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  1. Now i was ten during mexico 86 still remember it well. Had never seen nothing like maradona absolutely loved him. But all the older generations than myself they all said pele was by far the best and it wasnt even close. Im not arguing that at all as i wouldnt know. But for me for dribbling skills probably isnt that much between messi and diego but in my lifetime ive never seen any player anywhere with the vision that messi has. He sees passes that you cant even see them sitting up ìn the stand. Messi is the best of all time for me by a distnce
  2. Only got 2 games done before this virus pish kicked in. Heres vics v renfrew
  3. Blantyre vics v whitletts vics. Both myself and my pal decided after seeing loads of junior games on youtube that we would get a camera and have a go ourselves. Neither of us had barely ever used one. So this is our first attempt at it. Dont think its been uploadec to the right youtube setting though as its a bit fuzzy when watched on a television though. But we will get better at it...... hopefully 😅
  4. Wee gordon won the last first division title in 92 with leeds though. So he was nearly right
  5. Thats true. Started going back to watch the juniors this season. Been to 9 games this season and seen about 6 or 7 of the most brutal tackles ive seen in 30 odd years of going to the football
  6. Hi all been lurking for years on here. Eventually decided to sign up for it. Too much madness goes on in here to miss out lol
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