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  1. Spot on. It’s been a long, long time since I had a Saturday night feeling proud of the team. The commitment, effort (and skill) shown today was immense. Worlds away from just a few weeks ago. Every player worked their arse off, chased down everything. Hard to single players out but have to say that Roberts, Smith and Carrick seemed to be everywhere....lost count of the times Falkirk went forward quickly and Callum Smith was the guy closing down their forwards. For the amount of pressure we had to soak up at times, the defence were solid. Haven’t gone radio rental at a goal for a while but Callum Gallagher changed that in 93rd minute!! Scenes. Being an Airdrie fan for 50ish years I look at next week’s trip to Stranraer as a chance we could come back down with a bump, but, if we play like today we shouldn’t be worried by anyone in this division.
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