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  1. Accies Well played bros...
  2. I think the game could’ve gone either way. Neither keeper had (m)any saves to make. Key moments: Lawson unlucky to hit post/great save; Davidson foul on Brown for 1-0; Davidson handball in box; Lithgow glancing header into our post for 2-0 Saints; Halkett header should’ve made it 3-1; Goss deflected free kick nearly snuck in; and Watt should’ve made it 2-2. I’m not going to pretend we didn’t get a wee bit of lucky alongside the graft. If St Johnstone had got a positive result do you think you’d have said ‘not our best but ground it out; classic away performance’? There really isn’t much between these teams on the park although St Johnstone would appear to have better firepower. I thought Erskine and Lawson had a good game. I’m confused about Watt. When we played at the Mac before Xmas he was lively and tricky. I didn’t see that yesterday. Interesting how people (DR) see things differently re: Shaughnessey, “The central defender is a class act for St Johnstone and slamed home a superb opener...”.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    My guess at the player throwing himself over would be Berra. No, wait, it’s experience.
  4. Flip a coin for this one and that might the most exciting part of the day. Both teams out of their free-flowing best form. Our defeats have been to sloppy finishing and to a lesser extent defending;. Here's to a classic, folks!
  5. Easter Road wasn't looking too clever on the highlights I saw.
  6. St Mirren v Livi

    We don’t create chances? Disagree - st Mirren fans on this thread are saying we should’ve scored. Feel sorry for the back 3 and Kelly? Agree - the finishing has been really poor; Kelly leading the way on clean sheets and most of the defeats (10?) are by single goals Luck went our way in the first half of the season? I think you are talking shite if you think that’s what we have to thank for our points; I can’t think of any post-match interviews where opposing managers have said we were lucky. It’s not like teams are steamrollering us. I can think of only a few occasions where I’ve had to hold my hands up i.e. Killie away, Dons away, Rangers home. Im not happy about to day either, should’nt have lost that, but there really wasn’t much between the teams on the park. I don’t think the form is reflecting effort/difference between teams. Stick with it, c’mon.
  7. St Mirren v Livi

    We’re not the only team on a terrible run..
  8. St Mirren v Livi

    Couldnt really tell. That we played the shot taker in aswell would really be the icing on a rather shitey cake. Yer wee north bank boys are a laugh - fair play.
  9. St Mirren v Livi

    I quite like the big man. It was a bad miss though. I was clinging on to hope of top 6 but dropping too many points and, on average, I don’t think we’ve performed like one of the 6 top teams. Hard to argue with 7-9th spot.
  10. St Mirren v Livi

    My default reaction these days is that I am pissed off because we’ve made chances and not taken them. Again. If you are missing straightforward chances from a couple yards out then you don’t deserve to be winning games. A bit unlucky that Erskine’s tackle played the guy in for the goal. Heard some shouts for offside unless they meant the guy that finished the rebound.
  11. Fair point. missing games when not injured, irrespective of the surface of the pitch, also serve as rest weeks and for older/prone players it can only help.
  12. St Mirren v Livi

    Huge game for both teams. Hopefully the entertainment is of a similar calibre. Interested to see the new look St Mirren team. Does Mullen still feature regularly?
  13. St Mirren v Livi

    The Lone Ranger, Shirley?