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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    All well and good, but your previous point was dismantled and set on fire by Craigkillie. I think Brendan Rodgers is a ratty b*****d but I can't disregard his success at the club.
  2. I never lived in the country the last time so never voted but would be a Yes this time round.
  3. Snooker

    he would of got £10k for the 147 and after asking about the the amount with a break of 40 he went for a pink instead of the black. The ref also had to talk him into clearing the table as well. So not as much as I thought but £10k for potting snooker balls! What a twat of a human
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    Yep, nothing is tits up at the moment, it's all going well ..................
  5. Snooker

    Ronnie is a complete cock womble of a human, delighted to see him getting papped out by the amateur. I'd imagine the prize money was still more than most mere mortals earn in a year (I've no idea how much it was) and you have this dick not potting a ball because it's not enough! Shambles
  6. There wasn't. I'm sure I've told you before, because you make something up and put it on here passing it as fact doesn't make it an actual fact.
  7. Sore losers if we call it out in losing, playing the victim when we call it out when winning .... when should we call it out? Aberdeen went out with pretty obvious tactics which resulted in 2 players and 2 staff being sent off, he's spot on, if it had been shoe on the other foot you would all be having a field day.
  8. Scottish cup predictions

    Watched Eastfield v Alba last night. Thought the better team lost the game but they conceded early when looking a bit nervy and although the better team for the rest of it, struggled to make many chances, and when they did maybe didn't get the wee break they deserved. Well done Eastfield, hope they go on and win it although think it'll be a tough ask.
  9. Aye, apologies, I phrased that poorly. My point was Tierney, Forrest and McGregor the only 3 from both lists that held down a place for more than 2 seasons, all 3 came through our own ranks.
  10. The 3 you mention are the only 3 that have been stick on starters for more than a couple of seasons.
  11. Aye, even better when I saw it back on the highlights. I thought he was much closer in the stadium, some strike.
  12. Scottish cup predictions

    I don't doubt it, I don't believe you get to the Semis without being good. Hopefully a good game.
  13. Scottish cup predictions

    Colville and Alba. I've never saw Eastfield though so bit of a guess!
  14. Work colleagues

    The skidding of cotton on carpet could create some friction and therefore creating static and therefore shocking someone if you then touched them! Therefore, start wearing shoes!
  15. Refs

    Nah, I can't provide specific examples, I don't believe it serves a massive purpose to bad mouth individuals. But I can say that a referee who is very well thought of by some on here (and I'm sure he's on keeping his eye on proceedings, which will be lost on no one) I have saw speaking to other teams with anything but respect.