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  1. Theres u slavering again hendo as never played wi CP, sorry bout that........ A done awrite last year medal wise for being the worst player kid Fallin on the verge of signing another ex pennies player, funny that
  2. JBAFC, we heard about that also absolute embarrassing tbh....... Only fallin. Seen all the txt msgs between him and the mill manager......
  3. Can see sandys winning east this year tbh, teams left no match for them fallin decent side but wont match physicallity side
  4. Gaz8


    Wee ethan mcann decided to go sign fir dunipace ams, doesn't mean things falling apart..........
  5. Gaz8


    Funmac how can u quit somewhere u never were ya roaster......... Cmon let me buy u a drink n talk sbout this
  6. Gaz8


    Puma bellend wasnt signed for CP, CRAIGSHILL OR THAT MOB FALLIN............ sorry bout that
  7. Gaz8


    U tell me did a quit CP??
  8. Gaz8


    It was nice, really nice as yous just couldn't get near us told u before a enjoy cheerleading a do know bad at it
  9. Gaz8


    Fallin are dug shit and always will be, redondo, funmac = bellends, tried their best to compete wi pennies n failed miserably thats aw am saying on they wasters.... Anyway good luck to all leafa teams going forward, me personally wouldv loved to stay n try compete but thats life...... Ps whoever gets fallin in east have got a bye toffee
  10. Gaz8


    Just to clear things up, pennies and craigshill have not joined forces and went to syngenta........ Looking forward to the challenge ahead and as far as i know syngenta home games will be played at dunipace juniors ground.
  11. Gaz8


    Jealous of fallin? Cmon to feck, the teams gash..... As a said they tried and failed
  12. Gaz8


    East champions thats how bad we were
  13. Gaz8


    Chucky said yer lying
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