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  1. Is it the case that to keep players on with a view to furlough then the club would need to front the money and claim back later from the govt? Cash flow might dictate that some clubs don’t bother if that is the case.
  2. I have one medium, mint condition, worn twice. Would swap for similar condition and size League 1 winning home shirt.
  3. I’d be happy if they gave us the league cup group stages. (Subject to going ahead).
  4. And a John Davies to replace Kerr next year in midfield!
  5. Drinan was getting slated on radio scotland today,was he that bad? That apart,I fair enjoyed listening from a sun lounger in Mexico [emoji41]
  6. Does anyone ever notice that our games consistently get the least column inches in terms of previews in the papers? Also always seems to be based on the other team. Do we do all we can to engage the press? Seems like a small thing but this type of thing can play a small part in helping shake the apathy off in the town.
  7. Anyone else disappointed we weren’t big enough have had Stewart Baxter linked? [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Makes you wonder how harmonious things have been in the interim between Kerr and Stewart and team. There’s obviously a difference in their respective approaches. No matter the appointment my backing was always going to be theirs to lose.
  9. I’m scarred from years gone by doings from Dunfermline, French, Petrie, Paul Smith (was great for us when we won the 2nd division, loved to put the goalie and the ball in the net straight from kick off to set the tone), Norrie Mccathie et al, Never confident against them. Think 7 at EEP was the darkest of them. Was it Dunfermline or Dundee that Ian Westwater played for? He used to take pelters.
  10. Just listened to sportsound from last night with Adams and Hughes as guests. Good news is Derek Adams has ruled himself out. John Hughes says he enquired about it weeks ago and was told Stewart was getting the job but he’s now been put off by ‘mixed messages’ in that we are interviewing for the role. Sounds like he wanted a red carpet rolled out. Good news all round.
  11. I wouldn’t take that list as gospel, it’s probably hoovered from this thread. I like Stewart but feel we need a front man to work with him. Darren Young or Houston would be my preferences.
  12. Kelechi Okorie. Lumi green shin pads and a penchant for putting the ball over the stand. One game wonder.
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