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  1. I think I'm a stone lighter after watching that. Magnificent composure for that half. Intae these Croatian c***s.
  2. Not convinced of that. Maybe been a bit surprised by the resistance they've encountered and keeping things ticking over without taking too many risks for 15 minutes before subbing on some new legs.
  3. Minutes 8-12 or so of that were seat of the pants stuff but otherwise we are looking disciplined and economical with our possession. Wish O'Donnell had just done some early crosses near the end there.
  4. This interview with Vladislav Surkov is amazing https://www.ft.com/content/1324acbb-f475-47ab-a914-4a96a9d14bac
  5. Really hope they've got a plan B for when our right wing gets beasted by England.
  6. should post this every time the 'SNP killed Charles Kennedy' wagon trundles back into town
  7. & now they've had someone who isn't all of those things for more than a year and they're polling worse than Corbyn, what's the explanation?


    The clearest indicator of his correctness is not anything he says but that he's now an unemployed shitposter on twitter
  9. Done one of those once a year level biting my tongue lads.
  10. They should try again, I'd imagine half of them wouldn't notice by now
  11. We want a 1-0 shitfest against the run of play, yes?
  12. 'You do the bins, I mow the lawns' Grass is nearing a foot high.
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