to your attacking formation... I mean the shots, oh wait... getting out your half? It was a sloppy goal to concede. I was asked how our new ‘keeper looked today and I had to tell my mate that I’ve no idea as the ball was never near him. You came to play defensively, got the breaks you needed - would you have scored from open play? The administration pish? You guys weren’t doing too well a few years ago either ... and *that* time before that. For the sensible Raith fans - solid defence, some decent breakaways and that man John Baird hasn’t been far away throughout his career. McGlynn made the point that you are typically all out attack so to put up a decent display, albeit with some weak forward play from us, is quite impressive. As I said earlier in the thread, all the best for the rest of the season.
  10. Aww, c’mon, let’s not go down this path 😂 the match related stuff has all been pretty constructive.
  11. Well, that wasn’t the enjoyable afternoon I’d hoped for! Dominated possession but that was always going to be the case with the way Raith set up. We had some joy in the first half through Lawson but we were hardly raining in shots on goal. I wonder if having so much of the ball meant that it made its way to the wrong players too high up the pitch and too often? Raith has some energetic bursts forward and I can see that serving them well in the league. Sloppy goal for us to concede: second phase from a corner leading to an unpressurised shot which travelled along the deck in the middle of the goal (shout for offside?); and their only shot. The first penalty would annoy me, if I were a Raith fan, unless it was deliberate, as it’s a severe punishment when moving away from goal. Based on the 90 mins I think we deserved to win. Well done to Raith for a solid defensively display and good luck in the league. Cracking support, too. Disappointing to hear that a likely minority have broken seats. I expect they were the same salty wee boys outside who were saying the likes of “your season ticket should he £19.99 out of Argos because you were <something naughty, I forgot>” 😂 Don’t ruin it, boys...
  12. Meh, it’s all relative.
  13. Nailed it. We need to find the wide men quicker.
  14. Fair play for standing up to this.
  15. Ok, we’ve not been brilliant. Great ball into the danger area by Lawson for the one that hit the post. getting round the outside will be the key as Raith have the centre of the pitch packed. Sloppy from us to lose a goal from a second phase at a corner, someone losing the man (trying to play offside?) and he’s hooked it into the middle of goal. Brown unconvincing so far 😕
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