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  1. Can’t argue too much after this run out for the team. Firstly, winning the cup was great - honestly don’t care about this silverware but if it gives the lads a feel good factor… McCabe has managed to see the trialists in action (8 in the starting lineup) and I’m sure he’ll now have 3 categories . Those he signs asap, those who are offski and some getting another shot very soon. For me, there has been a couple of good players in Telfer and the young Australian boy. Not everyone is going to get a first team place so some will be squad players. The team looks fit, focused and I’m sure the continuity from last season will help. Pretty sure we’ll see a pen or two in the first half of the week. Productive weekend
  2. Exactly. He was definitely first on the radar watching the game
  3. Not recognizing many of the trialists… if anyone can help me out….. can identify some from previous posts
  4. McMaster played his first game today in the NL cup. Played well and was one of the better players on the park. He’ll probably play again tomorrow (a weekend tournament) but first signs are good. Will be happy to give you updates from time to time!
  5. Did anyone recognize any of the other trialists? Looked up Telfer - appears to know McCabe from Rangers youth academy. Makes sense and I would be happy with him in midfield. Falkirk were a shambles last year but as mentioned and as far as I remember, he wasn’t one picked out for criticism too much. I always rated him as a decent player when I saw him
  6. My day will come, 30 years from now I’ll be talking up Martin, Coyle, Sandison, Ceaser, Black, Boyle, Honor, Kidd, Stewart, Balfour, Reid, Lawrence, etc. I know I left a few out. My early years of supporting Airdrie, surely one of our best teams ever Looking forward to seeing the team today, keeping a special eye on the trialists. Wondering how many surprise faces we will see today
  7. Never got to see him play but been in a few pub conversations where the older guys (sorry) frequently bring his name up. Definitely one of our greatest it seems, sad to lose him.
  8. Airdrie just signed Dean McMaster on loan Assume it’s just for 6 months. Can anyone share on the lad, wanting to see what type of player he is
  9. I thought his link was going to be about this!! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4149552/airdrie-ian-murray-ira-wolfe-tones-celtic-symphony/amp/ The WRONG type of tunes to play at half time!! [emoji23][emoji23]. A certain goalkeeper may take offense [emoji23]
  10. Have to be happy with the days business. Devenny is a decent squad player to have in our side and provides solid back up when needed. I saw potential there last season so I’m thinking McCabe wants him to kick on and be fighting for a first team place. Can’t argue with the signing, makes sense in the grand scheme. Rae is an excellent signing. I fully believe he’ll be the best keeper in L1 and even though I have nothing against Currie, our team may have made it over the line last season with Rae between the sticks. If we can cut out some of the silly goals we’ll be in good shape. Our defense is starting to shape up nicely and a solid LB is a must!! Brody Paterson was my first choice, does anyone know what’s happening with him at RR?
  11. I think the taxi driver that told me was lying…. But who knows, he may show up in NL cup for a game so we can analyze his progress. Like you said, would stroll the league if fully fit
  12. Solid young player, still developing, may see him stepping up this season. But we aren’t going to win or challenge for the league with U21 players. We need more….. ink
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