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  1. So which ‘keeper is on the way out? Have I understood it correctly that one will be going? From what Ive read it’s not uncommon for us to offer training facilities. I find it hard to imagine Griffiths returning to anything like his former self on the park but if Martindale says he’s now in great condition then maybe he’ll get a few goals again somewhere.
  2. Well that’s it confirmed now. Anderson missing the final 8 games of the season. We were a bit toothless without him against Hearts last weekend and it would seem to be stating the obvious that we will be less competitive for a top 6 spot now. Baws. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/bruce-andersons-injury-likely-see-26539151.amp
  3. Aye, moment of brilliance from MacKay. Otherwise I’m happy enough with the second half. Nouble had a great chance and it maybe shows you the difference in quality. Anderson clearly a big loss for us up front.
  4. More importantly, that clock is sexy as f**k. But why stuck on 45?! Need to get some clarity on A View from the terrace.
  5. With our top goal scorer, Bruce Anderson, out injured for “weeks” I’d say that our chances have reduced. Hopefully we can shitfest our way to avoiding defeat in our remaining games.
  6. It would save me checking my phone or watch if I could just glance to the side of the park. Its not that I’m lazy On the game, we are missing Mr. Anderson for the foreseeable so our goal threat is reduced. This will be a tough nut to crack and I’m not overly confident.
  7. Following a bit of chat on our Livi thread, re: stadium upgrades, am I right in thinking there is a digital clock display in the pitch side advertising boards at Tynecastle? IIRC it’s the time elapsed? Couldn’t find a photie. Wish we had one at Almondvale!
  8. Oh aye, even a clock display. I’m sure Tynecastle has one pitch side. I can’t find a photo of it. Maybe on the match thread!
  9. The tannoy system (in places only?) is f*cking horrific and verging on dangerous given the lack of clarity in the messages coming through. Some better speakers might help with the pre-match atmosphere, too.
  10. “They are a big team and we aren’t”. I’m hoping for a late equaliser on the factual correctness of this. Need someone to do the descriptive stats.
  11. Tbf, my opening post was a much shorter and less creative attempt that only hooked a Livi fan(?)
  12. I think it can be summarised as panning out as expected with Celtic having most of the ball. Celtic getting lucky breaks (Eg not a corner; Rogic handball+OG) at key times and Livi not (Obileye hitting bar right on half time). Ach well, it was always a free shot.
  13. I’ve honestly missed that. Will hold hands up if I see it. My point was that you didn’t seem to acknowledge it as a source of good fortune for Celtic.
  14. Oh come on, surely you acknowledge the double handball by Rogic in the buildup to OG??
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