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  1. This will be last msg I will be posting as not wanting to get into a convo. As per our messages I asked who u were and asked u to call me and u declined chosen to hide ur identity which is cool. I am not the Roxy and don't know who the Roxy is it's clearly a girvan fan who's posted before my time at the club. U stick in and keep posting for the season. Iwould like to thank you for the comments u made about myself a couple weeks ago about doing a good job at mark. I don't have numerous names or post on this but if that's ur patter linking me in with usernames etc batter in. All the best for the season spank
  2. Morning folks I hope this clears up that in fact i am not the Roxy now as patnadunty thought. I have had a couple of good conversations with a Greg and also with vorman over the last couple days. I have also personally messaged mr dunty and asked him to give me a call or even let me know who he is and al call him to discuss any issues he may have which he's declined. there is a lot of talented players at the club so would be good to c them been spoken about in a positive way than my name continuously coming up on this thread. The Craigmark management team and committee have done great this season and deserve some credit. Be good to see the thread turn into somthing positive for the club who's doing well. All the best to Greg Keith and willie and the committee for the rest of the season . spank
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