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  1. I've been trying to subscribe to today's game but I'm not a member of Facebook and it won't let me purchase it Is there any other way to watch to watch it I don't want to be a Facebook member
  2. Does anyone know if Gretna stream the games live They are on fanbase but I can't see anything about streaming
  3. It looks superb I'd love to be sitting there with a cold one now
  4. According to the Bo'ness Twitter zander Miller has agreed to sign for Bo'ness when his contract expires
  5. A striker was what I heard but I will let the club announce his name
  6. According to Facebook exciting news coming out of Newtown today
  7. From what I've heard we are struggling to put 11 on the park tomorrow Snowdon syme gemmel all abroad on stag doos dev suspended struggling
  8. The last time b/U were through to penicuik we had a pre match pint in the pub that was through a lane from behind the goals Is that pub still open as we heard it was closing that night
  9. The wee man was immense the amount of headers he won against an opponent who was at least 8 inches taller tells a story
  10. I heard today that the sfa had said little kerse in not suitable now going to ground share with camelon Not for me Away games only after March if this is true
  11. Josh spat down in front of the player it made no contact with the player but still not a nice thing to do
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