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  1. Got beat 1 nil was a og scrappy game
  2. Annan Town v FC Annan Photos

  3. Annan Town v FC Annan Photos

  4. Stewarton new manager

    Who cares
  5. Crosshouse vs Catrine

    Both teams should be made a example of scandalous behaviour
  6. Crosshouse vs Catrine

    Catrine = gang
  7. Dumfries Sunday League Photos 2018/19

  8. Not associated with whitletts in anyway so ur wrong buddy I was giving my opinion of the game
  9. Good enough to score a few in a game like that I'd say and loads in that league
  10. Was 2 soft goals and a silly penalty they had a open goal chance at the end and fluffed it boy balfour got injured in the first half, imo it woulda been a different game if he stayed on but overall scrappy game on a terrible park
  11. I went along today and it was a scrappy match but I must say I thought whitletts shot themselves in the foot after going 2-1 up, brings that league tight together now
  12. Good to hear shouldn't take all that faffing around to get it sorted it's ridiculous imo