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  1. I can't fully remember it but I think Fitzwater was pulling the player's shirt at least. I'm more annoyed that the clearence was against our own player. We had plenty, maybe too many, players in there.
  2. Aye but there's more doom and gloom around 1 in 6. It's a sticky patch and we are hurting after the cup final (damn you, Cardiff!) but I think at 1-0 and 2-1 we were in it.
  3. Are you choosing to ignore the fact that we were 2 inches away from going in level? I can't see either team being able to replicate the build-up to the goals we've conceded.
  4. haha. that's when you know it's bad 😂
  5. Not one to worry about? That's 1 goal in SIX games!!! We should have been worrying long before now. Gonna throw away a cup final and top six within the space of a month at this rate. Clearly I'm talking about this game and not 6. Motherwell have scored from a clumsy pen, and two lucky breaks in the build-up. We've hit the bar and had one off the line.
  6. Crikey, making as many chances but just not getting the breaks here. Just one of those days but not one to worry about if it remains this way I'd say.
  7. I think St J favourites for this. The games between us since we came back up have always been of the shitfest variety and St J demonstrated that they could outshitfest us a few weeks ago. The boy Melamed scored a nice goal last week so it looks like more than just endeavour even if his performance wasn’t rated in match thread when we played last. I don’t think It’s any coincidence that our run coming to an end coincided with Guthrie and Brown being out of the team. It’s great to have Guthrie back in but with Brown gone I think we remain vulnerable at set pieces or crosses as Efe just isn’t as switched on and aggressive. It goes without saying that Robbo should start up front if fit. I don’t think sibbald is suited to wide left but I think we’ll play Holt and Bartley. Max Devlin-Efe-Guthrie-Serrano Holt-Bartley Mullin-Pitts-Sibbald Robbo
  8. Not really, Livi fans know who he is. My equivalent knowledge of St Johnstone players from 2004 is probably as patchy. Dasovic? Roddy (best handball i've ever seen) Grant?
  9. Great work! also a big fan of: and I don’t give a f*ck it says “yellow”. 😂
  10. Shitting myself for this one. I’m perhaps overstating it but I feel we’ve really lost solidity since Brown was recalled. That said, Robinson missing the last two games has arguably been a bigger loss as he was in a real purple patch. St J were hounding us at the Mac. I wasn’t too concerned about being opened up during open play but the set piece concern remains. Guthrie and Ambrose as the CB pairing, please.
  11. Och, did that turn out any differently from what we all expected? Next, please.
  12. It's the carbon footprint you need to concern yourself with. Also, what was the Martindale one liner criticism of Jet? Missed it.
  13. We are flashing a few dangerous ones across the face of the goal. You'd have to think that if we can get enough bodies in the box we'll eventually take one of them.
  14. Ooft, always more impressive when a strike goes in off the bar or post i think 😆
  15. Agree would have Poppers leading the line if no Robbo. Nice to see Kabia making appearances too. Possibly the only really pace we have up the park. Playing devil’s advocate, we realised months ago that Jet lacks the mobility to play up top and so he has been played out wide. He was on a hiding to nothing playing up there against Utd on a heavy pitch. As everyone else has said, this will be tight and a goal either way to win it.
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