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  1. Does this mean the Dundee game is back on? The cup games are suspended from tonight.
  2. Vegan haggis rolls are though still available between 10 and 12 am at the Fife Zoo near Charlottetown.
  3. Horror Alert. Fisher & Donaldson have suspended skirlie pie production for the foreseeable future.
  4. For us North of Fife Rovers' Fans can't beat Fisher and Donaldson's Skirlie Pies. They are also Vegan.
  5. Did the Rovers ever get any compensation for Kevin Nisbett?
  6. The "Ha Ha I Laugh At You" guy was laughing on the other side of his face when Taggart (no 2) set up the goal and generally caused havock in our defense.
  7. Eh'll no bide wi ma mither nae mair Martyn Bennet
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