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  1. West of Scotland weekend and not a peep

    We’re back up at Renfrew cracking wee set up there. I feel the west has lost its edge in recent years and teams do use it to give maybe the players who aren’t playing as much a game . Just my opinion but thoughts ?
  2. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Well done Talbot done juniors proud along with beith. Took in the game today should have been a few more for Talbot with 2 of yer main attakers our, yees have some squad this season looks a lot stronger than last.
  3. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Best of luck to my good friends at Talbot Go and get the job done get another junior name in the next round. Call me a part timer lol but might give the game v peasy a miss and come watch this will be match of the weekend 2 good sides.
  4. Poaching players and not paying the money

    This thread is embarrassing absolute no need for it lol. Players come and go all the time Anyone with common sense reading these comments can see either side hasn’t done anything wrong grow up and get on with it a lot worse things happen in fitba .
  5. Good luck in the senior Scottish

    Well done beith on sat , Hope my good pals at Talbot get the job done this week.