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  1. Poor game this one. One moment of quality from the County boy although I did think Max would save it. Could make a case for either team or a draw I think.
  2. I fear we are going to have another couple of decent chances which we’ll spurn and concede from a corner again.
  3. What a stop on the line by Power. Forgot about him. Great signing.
  4. Shocker of a goal, Max Even enough first half in terms of possession although we’ve pulled a couple decent saves out of their keeper and they had *that* shot. edit: off line! Ffs
  5. I thought we did ok on Saturday, not too disheartened. 1st goal obviously a defensive error and Max has less chance to save it after the deflection. Hopefully Penrice learns from the experience. I expected Rangers to have a lot of the ball but for all that I don’t think Max has a particularly busy afternoon. The number of shots he had to deal with might very well be replicated against teams that aren’t newly crowned Champs. Wright’s strike was terrific for the second but disappointing again that it fell to him in the box for a free hit. Didn’t look to me like Tavernier knew where it was going. 3rd goal was almost same again with the ball landing favourably for a Rangers player. We offered very little in attack which was both unsurprising for this fixture and likely to be repeated by other teams this season. Our defence was better than I expected with the goals all clinical finishing. Going down to 10 mean obviously helped Rangers kill the game and they were well worth the 3 points.
  6. Some good names in there. We also had Theodore Whitmore, Horace Stout, David Alleyne, David Xausa, Sergio Berti.. wow, and probably plenty more.
  7. Re: Anderson, IIRC he scored against us at Pittodrie and missed an open goal header at Almondvale. Hopefully him and/or Kabia can develop some composure in front of goal as both do seem to be finding themselves in the correct positions at least. While it's disappointing to see Guthrie and others move on there's also part of me that is excited. If you support a team that isn't going to win the league then why not at least keep it fresh with a new team every year? Some exciting, up and coming players mixed with stalwarts and obscure signings from foreign lands. Bring it on.
  8. Yea, that’s a good point actually. It also works in our favour because we’ve been absolutely gash since the split! Well, our results at least.
  9. The challenge was on us to win it and we weren’t good enough. Fair play to Saints. I think that game about sums up the fine margins this season. For example, St. Mirren: lost out on top 6 on goal difference and in two cup semis. Livi: lost out on 5th on goal diff and a cup final St. Johnstone: top 6 on goal diff; 5th on goal diff; and a tough semi against Hibs = 2 trophies(?) and Europe? Tremendous. I’d like to St Johnstone go on and do the double. Nice to see it mixed up a bit.
  10. This is shite. Please someone do something in open play. I don’t care which team just a decent move, please.
  11. Makes sense that there is only goal difference between these teams.
  12. This isn’t a lot of fun. St Johnstone are probably going to score from a corner or something.
  13. Have also totally lost interest but perhaps unsurprising at this stage of season. Let's just get it over with, please. Neither team can be as rotten as they have been these past couple of months can they?
  14. Haha, yea, I was thinking that the average distance of Nisbet's 4 (?) goals against us must be 5 yards. Terrible defending.
  15. Love him or hate him that man sure knows how to dive. While there is no significant, ahem, penalty for trying to con the ref players like him will persist with it and their teammates won't do anything other than defend them.
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