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  1. Think after Russia at hampden it’s likely time to concentrate on a shape and style for the playoffs. Ryan Fraser gets pass marks. Burke as much as he can run is likely to sink without trace as a player.
  2. Doesn’t get much more scotland than this.
  3. He’ll be found out at Celtic by Halloween.
  4. Real lack of goals is the worry with that side. There’s not a double figures for the season guy there at this level.
  5. Good news, fully fit Geggan would make all the difference especially.
  6. Are the new strips on sale yet? I know they’ll not be but why not just Chuck another grenade in[emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Is it simply the case that we were ultimately undone by having a thin squad? If we need more players paid on a similar budget we need to adjust the wage structure? Does any surplus go towards any director loans?
  8. Probably has a couple of years before that I think.
  9. I think Kris Boyd would hit a fair old tally with supply from Forrest/Moff/Mcdaid if we can get them all signed up.
  10. I can’t actually tell what that last mess of pages was all about[emoji23]
  11. Is there a player in Kallum Higginbotham? Seen he’s been freed by Dunfermline but not sure if he’s one of those guys that has a few moments a season.
  12. If we drive footfall through the shop to purchase tickets it’s a good idea, hopefully increase the merchandise sales.
  13. How we looking? I’m stuck away abroad and struggling for coverage!!
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