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  1. The problem is that McGlynn gets asked his first question and goes on for 3-4 mins. I guess there’s an art to interviews. But keep it short and sweet for each question. It’s FTV FFS, not going to be a TOUGH interview. McGlynn gives a whole match analysis and rambles, he just needs to be honest, say it wasn’t good enough and that the players have a tough week ahead. Have to believe you’ll turn things around but your next couple of matches will be vital, pressure on
  2. If McCann can’t get a start with you now, he never will. You might as well just sell him back to us… and we’ll take him.
  3. Was a good interview in that he’s always trying to find ways to improve the side and performances. But thought he could have given a bigger shout out to the scorers, particularly Salim who scored straight off the bench. Not hammering Rhys, but wanted a fuller interview. Why don’t we have 5-7 minute interviews like some other clubs? Appreciate Rhys insight in to the work the boys are doing but it’s hard to talk about the game, individual performances, goal scorers, training and how that’s being applied and finally a quick outlook to next weeks opposition - all within a 2 min interview. Overall, more than happy with the team and the attitudes of everyone. Long May it continue
  4. Having a little bit of a ‘wow’ moment in the immediate aftermath of that. TBH, didn’t see a 4-0 score line and I had 4 goals predicted but with a 2-2 result. Gal scoring against Falkirk… again! Can’t beat it. And options coming off the bench and scoring, something we’ve complained about previously. All VERY satisfying! Falkirk? They still seem to have that hangover they carried all season long last year and alarm bells will ring if their first win doesn’t come very soon. Interesting interview coming from McGlynn I think, last week floating the idea of a Falkirk win today. Rhys will be all smiles, predictable interview coming. Both teams have some additions to come, next time we meet there will be changes but honestly feel Falkirk are on the verge of setting up some poor expectations for the season ahead. Dunfermline was always my main worry, good result for them today. Can’t wait to face them
  5. I’m assuming we offered him a deal and as far as I’m concerned we should get him TF rather than let him hang around the first team doing training which I’m assuming he still is. Enough time for him to make a decision and it’s games like this that we need his experience. I’m not being unrealistic about signings and I know we are where we are and other teams are finding it difficult to pull in players but like you said, I think we’re a good option for him. We’ll see what happens.
  6. Feared we wouldn’t have any more signings this week and looks to be the case unless the pen pops out in the next couple of hours. Appreciate there are things in the works but frustrating right before a key game and ahead of a busy month. Feel good with the squad but everyone knows we are lacking in a couple of important positions with other players out of their natural positions to cover. Cmon the pen!!
  7. I figured if something had been on the verge of getting sorted it would have been announced last night or tonight. So not very hopeful that we will have in a new face by Saturday. But no doubt there will be an unveiling of a new midfielder late on Friday. Who knows, I’m all about Rhys getting in a player who will add quality to the squad but wished we could get a couple of his targets over the line quicker. Big game Saturday.. and like you said, already we have a number of doubtful players
  8. Airdrie 2 - 2 Falkirk Alloa 1 - 1 Kelty Hearts Clyde 3 - 1 Peterhead FC Edinburgh 1 - 2 Dunfermline Montrose 2 - 1 QOTS
  9. McGlynn to interviewer post Montrose : ‘hopefully we’re talking at this time next week and we’ve got 4 points on the board’. It’s on for sure, this could be a cracking fixture with Falkirk having 2 key games ahead. Tough one against us I’m sure and then a potential banana skin at home to Peterhead. Early days but results show the ‘top’ contenders didn’t get it all their own way. Great away point for Montrose today. QOTS, welcome back to L1. It could be a long road for you. Clyde? WTF, didn’t expect that. Kelty Hearts - shell shocked on opening day? Dunfermline, doing a Cove and securing a win when needed to kick things off. Really pleased we got the three points and I’m sure the boys will be looking to get another win next week. My only prediction? Clyde to still be top of the pile Saturday evening
  10. Dunfermline 3 - 0 Alloa Falkirk 1 - 1 Montrose Kelty 1 - 0 Edinburgh Peterhead 0 - 2 Airdrie QOS 3 - 1 Clyde
  11. If we sign a left back/central defender this will have been a solid week of signings and setting us up nicely for the trip north. Even if we don’t get a defender, I’m not overly worried about this game (did I jinx us) but the extra cover is needed for the weeks ahead. Felling better now than at the start of the week, steady progress made. And yes, my feelings about Telfer are that if he doesn’t want to sign, leave the building. I’m all about players getting the best move possible but if he hasn’t had any trialist options with teams down south then he has to look for the best options here. Season starts this weekend, time to make your mind up
  12. Unless we’re going to make a triple loan signing that could come anytime between now and Friday, I’d expect the pen to come back out tonight. Steady progress from Rhys here, and I’m glad we’re not signing just anybody to fill out the team. As mentioned previously, I’d be a little concerned if we signed all 5/6 players this week - unless the stars aligned and we got all the targets in one swoop. Looks like our latest signing is someone Rhys has been tracking for a while, he likes to hold out for his man. I’m sure he has others in line and hoping they agree to come onboard asap. Feel we really need 3 points on Saturday, could kick us on to bigger things or set us back against the league challengers. Will be an interesting few weeks
  13. Yeah, we need to hit the ground running and with all those difficult fixtures around the corner it will be pressure on right from the start. We need at least another 2 signings this week, I’ll take a defender and a midfielder thank you very much 3 points required before my fish supper on Saturday!
  14. It’s obvious the plan wasn’t to bring in a number of players the final week before the regular season starts and now I’m hoping there isn’t some ‘panic’ signings or loans to cover the team. I have been quite impressed with some of the players brought in and they will all play a part throughout the season but our inability to secure some of the key players we know McCabe has been after is worrying. We are definitely lacking at least 2 if defense, 1 in midfield and a striker. Thats a big ask to bring in all of those players (I mean quality additions who will strengthen the team) over the next couple of weeks as the season gets up and running. We should be in a position where we are only looking for 2-3 players with solid options in just about every position. I am NOT against multiple loan players coming in and see little difference between a 10 month loan or a one year contract. Inevitably we’ll probably get a better quality player on loan so I’m all for it. Falkirk have managed a good loan signing from Rangers and we need to bring in the same kind of quality from the top flight. But we need urgency now and Rhys has a big pressure week ahead. I would expect no less than 2 additions to the squad, and not bench warmers - we’ll see if that happens. Hutton’s interview was spot on, we absolutely need 3 points next week or alarm bells will start ringing. Peterhead are in a bad position and other than the fact it’s an away game, we couldn’t have asked for better opposition to start the campaign off. I’m extremely hopeful for this season but these last few additions to the squad will be vital, much of the ground work has been done, I’m really hoping Rhys and co can make some magic happen so we can surpass last seasons successes.
  15. That was a big win, more ink would be good. We can beat Arbroath, but need to be at our best. As ever, an extra signing would help
  16. 0-0 as I’m writing this. But a decent result could show how resilient this first team are, a bad result and pressure is on to get bodies in. Hoping for the best here. We have talent in this side but like you said, very thin overall. These types of games can punish that
  17. Over on the RR thread… appears Easton had an excellent game and scored a worldy. Think we have the makings of a really good squad but I’m hoping Rhys is making progress with finding Eastons ‘replacement’. He’s they type of players who can change games really quickly and help turn one point in to three. Yes, all the players look solid and will contribute but lacking the one with a bit of magic. I honestly have no idea who that could be but hoping McCabe does
  18. So I take it the Murray revolution is going well? [emoji23] looks like you guys are firing on all cylinders with the season just about to start. And with Easton leading the charge, your in a good place. How were Peterhead tonight? Silly question, but wondering if it was just a case of you being too strong or a mix of that with Peterhead being really pish. Our season opener against them in a couple of weeks… Good luck for the season ahead
  19. Looking at the stats for the first half on BBC, we are all over this team.. so far so good
  20. It doesn’t look great on paper but with every club struggling and the early start to the competition this was our worst fear. If we were starting a game without a keeper, that would be a worry. I wouldn’t call it amateur hour. Fairly sure there was offers to at least a couple of players including Telfer but if they don’t want to sign there’s little the management team can do about it. I’m sure the plan was to have at least 3-4 on the bench today
  21. This bench situation isn’t ideal but if Rhys is close to getting 2-3 players that he really wants then I’d rather hold out and get them rather than fill the bench with bodies. Obviously hoping we don’t have injuries out there today but these guys are fit and should make it through the match ok and being brutally honest, I don’t really care about this cup competition. It’s more about getting the team ready for the upcoming season. Everyone will get a chance to show what they can do which is a plus. Maybe we’ll see some magic from a couple of the newer players today. Will be an interesting 90 minutes
  22. I’m hoping we get at least one player announced tonight. It’s getting close to the ‘signing’ hours…. Will the pen make an appearance tonight?
  23. Have to disagree. As far as third kits go, I actually like this one. Remember the ‘Simpsons’ shirt a couple of seasons back? [emoji849] this is waaaay better IMO
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